The O.C. – Recap – Episode 3-7

Yes..I don’t like where things are going. I hope I am wrong, but as I was completely right last week..I don’t know. But I hope not.

Don’t do it! Don’t mess with Summer and Seth! They need to be together! They are meant to be together. However, I see it coming. Taylor will jump in the middle of them. Or so it seems. You never know, but Summer has been shown slapping Seth. Can’t be good. Yes..Seth and Taylor have things in common, but Taylor is not Summer. You can’t fight fate! Although..I suppose you need drama in your life and ‘The O.C.’ it if you must. It is just a mere distraction. Sometimes this show scares me. It closely resembles my’s scary. In the end, Summer and Seth will be together. There is no doubt. Sometimes you just have to learn from your mistakes and you have to do it on your own.

Volchok and Ryan thing. Eh..seen it before. Marissa is supposed to save Ryan from him or something. Sure..whatever. Ryan helping Johnny makes a little sense, although when two guys love the same girl..I don’t think they can EVER be friends. Maybe Ryan doesn’t know that Johnny loves Marissa. Or maybe Johnny doesn’t love Marissa at all. That would be too easy.

Julie will find some way to get back to power. Whether that be saving Kirsten from Charlotte and her plan or by helping Charlotte and her plan. Either way, she will spin it into a way to get back to power. That is who Julie is. She doesn’t do anything unless it helps herself!

Sandy and this Matt guy. Yeah..I’m pretty sure that Matt will burn Sandy. Sandy was worried about the older guy, well you need to look out for the younger guy, Matt. They like to twist things up and yeah..pretty sure Matt will turn on Sandy. Sandy is probably smart enough to see it, though.

Alright..on with the show!

The O.C. – Season Three (Episode 7) – “The Anger Management”

We open up with the foursome at the cafe, but where else would they be..really? They talk about movies. Seth has sucky taste in movies or so it seems. Oh god..Summer and Marissa just break out in song..from the movie Bring It On! HA! HA! Oh! Talk about a buzzkill. Here comes Volchok. He wants a rematch with Ryan. Ryan wants no trouble, but they have unfinished business. And that will be our theme for the show tonight!

“California…here we come…right back where we started from…California…here we come! Oh!!”

Kirsten helps Sandy pick out ties! Always need a girl to pick out your clothes..ALWAYS! Kirsten wonders if she should serve alcohol at the fundraiser or not. Ryan and Seth come in and Kirsten wants them to help her. It’s Sunday..the day of rest. So no go for Seth.

Seth: “It’s the It’s the day of rest. I don’t make the rules. Talk to the big guy!” (He does that while pointing to the sky)

The Sabbath is Saturday, though, says Ryan. Sandy talks to Seth and forces him into helping with the party. Way to go Seth!

Marissa and Summer chat in Summer’s room. They ponder whether Johnny loves Marissa or not. Friendship when one person loves the other is weird according to them. Makes some sense.

Ryan and Seth walk and talk at school. They are soon joined by Taylor, who is all giddy like a little school girl! She talks and talks and talks about Seth and all his greatness. Seth has a groupie! That’s my man! Taylor asks Summer about the Christmas dance. She wants him to help her. But Seth tells Taylor to go talk to Summer. Speaking of Summer..there she is. She sees Seth talking to Taylor and comes up to smack Seth in the arm. She didn’t let Summer into the lock-in, but still he talks to her! How dare he!

Charlotte and Julie talk money and the fundraiser. They appear ready to make $300,000 each from this thing. And Julie is on it. She is totally doing this she says! EVIL!

Taylor comes to talk to Ryan about Summer and Seth’s relationship. How stable is their relationship? Ryan says a 10. Taylor compares them to Brad and Jennifer. Apparently, Taylor is Angelina. Brad and Jen used to be a ten! Taylor is all smiles as she leaves! And now my head hurts from too much thinking!

Sandy talks to some people about the NEW Newport Group. Sandy is the CEO now and that Matt guy is the Vice-President. Everything seems good as Sandy wants everyone to help him run this place or something like that. But wait..they have to fire some people. About 9 people to be exact.

