[WWE] Dory Funk, Jr. Pays Tribute to Eddie Guerrero

The Declaration of Independents posted the following column from wrestling great, Dory Funk, Jr. regarding Eddie Guerrero.

“Eddie Guerrero’s father Gory Guerrero was a personal friend of our family as early as 1947. We lived at the Del Norte Hotel in El Paso. My father was wrestling with Gory Guerrero, Gordon Hestle, and The Great Kierlinko. (The Mad Russian)

In 1967 when Eddie was born we were the booking office out of Amarillo for El Paso. The promoter in El Paso was Gory Guerrero. We would meet with him to book the show, then work El Paso. I knew Eddie in diapers.

We have been family for all these years. I watched the Guerrero kids grow up in the wrestling business, Chauvo, Mando, Hector, Eddie and then Chauvo Jr.

They all had the gift of wrestling and credibility of their father, Gory Guerrero. I remember great matches with Chauvo in the Olympic Auditorium in Los Angeles.

Marti and I last saw Eddie several weeks ago when WWE came through Florida. He reminded us we are family.

I was thinking the other day of their family in the wrestling business and how much they have accomplished. We see each other and then time passes.

Lots of time.

Then I got the call for Mark Nulty about Eddie’s passing and was devastated.

Dory Funk Jr.”