The Weekly Pulse: TV's Second Wife

Can you smell it? No..not that the stench of 5-day old writing..although I am writing this little bit on it’s five days old. But there is something more to smell in the air. Now I won’t say..”can you smell what the Josh is cooking?!?!” I won’t say that..again. But just smell the air and you will see what I mean.

Still stumped? How about Christmas?! Christmas is in the air! Wait a are saying to yourself..”what about Thanksgiving?” That holiday doesn’t exist. At least not in retail sales.

I work at a grocery store and we went straight from Halloween to Christmas. No time for chocolate turkeys or singing pilgrims! Oh no! It’s time for deer heads mounted on a fake wall..singing country and southern rock songs! Oh yeah..that says Christmas baby! Or what about the FIVE hours I spent putting together this! says it takes about 2 hours, but it took me five! Maybe because I was on the clock and that is all I did that day! That may have had something to do with it, but this thing will take you awhile to build. It has 6 sports in it better! Did I mention that it has ESPN sounds and Stuart Scott shouting out random phrases while you play! is Christmas time! Get ready for putting stuff together and having fun or making fun of your family..whichever comes first! You know you love it. Just skip the turkey and start buying presents! Your friends and family will thank you later!

What..I am supposed to talk about TV? Okay..fine. How about this little newsbit?! It still has to do with Christmas but TV as well. What are some of the most popular toys this year for kids? Limbo Elmo? Nope! Bratz Dolls? Closer! But some of the most popular toys this year are cooking toys. Think “EZ Bake Oven” but better. Why is this? Because of the Food Network! Parents watch the show and their kids watch and they want to cook. They want to learn how to cook. Hence, they ask for cooking toys! So there you go. I prove once again that I can see the future and know everything! HA!

Alright..enough of that. Here we go with the main event! Get ready for another installment of the fun and excitement that is Pulse TV and the week that was! Enjoy!

Seinfeld Quote of the Week

“Why do I get pesto? Why do I think I’ll like it? I keep trying to like it, like I have to like it. Everybody likes pesto. You walk into a restaurant, that’s all you hear: pesto, pesto, pesto. Where was pesto ten years ago?”George

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming…

Columns a.k.a. You Want To Write This Week?

Mathan Erhardt is on time once again! It’s a streak! However, he is still behind in his TV watching. About 2 weeks behind! Dang! But have no fear..he did watch some TV. This includes some ‘My Name is Earl’, ‘Boston Legal’, ‘Prison Break’, ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, ‘Rome’, ‘Smallville’, and ‘The Office’. We also have the return of the “Misguided Pilot Ideas”! Check it all out!

Murtz has another interview! This time it’s a good one! Not like the others weren’t good, but this one is great! Just ask him. Or read it for yourself. It’s with the co-creator of ‘Lost’..Damon Lindelof!

Sarah Quigley drops the ball or she says that Marshawn and Brian of ‘The Apprentice’ dropped the ball this week and they got FIRED as a result. She then ranks the remaining contestants. You know what to do!

Matt Basilo mourns the loss of wrestler, Eddie Guerroro, this week. He only talks about the BIG episodes of ‘Lost’ and ‘Survivor’. Everything else will have to wait until next week! Even if you aren’t a wrestling is still sad to see someone die that young.

Dora Malone talks about the blah of ‘Survivor’ last week. She then ranks the remaining players!

Farah Syed comments on little kids and how shows begin to SUCK when they start giving them more air-time! Recently, it happened to the ‘Gilmore Girls’!

Patrick Gilchriest comments ‘Survivor’. That’s all he ever does.

Kevin Wong has a lighter column this week as ‘The Amazing Race’ was not on this week. So just ‘Survivor’ stuff and some ‘Prison Break’ among other things!

DeeDee has another review of a show. This time it’s ‘Nip/Tuck’! See what she has to say about it!

Recaps a.k.a. Watch Them Again and Read Along!

Leland has my back again as he has your ‘Reunion’ recap for you! That’s after ‘The O.C.’ if you didn’t know..hence the bad pun above!

John Duran does double duty this week! He should have done triple duty, but he is still a week behind on ‘Lost’. I will let it slide this time. So check out last week’s ‘Lost’ episode! Then..check out your ‘Desperate Housewives’ recap for the week! ABC time!

Joey Hart has your weekly ‘The Biggest Loser’ recap!

Patrick Puhl has the usual which includes a ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ recap and an ‘America’s Next Top Model’ recap!

Scott Keith does his time and does a ‘Prison Break’ recap as well!

Craig Russell has the new ‘Gilmore Girls’ recap and he seems to agree with Farah above!

Paul Meekin has both versions of ‘The Apprentice’ for you again. Can’t say that much longer as Martha gets FIRED after December! But here is another one for you until then! We finish off with the Donald, who will probably get another season in 2006!

Matt Basilo is back with the latest ‘Smallville’ recap!

Trevor MacKay invades your computer screen once again for ‘Invasion’!

Sarah Jane Correia is LIVE, LIVE, LIVE for you! She is not nude, though. But she still has your ‘Survivor’ recap! So check her out anyways!

This week we have just 1 DVD review! But it’s a good one!

Kevin Wong has the second season of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air!

Celebrities and News a.k.a. A Smaller Stack This Week!!