Chili and Marissa talk at Newport Union. It looks like Marissa is going to go talk to Volchok and Marissa doesn’t want Johnny to find out. But Johnny hears them. So he is all pissed. This is his fight and not Ryan’s!

Johnny: “Fighting a guy is one thing. But when it comes to upsetting a lady..I’m a total coward!”

That sounds like something I would say. Lets see if that helps Johnny more than it has helped me, though!

Seth and Ryan talk and walk..the reverse of walk and talk. They are about to leave, but one problem. Volchok and his crew are sitting on their car. Volchok tries to find some way to get Ryan to fight him. He keys his car, but that doesn’t work. Ryan sucks it up and walks away. This is not over says Volchok!

Marissa tells Ryan that Summer told her what happened with Volchok. Ryan is amazed that Seth kept that secret for 12 hours! Marissa is proud of Ryan for not fighting him. She doesn’t want him to fight. Ryan has set up a punching bag as therapy for himself. Ryan asks how Johnny is doing. He suggests they all go to the Bait Shop for some music and fun! Ryan is an angry young man as he hits the punching bag!

Kirsten is busy planning the party. Sandy is busy thinking about work and all his troubles there. Kirsten runs off for some “Kirsten Time”. That includes getting her nails done!

Holy crap! Taylor is in Seth’s room. Seth is just as shocked as me. Taylor tells Seth that she likes him. Great! Taylor has heard that he and Summer are breaking up. She made it up..that’s how she heard that. Turns out they have a lot in common. She likes the same movie that Seth liked at the start of this episode. They are soulmates says Taylor. He just needs to break up with Summer. But Seth is not going to do that. Summer calls Seth and that gives Taylor time to steal Captain Oates! She then says that Summer can hear that there is a girl in Seth’s room! Seth plays it off that it was the radio.

Charlotte talks to Glen. They are all set to fly to Puerto Rico after the fundraiser. She has no remorse. She ends that phone call and Kirsten still doesn’t know what is going on. Charlotte tells Julie that everyone will blame Charlotte and Julie will have the money and be able to be there for Kirsten. So it’s win-win for her!

Sandy tells Matt that he has reworked the budget and they can now fire just four people. Sandy says that is what will happen as long as he runs this company. Somehow I get the feeling that Matt will do something else, though.

Time for the Bait Shop! Play me a! It’s The Subways! Johnny thinks they invited him out of pity. But Marissa, Ryan, and Summer say no way! Johnny knows otherwise, however. He appreciates it anyways.

Seth can’t get a drink at the bar. And there is Taylor. Stalker! Seth tells Taylor that she loves Summer..get over it. And here is Summer. Taylor tells Summer that she looks cute.

Summer: “I KNOW..but more importantly..why are you always talking to my boyfriend?”

Seth tries to tell Summer that Taylor likes that stupid movie. Oh..Taylor then busts out Captain Oates! Bloody hell! She plays it off as if Seth gave it to her to borrow. That is not true. Seth then says she must have taken it when she was in his room. Big mistake as Summer puts all the pieces together and knows that Seth lied. She calls Seth a jerk and Seth runs after her.

Ryan looks over and sees Volchok! Finally..Ryan reacts but only after Volchok grabs Marissa by the arm. He doesn’t fight him, though. Security throws Volchok out of the club. Volchok knows what gets Ryan going now. And it’s Marissa. Did it take him THAT long to figure it out? He must be stupid!

Ryan talks to Sandy about Volchok. Ryan says he wants to fight him bad. Sandy chimes in with this little nugget.

Sandy: “Does this have anything to do with why my car now is..the ‘Little Bitch’!”

Sandy says that is enough to take Volchok to the cops. Sandy is proud that Ryan is not fighting Volchok. He can’t get in any more trouble. Sandy tells him to stay out trouble. He gets phone call from Matt and has to leave.

Chili and Marissa drive to go find Volchok. They find him. Marissa tries to bribe Volchok with a $4,000 watch. It seems to work. Volchok says he won’t bother Ryan now. If Marissa sees him around, then she will tell the cops that Volchok stole that watch. Hmm…

Matt is firing people on a Sunday! Sandy yells at Matt for that. And Sandy never asked Matt to fire anyone either. Sandy can do his own dirty work. They are all in Sandy’s office. He tells Matt to go home..he has got this.

