More Reasons Why Being Deaf Sucks/Rocks

So a couple of weeks back as I was watching ?uestlove’s drum solo I found myself thinking; “man, ?uestlove is probably the dopest dude drumming today.”

However another though quickly popped into my head; “what about Dave Grohl?”

At that moment I was stuck in a quandary. I couldn’t conceive of having two favorite drummers. One would have to be #1 and the other would be left #2. But how to decide the title of Mathan’s Favorite Drummer?

Obviously, with a VH1 special event program featuring a battle of the bands. Well, not so much a battle of the bands as it is a battle of my favorite musicians on individual instruments. I think that this show would rock. But then again, it’s pretty much exclusively catered to myself.

Anyway, I’d probably start the show off with some keyboardists. I’d put D’angelo and Ben Folds head to head in a piano-off. I don’t really know who my favorite in this one would be. D’angelo could probably pull off soulful and sexy music, but Ben is almost assuredly going to have sensitive and rocking on lock. Yeah, I really can’t call it. However I’d really be slayed if they performed Ebony & Ivory.

I really tried to think of someone that I thought was dope on guitar to go up against Prince, but the closest I could come up with was John Mayer. A) He plays guitar and B) I dig some of his stuff. But clearly Prince would blow him out of the water. It might be entertaining to watch though.

Next up would be another piano battle, this time with Fiona Apple going against Alicia Keys. Again I don’t even know if a “winner” could be crowned. It’d be so dope to witness. I can’t even imagine watching those two pound away at the keys trying to outdo each other. I could really see these two giving it there all (but this could just be my ego imagining that they’d really care about gaining my favor.)

Finally we’d have ?uestlove vs Dave Grohl. Now I’ve seen both of them life (granted Dave wasn’t drumming, but he was live) so I think I’ve got some idea of what to expect. ?uestlove is sick. I mean he’s so focused and he makes it look so easy. When I’ve seen Dave drum he’s almost ferocious, but it sounds great. Dave drums like Animal from The Muppet Show only better sounding. Both styles are so different, yet sound equally appealing.

Man, as I’m typing this I really wish this would become a reality (show). But alas I’ve got no sway over the folks at VH1 nor the aforementioned artists. And it’d be pretty cheesy of me to have them compete for my attention. And part of me would probably lose respect for them if this show was aimed at getting someone else’s attention.

Still, it’s not too bad as an idea.

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Five of the Best Tracks on Home Grown! The Beginners Guide to Understanding The Roots Vol. 2

1. -10. Break You Off
2. -7. Don’t Say Nuthin’
3. -4. Y’all Know Who
4. -1. The Seed/Melting Pot/Web
5. -8. Quicksand Millenium