InsidePulse’s WWE SmackDown! Report

Hello world, this is my first SmackDown! report. I hope you all like it. First, I know that everybody seems to be doing these, but I have to take some time to pay tribute to the late, great Eddie Guerrero. Eddie was quite possibly the best wrestler period. He was a gifted athlete and a dedicated family man.

He was great at what he did…entertain. I had the pleasure of seeing him in action in February of 2004 and right before the ECW PPV. I remember seeing him on Nitro, and his abilities just blew my mind. He was a genius that was taken before his time, but is in a better place. Rest in Peace, Eddie. Viva La Raza!

SmackDown! is a very special show tonight as it will be a Eddie Guerrero tribute show. The show starts with Eddie’s music playing and World Heavyweight Champion Batista coming out in a low rider. Batista says that Eddie would hate to see him out here crying. He talks about how Eddie was a great wrestler and a very dedicated family man. He says that he won’t let anybody forget Eddie Guerrero. He leaves the World Heavyweight title on the hood of the low rider as he exits.

Next, it’s the start of a night of interpromotional matches.

Matt Hardy comes out to face none other than Carlito Carribbean Cool. Pretty decent match (Of course, I think Carlito is a god of some sort)with Hardy and Carlito locking up. Carlito sends Hardy to the outside of the ring with a drop toe hold. Carlito hits a vertical suplex and goes to the top rope. The Sensai of Cool (HA) jumps right into the Sensai of Mattitude’s boot (Is he still the sensai?). Hardy hits the side effect and a top rope leg drop, followed by the Twist of Fate for the 1,2,3.

-Winner- Matt Hardy

Vince McMahon calls Eddie a classic performer and was truly one of the greats. He says he was a craftsman that loved to perform and loved the fans. He was a family man. Vince is fighting back tears and ends with, Guerrero was a damn fine man.

LOD vs. Cade & Murdoch was a squash match that saw Team Raw dominating Heidenreich until he hits a spear and tags in Animal. They execute the Doomsday Device for the win. Tazz and Cole announce that the e-mails they recieved about Eddie will be put in a binder and given to the family.

-Winners- LOD

Booker T talked about his battles with Eddie over the years. He offers his help to Vickie and the kids. He says that they will meet again.

Time for what I would call one of the coolest moments ever…the return of Chavo Guerrero!

Chavo comes out to do battle with JBL. Chavo is on fire as he pays tribute to Eddie by starting with a headlock, he lets go to poke him in the eye. Slingshot to to outside, followed by a missle dropkick for a two count. Chavo goes for a cross body press but gets caught with the fallaway slam. JBL is in control (it pains me to say that). The crowd begins with a massive Eddie chant. JBL hits a swinging neckbreaker for two then applies a sleeper. Crowd gets behind Chavo. JBL goes for the Clothesline From Hell, gets countered with a standing dropkick. Chavo blasts JBL with a series of punches, does the Eddie dance. JBL goes for another fallaway slam, gets planted with the tornado DDT for his troubles. Chavo goes outside and grabs two chairs, throws one in to distract the ref, throws one at JBL and lies down, ala Eddie. The ref is repremanding JBL when Chavo gives him a low blow, the three amigos and the frog splash for the win.

-Winner and finally back- Chavo Guerrero

JBL talks about breaking into wrestling with Eddie’s brother and the battles he and Eddie had in the ring. He says he will be greatly missed.

A clip is shown of Eddie becoming WWE Champion.

It’s now time for the cruiserweight battle royal. I really don’t remember everybody that was in it, but I saw Kid Kash, Gregory Helms, Tajiri and Juvi. A squash (can cruiserweights be involved in squashes?) that saw Juvi take the victory.

Shane McMahon talks about Eddie being a great in-ring performer and an all around great guy.

Time for the main event.

The Rabid Wolverine Chris Benoit vs. The Cerebral Assassin Triple H.

The match sees The Crippler going for the crossface eary, but HHH escapes. Triple H punches Benoit into the corner and gets countered with a back body drop and attempted crossface. Trips leaves again. Loud Eddie chants. Benoit follows him and chops him down. Back in the ring, Benoit gives HHH the ten punches in the corner and Trips falls flat, ala Flair. Hunter throws Benoit outside, back in the ring, Benoit gets put in the abdominal stretch. Lots of back and forth countering including dual sleepers. Benoit attempts a sharpshooter. Benoit hits three german suplexes and the diving headbutt for two. Triple H tries the pedigree, gets countered into the crossface (difficult, I know) but instead of tapping out, Benoit pins HHH’s shoulders to the mat for the victory. After the match, Benoit and HHH hug. Benoit goes to the top rope to celebrate, comes down to get met with an embrace by none other than the man of 1,001 holds, Dean Malenko. They hug and grab a sign from the crowd that says: “Eddie Guerrero 1967-2005”.

All in all, a very solid show. Eddie would have been extremely proud.


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