Summer and Seth fight while helping with the fundraiser. Summer just slaps the taste out of Seth’s mouth! OWWW! Johnny and Ryan talk about fighting and stuff as they help.

Julie has second thoughts. She can’t do it. Charlotte says she will call the police and tell them everything. Then she will run and Julie will get all the heat. That is what happens when you dance with the devil. I figured Julie would know that already. Charlotte tells her to get dressed. The party is on!

Volchok arrives at the fundraiser. He wants cash and not the watch. He owes people some money. Marissa has to go with them to the ATM to get the money. She doesn’t want to go, but she knows if she doesn’t..Volchok will go after Ryan. So she goes. Oh boy!

It’s time to party! Kirsten thanks Julie for doing this with her. She lays the guilt trip to Julie. Although, she doesn’t know she is doing this.

Taylor and her bitchy mom are at the party as well. Seth comes to find Taylor to tell her something. Taylor has a present for him or so says her mom. That embarrasses Taylor. It’s a that is rare to find in the U.S. Seth loves it! Taylor runs away crying. Her mom is mean to her. She doesn’t want Seth to feel sorry for her.

Taylor: “I live in this dream world where I think that Summer is my friend and that you like me! The truth is I don’t have anybody! Even the Grinch had that stupid little dog!”

Seth: “You think that Summer is your friend?”

Taylor: “Yes..I know..I’m crazy!”

Seth says that he does like her. Taylor says that he just pities her. Seth says she is funny. He then runs down a whole list of things. Taylor then grabs Seth’s hand and holds it to her face. Seth backpedals away from all of this before Summer sees them talking. Taylor is all giddy again. She thinks that Seth really is starting to like her! Great!

Ryan gets a call from Marissa’s phone. It’s Volchok. He has Marissa. They are at the pier. Ryan runs off to go save her. Johnny tells him to call the cops, but Ryan is just going to take care of it himself!

It’s time for a speech from Julie at the fundraiser. And oh..she changes her mind. She tells everyone to make out the checks to “National Foundation for Substance Abuse”. That means no money for her or Charlotte. Charlotte is stunned. Kirsten asks if she knew about this and she didn’t. Charlotte says she wasn’t kidding about the police. Julie says call the police! Charlotte says she has no friends.

Julie: “Wrong! I have Kirsten and I won’t do this to her! Now I thinks it time you left..don’t you? This town is only big enough for one manipulative bitch!”

Julie shows Charlotte the door! HA! HA! HA! HA!

Seth returns to the party and Summer is pissed!

Summer: “Just because I am not talking to you..doesn’t mean you can’t leave my sight!”

She then sees the DVD that Taylor got Seth. She hates Taylor! Seth explains that he was just being nice to Taylor. Summer calls him “too nice” and damn..if me and Seth are not the same person..I don’t know who is! Seth says that Taylor is not used to people being nice to her and she is overreacting! Summer seems to forgive Seth. Just don’t lie to her again..Seth! They go home to watch the movie. All is right with the world..for now!

Johnny and Ryan drive to the beach to get Marissa. They seem to have a plan. Ryan goes psycho! He breaks a bottle and Volchok freaks out! Ryan throws Volchok a board and Psycho Ryan goes off on Volchok. Ryan is ready to do this thing! To the death! Volchok backs off, of course. Let this be a lesson to you kids. Every bully is a coward at heart. Just go crazy on them and they back down!

Sandy is upset about firing people. Kirsten assures him that he is the man for the job. She would chose him over her father to run the Newport Group every time. Kirsten says that Sandy doesn’t have to always protect her.

Ryan and Marissa look at the fire in front of them. Marissa asks if Ryan really wanted to hit Volchok? Ryan says no. Marissa says Ryan has changed and she likes it. The other Ryan was a darker man. This Ryan doesn’t scare her. She is proud of Ryan! Aww! But as soon as Marissa leaves..Ryan goes to beat the crap out of the punching bag! Better it than someone else. Although, I don’t know how long Ryan can keep this up with all the rage inside of him! He just busted up his knuckles from punching the bag so hard!

And we are out until next week!

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