The Thursday Report – Feels like a Friday

Eduardo Gory Guerrero, 1967-2005.

A lot of us here on Inside Pulse are wrestling fans – unsurprising, given the roots of Inside Pulse – so it’s saddened many of us to find out that Eddie Guerrero passed away Sunday morning. The guys in the Wrestling section have tons of news and tributes – better than I could ever do – so please follow the links and head back over here. I’ll be waiting…

Well, work’s been rough and I’m a bit depressed about Eddie’s passing, so no mini-feature this week. Let’s hit the running items…

Bits and Pieces
– It looks like ‘Arrested Development’ is done. It’s been pulled from sweeps month (in favour of ‘Prison Break’ reruns), and the season order has been cut down to 13. Is there a chance that another network could pick it up? Maybe. NBC sure could use another good sitcom. Could it be made into a movie? Unlikely. Although a movie would probably bring in more revenue than ‘Serenity’ did.
– Meanwhile, ‘Freddie’ has been picked up for the full season. I do have to admit that Prinze and Brian Austin Green have good chemistry together, but in my opinion, the show still isn’t very good.
– Also on the “not coming back” list is ‘The Apprentice: Martha Stewart’, although NBC has apparently stated that it was “meant” to be a “one and done” series. Although so was ‘Rock Star: INXS’, and there are rumours about Van Halen coming aboard for a second season (Aside: I’d LOVE to see this because you know Eddie would probably be piss drunk every week). So let’s just say I wouldn’t be shocked to see ‘The Apprentice: Larry Ellison’ or ‘The Apprentice: Stan Lee’ at some point.
– ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ is coming back, and if you’re a chef wannabe who wants to get berated by a footballer-turned-celebrity chef, you can email the producers at or – add “Brenda – Hell’s Kitchen” in the subject line and include your name, age, occupation, the extent of your culinary skills, city, contact info and why you’d be perfect for this show. And and a photo.
– Watching ‘Law & Order: Special Victims Unit’ gave me a thought – Dean Cain has worked so hard to overcome the typecasting of being Superman that he’s now started to typecast himself with the “bad guy” roles.
– OK, two thoughts. His character was an evil rapist doctor who managed to have his girlfriend/wife die AND collect on her insurance policy. But what about the rapes? It was like one of those episodes of ‘The Simpsons’ where something happens and a third of the way in that story is discarded for another one.
– Best ‘My Name is Earl’ yet, as we learn that, yes, grown men can fit into those tubes in the kids’ playroom. And that you should always check to see if the liquor store will let you register there. I was wondering at the beginning how much of his winnings Earl would use for the wedding, but I’d forgotten that Joy wasn’t looking for a full-on wedding, just a wedding that ended up like… well, that.
– Some last minute thoughts about ‘CSI: NY’. Was it an homage or was it lazy writing when the four poker players had surnames of Brunson, Hansen, Ivey and Lindgren?

I bet this sort of thing never happened to the artistic Group of Seven
So, to recap ‘Prison Break’: 18 minutes between guards crossing a point. Five minutes to cut through bars. That leaves 13 minutes, and at two minutes per (potential) escapee, which means one person is the odd man out. Now I realize that Michael is a genius and all, but that one minute buffer is still a wee bit close. Especially when you consider that Westmoreland is probably not the most agile guy around. So who gets left behind? Or more likely, gets killed?

Michael – Highly unlikely, since if he stays, the others are screwed.
Lincoln – This whole thing was designed to bust him out. However, it’d be a bit of a twist to see him (stupidly) stay behind and “let justice prevail”
Sucre – Would be good for a swerve, and if they were looking for one, this would be it.
Abruzzi – His arc is about done, so he’s the most logical choice to go.
Westmoreland – Second most logical, since he’s the kind of guy to not say a word.
T-Bag and C-Note – I actually figure that if one of them doesn’t make it, neither would the other. Otherwise we’re getting the fugitive version of ‘Jerry Springer’, with Mike as Jerry and Lincoln as Steve.

Meanwhile, we get a continuation of the Veronica/LJ plot, which may get a little more politically intruiging. Although “intruiging” and “Veronica” go together about as well as “Jack Bauer” and “rest”. In her defense, though, she wasn’t the dumbest one on this day – what was Quinn thinking, calling Kellerman for help?

‘The Amazing Race’
This week the teams took a break and we saw the Country Music Awards instead. Brooks and Dunn hosted, Carrie Underwhelm performed, and some people won stuff. And really, the big shock is that with all this travelling in the U.S., CBS and Jerry Bruckheimer didn’t find a way to tie the two together somehow. I mean, if Zuffa has the foresight to plug ‘Transporter 2’ and ‘Blitz: The League’ (and Xyence. Can’t forget Xyence) during the course of ‘The Ultimate Fighter 2’, you’d think that the Bruckheimer machine could’ve worked something out. Instead, we get to see people wearing UnderArmor.

Obviously, no episode means no real commentary, so you’ll have to wait until next week. But for now, here’s the standings:

Who’s Out:
10. Black
9. Rogers
8. Aiello
7. Schroeder
6. Gaghan
5. Paolo (FF, Y)

Who’s Left:

Hogeboom avoids the linebacker, and throws it for the first down!!

I didn’t get to watch last week’s ‘Survivor’, so I’ll just go over the basics here

Reward Challenge – Everbody eats!!

Immunity Challenge – Jamie


Busted out early:
18. Jim Lynch
17. Morgan McDevitt
16. Brianna Varela
15. Brooke Struck
14. Blake Towsley
13. Margaret Bobnich
12. Brian Corridan
11. Amy O’Hara

All in at the wrong time:
10. Brandon Bellinger

Made the final table:
9. Bobby Jon Drinkard – You got what you wanted, I guess.

Chip and a chair:
Danni Boatwright – How about those Chiefs?
Cindy Hall – So are we gonna see you do something, or are you just gonna let them pick you off?
Gary Hogeboom – Good work with finding the individual immunity idol. I’m not 100% sure that you needed it, but it did ensure that you were through to at least one more Tribal Council.
Rafe Judkins – We keep getting hints that you’re going to make a move, and hopefully we’ll see it soon.
Stephanie La Grossa – Still in control, but watch out. Caesar had control of the Roman Empire once, as well.
Lydia Morales – People have said you’ve done well so far. But Lil isn’t here to give you a million dollars, so you’re gonna have to make some sort of move to solidify your position.
Jamie Newton – Based on what I’ve read in the recaps, I should start calling you Jamie Newton-Weaver.
Judd Sergeant – Puking in the tent? That’s not cool.

Playing heads-up:
Danni Boatwright
Gary Hogeboom

Prettier than Joseph Hachem:
Danni Boatwright

That’s it for this week.