[WWE] Details on Eddie Guerrero’s Funeral


InsidePulse reader, Benjamin Leatherman, from Phoenix, AZ sent me the following e-mail…

“Eddie Guerrero’s funeral was held at approximately noon today at the Green Acres Mortuary & Cemetery in Scottsdale, Arizona. A few fans and members of the local media who were in the know showed up as early as 9 a.m. and the wrestlers started coming at 10 a.m.

There were a lot of local police out to keep the few fans who showed up from getting too close, but after the members of the Guerrero family had shown up, the head of WWE security (who said his name was Dennis) allowed the handful of fans (about four or five showed up) to get as close as the cemetery’s parking lot as long as they didn’t have any cameras and behaved themselves.

There were about five or six limos that rolled up (we saw Konnan and Triple-H get out of limos) but people like RVD, JBL, The Hurricane, and Superstar Billy Graham came in their cars. Eddie will be interred at Green Acres.”

Credit: Benjamin Leatherman