Former ‘Apprentice’, John, has his weekly comments on ‘The Apprentice’!

Former ‘Apprentice’, Nick, is here once again for his comments on ‘The Apprentice’!

Former ‘Survivor’, Coby, talks more about friendship and ‘Survivor’. They don’t always work in this game!

More news from Rob Purchase! If you didn’t know about Martha Stewart and her ‘Apprentice’ show, then go here to find out!

The Weekly Pulse Weekly Poll

Last week I asked the question…”which late night talk show do you like the best?”. So here are the results:

David Letterman! – 3
Jay Leno! – 0
Jimmy Kimmel! – 1
Conan O’Brien! – 5
Other! – 3
I don’t watch any of these! – 3

We had 15 votes this week! This was a heated battle! Everyone has a favorite. But Conan looks to be your winner! Oh well..Letterman is still my favorite. Although..I would say Conan is #2 for me! The “Other” votes included ‘The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson’ and ‘The Daily Show with Jon Stewart’. There was even a battle about whether Jon Stewart should even count as a late night talk show or not. Always love that. looks like people either watch one guy or they don’t watch any of them. One comment was that “nights were for sleeping and video games”. do what you want at night. There are plenty of channels to watch at night, so I can understand that. This was a good poll, though. Thanks to everyone who voted!

This week’s question. It’s about the major networks. You know..NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, WB, UPN. “Which network do you watch the most?” It may depend on which shows you watch, but figure it out and then go vote here! Do it now!

What Did My TiVo Record This Week?


– ‘$40-A-Day’

– ’30-Minute Meals’

– ’30-Minute Meals’

– ‘ComicView’

– ‘Late Show with David Letterman’


– ’30-Minute Meals’

– ‘My Name is Earl’

– ‘My Name is Earl’

– ‘My Name is Earl’ (Sweet marathon! Again..all caught up!)

– ‘Weekends at the D.L.’


– ’30-Minute Meals’

– ‘NFL Primetime’

– ‘Desperate Housewives’

– ‘Grey’s Anatomy’


– ‘How I Met Your Mother’

– ‘Unwrapped’

– ‘Late Show With David Letterman’


– ‘Unwrapped’

– ’30-Minute Meals’

– ‘Laguna Beach’

– ‘The Biggest Loser’

– ‘My Name is Earl’

– ‘Real World: Austin’

– ‘Late Show with David Letterman’


– ‘Unwrapped’

– ‘College Basketball Preview Show’ (Arkansas!)

– ‘Lost’

– ‘Made’

– ‘Late Show with David Letterman’


– ’30-Minute Meals’

– ‘The O.C.’

– ‘E.R.’

– ‘Late Show with David Letterman’

Time to Talk a.k.a. Which Network Rocks Your World?!?!

I was thinking about what to write this week, and I didn’t know what to do. That was until I watched ‘My Name is Earl’ this week. ‘The Amazing Race’ was off-air for a week, so I got a chance to watch the newest episode to speak. And it was funny as usual! But the robot dance at the end..oh man..good stuff.

That got me thinking about when I first started writing here. Only two months ago, but still. I said that ‘My Name is Earl’ would be a breakout comedy hit and it is. I also said that the ‘Ghost Whisperer’ was a cheater and it is. Although, it looks like it will stick around for a bit, since it brings in ratings. Still don’t watch it, though. I also said that ‘How I Met Your Mother’ would be a surprise hit of the year. And is. It is getting pretty good ratings on Monday night, so I hope it sticks around for a bit. Although, the premise of the show is different..they can still stretch it out over a few seasons..I think.

So you are saying what is the point of this? Well the point is I am watching more network TV than ever before! I watch every single major network when I used to only watch cable channels. Why? Well..I explained that a few weeks back. But know I find it to be an equal split between cable and major networks. Why? Because network TV shows interest me more now. We can talk about ratings all you want, but which network do people watch the most. There is poll above where you can vote. But for depends on what is on each night.

I think a lot people watch all the networks but the one they watch the most is the one whose shows they like the most. Makes sense..doesn’t it? I am still more interested in what people watch. I don’t know why..I just am. So sue me if I care about other people. And if you happen to care about what I you go:

Sunday – ABC (‘Desperate Housewives’/’Grey’s Anatomy’)
Monday – CBS/ABC split (‘How I Met Your Mother’/NFL Football)
Tuesday- NBC/CBS split (‘Biggest Loser’/’My Name is Earl’/’Amazing Race’)
Wednesday – ABC (‘Lost’)
Thursday – FOX/NBC (‘The O.C.’/’E.R.’)
Friday – Cable!
Saturday – Cable!

So add that up and you have 3 for ABC, 2 for NBC, 2 for CBS, and 1 for FOX. That means ABC is the network of choice for me when it comes to the major networks! What does that mean? Nothing much..just an interesting thought and one that has been constant over time for me. ABC has been my “choice” network from the start.

Now see what network you like the most. Do the math, if you will, and figure it out. The answer may surprise you..or maybe not.

Well that does it for me this week. Any comments, questions, or suggestions are always welcome. Make sure to vote on the poll and read up on the week that was. You know what to do.

“When you are at the VERY bottom, it can only get can ONLY go up!”

“I’m going to be hot before it gets hot!”

Finally..“You Can’t Fight Fate!”. See you next week!