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As my loyal readers know I was a huge fan of both Kitchen Confidential and Arrested Development, so the news of their getting cancelled hit me pretty close to home. Both shows received Greatest Show Ever honors, so I’m pretty bummed.

I personally cherished every moment of the brief time that I had with those two programs. If there was ever more proof that democracy sucks. Of course there’s this which also speaks volumes about the sucktitude of democracy.


What I Watched Last Week Pretty Recently

Nip/Tuck – Ok, so I’m still like two weeks behind. I did manage to watch the one with the guy who wanted to lose a limb. I’m confused as to how Christian managed to help him lose it, but whatever. Shawn’s storyline was boring, and the semen lotion was just extra. Boo.

Grey’s Anatomy – I’m officially caught up on this show. Although I did miss the episode with the bus accident which was labeled “must see”. I don’t like being told what to do, so I didn’t tape it. No one is the boss of me!

So basically I dig the pregnantcy, dig the public relationship, and the budding one as well. I’m actually rooting for the wife in the third relationship. But Meredith is almost pitiful. She’s so needy, begging for attention. I’ve almost lost respect for her as a woman. It’s a shame. And poor George, who appears to be without any love interest whatsoever. What’s up with that?

The Office – I think I only need catch this week’s episode. I caught the one when Michael got some. Pretty funny. I dug the reading of his screenplay and how he stumbled into closing the deal. This is a genuinely funny show.

My Name is Earl – Ditto about being almost caught up. The episode with the golf and fair was hysterical. Ethan has really slayed me as an actor. I truly believed his disappointment. I’m glad that this show has found some success.

Lost – So almost caught up. I just need to catch this week’s episode (was supposed to be off, but had to work). I wasn’t really surprised to see Shannon take the bullet nor was I surprised Anna shot her.

This was a truly fun episode for my roommate and myself. We imagined how bitter Boone was at returning. We pondered that Shannon was killed off because Boone was charging an arm and a leg for appearances and really, the two were so joined at the hip. We also giggled every time a female was came on screen and claimed that she was the one who was going to die.

But honestly by the end of the episode I was rooting for Shannon to die. Why? Because she was getting all Michael on me. “I’m going to find Walt” “Where is Walt.” Surefire way to lose my support; relentlessly search for Walt.

Boston Legal – Saw the Halloween episode. It was cool to see Denny pissed at Alan. It was also cool to see the firm lose both cases. But it just seemed a bit to preachy to be entertaining. I didn’t really care for it.

Rome – I was so saddened by Pullo’s fall from grace, or as close to grace as he came. It was difficult to watch. And the scene in the coliseum was brutal. At first I thought that Lucius’ was dreaming about that he wished he could do, which me kind of choke up. Thankfully I was wrong and Lucius stepped up. Gaius isn’t getting enough time for my taste, but I’m sure that will change. I’m really digging this show and I’m kind of glad I know nothing about history, because it prevents my mind from speculating.

NY – Lon – Don’t ask me how I stumbled across this show, but I did. Now I can’t wait for Saturday to roll around so I can turn to BBC to catch it. It’s basically about a transatlantic love affair, complete with pregnant exes, od-ing, and wacky accents. It’s a dope concept, great execution, amazing soundtrack and stellar acting. And to think that it wouldn’t have been possible without Quincy Jones.

Greatest Show Ever…pretty recently – The Boondocks & Everybody Hates Chris

Here are two Black shows done correctly. On one hand we’ve got Everybody Hates Chris which is a damn ass real show. Like that show isn’t too far exaggerated from life. The laundry episode was real as hell and that’s what made it funny. I used to be bussed to school and I know I was dead tired. I also know about jockeying for position to get a dyer. (I also caught some other episodes, but this one really nailed home the point about authenticity.)

On the other hand we’ve got The Boondocks, which after a less than impressive initial outing, hit one out of the park on Sunday. Addressing the R. Kelly situation in the most hilarious manner possible, it perfectly illustrated segments of the Black community. For instance Ruckus is pure comedy as self-hate, sure he’s an exaggeration, but its how some Blacks feel on some level. It was also pretty cool to “see” William Kunstler again.

Lost Requiems for Pi

I happened to be watching Pi on Sundance this week and I got to thinking about Darren Aronofsky’s episode of Lost is going to look, and what it’s going to cover.

Now initially I was thinking about how in Pi when Max is messing with his computer, and how the obsessive nature of Max would tie nicely in with Desmond’s “routine” in the hatch. I was thinking that would lend itself to a claustrophobic “inside the hatch” episode. Or maybe a Desmond flashback episode.

However, I was corresponding with Joe Reid and he supplied me with another idea inspired by Aronofsky’s other flick; what if the episode deals with Charlie’s addiction to heroin ala Requiem for a Dream? I’m really liking this idea, since all of the flashbacks this season have had to do with how the survivors became the people they are now. Charlie’s personal ritual, whatever it is, would work well with Aronofsky’s technique.

Either way I hope Jack, Sawyer and Michael die in the episode.

Good News/Bad News/Question of the Week

Good News; you’ve got a date! Bad News; it’s actually a blind date. Good News; she’s not overweight. Bad News; there’s a chance she could severely beat you down. Perhaps she’s a member of a covert secret organization. Maybe she’s a clone. There’s even a chance that she’s Bea Arthur. Good News; you don’t have to worry about cost. Bad News; it’s actually a Blind Date

So would you rather be on Blind Date with Max (from Dark Angel) or Sydney (from Alias)?


Josh has holidays on the brain. But he also does a copious amount of linking, so it’s not interfering with work.

I can’t really link anyone else for fear of ruining Prison Break for myself. Sorry.


Aaron makes up the “A” of this J.A.M. sandwich. This week he covers the Confederate Flag, and almost covers Ms. Blige’s forehead. Oh, you’ve just got to read it to get it. Nick, on the other hand explains the pros and cons of purchasing two anticipated albums on separate ends of the Hip Hop spectrum.

Joe (the “J” for those of you keeping score) apparently watched But Can They Sing (which sort of implies that those featured have another inherent talent, I’m looking at you Gotti) and gives you an unpublished document of genius.

He also puts his recap cap on (or for my urban audience “gets his recap on”) over at Televison Without Pity.

I’m out, I’m done.

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