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I’m back from my brief hiatus as I moved from Buffalo, NY, to Cleveland, OH. I’m still not completely settled, though, so I’m just including the ROH news below without comments this time. I’m also still quite a bit shaken by Eddie’s passing. In two weeks, though, except a more complete column.


November 14th: Everyone at ROH sends our condolences to the friends and family of Eddie Guerrero. We are all very saddened by this loss. Eddie was a big part of ROH at the start of the company as he was part of the double main event on the first ever ROH show vs. Super Crazy at “The Era Of Honor Begins.” The entire roster paid respect for Eddie and his accomplishments on ROH’s third show “A Night Of Appreciation” when Eddie teamed with Amazing Red vs. The SAT. Eddie’s influence on the ROH wrestlers and style is huge. He will be missed by everyone. This Saturday’s show in Long Island will be dedicated to Eddie Guerrero. This Saturday’s show will be called “A Night Of Tribute.” November 14th: There is now a free video on the main page of hyping the 11/19 event in Long Island at Sports Plus that includes clips from recent shows that aren’t even released yet. Jimmy Rave with Prince Nana vs. Davey Andrews has been added to this Saturday’s event. Rave says he will demonstrate his new finishing move in Long Island, however he can’t underestimate Andrews who just won the Top Of The Class Trophy, which designates him as the top graduate from the ROH Wrestling School. Get your tickets now at, by calling 215-781-2500 and Ticketmaster outlets for this show.

November 14th: As many of you know, ROH World Champion Bryan Danielson has sent out open contracts all over the wrestling world for title shots. Danielson wants to take on the best for the ROH World Title. The NOAH and WLW offices have signed one of the contracts. On December 17th at “Final Battle 2005” in Edison, NJ it will be Bryan Danielson vs. Naomichi Marufuji for the ROH World Title!!! If Danielson is not World Champion, it will still be Danielson vs. Marufuji on 12/17.
November 14th: Make sure to check out Jim Cornette’s new video message on the main page of One major announcement from Cornette is that a huge main event match has been signed for 12/3 in Manhattan. Perhaps the most intense feud in ROH history is back on after two years. New York City will see Homicide vs. Steve Corino!!! Do you remember what happened last time Homicide and Corino collided on a ROH show in NYC?
November 14th: Straight Shootin’ With The Blue Meanie is out now at and ready for immediate delivery. This is a must for WWE and ECW fans as well as anyone wondering what it is like to run an independent promotion. Meanie holds nothing back in talking about everything from the rise and demise of 3PW, his relationship with Jasmin St. Claire, everything that happened with JBL including private locker room meetings, the ECW reunion shows, the return of The BWO in WWE and much more. Meanie gives you all the details on everything with some great behind the scenes stories!!!
November 14th: Last weekend’s FIP shows saw the Bryan Danielson vs. Roderick Strong rivalry continue. Friday in Inverness, FL saw Danielson & Jimmy Rave of DP Associates team to defeat Strong & Tony Mamaluke when Danielson pinned Strong. However, Strong evened the score to pin Danielson at the 50 minute mark on Saturday in Brooksville, FL to be the sole survivor of a ten man elimination match. That bout featured Strong, Mamaluke, Sean Waltman, Jerrelle Clark & Sal Rinauro vs. Danielson, Rave, Samoa Joe, Austin Aries & Adam Pearce with Dave Prazak. Strong managed to outlast a team that featured three ROH world champions in this historic match.

November 15th: There will be a free tribute video up this week at featuring Eddie Guerrero. It will include his promo from “The Era Of Honor Begins” DVD that is still among the greatest promos in ROH history.

November 15th: Fans attending this Saturday’s show in Long Island will have a chance to win tickets to the 12/3 Manhattan event.
November 15th: Jim Cornette has explained all the rules of the Steel Cage Warfare match on 12/3 in Manhattan pitting The Embassy vs. Generation Next. The Embassy will be represented by Jimmy Rave, Alex Shelley, Abyss and Prince Nana. Generation Next will counter with the team of Austin Aries, Roderick Strong, Jack Evans and Matt Sydal. The match will start with one wrestler from each team. Every five minutes a wrestler from one team will enter. The Embassy earned the advantage by winning the eight man tag on 11/5 and will send the second man to the ring, five minutes later Generation Next will even things out by sending in a combatant, five minutes later The Embassy will get the advantage again by sending in another man and so on. The match will end when all members of its team are pinned or submit. Pinfalls and submissions can occur at any time in the match giving teams the opportunity for more advantages. The rules and teams are set, now on 12/3 it will be time for Steel Cage Warfare in New York City!!!
November 15th: The DVD of October’s OVW shows is now in stock and ready for immediate delivery at This is OVW’s most explosive month yet as booked by Paul Heyman. You’ll also see CM Punk in action as he begins his WWE career. If you’ve seen the July, August and September TV from, we know you are hooked by Heyman’s booking and will want to see October as the Jeter vs. Cappotelli, Albright vs. Doane and other feuds heat up and explode!!!
November 15th: ROH World Champion Bryan Danielson has stated that he doesn’t think its fair that he’ll only have to wrestle in the main event this Saturday in Long Island while his challenger will have to wrestle twice. Danielson is set to defend the World Title against the winner of the AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels vs. Matt Sydal three-way that will happen in the first half of the show. Danielson said he will be prepared for AJ, Daniels or Sydal and that he will leave Sports Plus with the belt. You will get to see either Daniels, Styles or Sydal wrestle twice this Saturday in Long Island!!! Get your tickets now at, by calling 215-781-2500 and at Ticketmaster outlets.
November 15th: Claudio Castagnoli has been petitioning for a rematch against Nigel McGuinness for the Pure Title. Castagnoli lost his first shot at the title on 11/4 with a really cheap ending as he was DQ’ed when the referee thought he used Nigel’s iron. However, Nigel tossed Claudio the iron while the ref’s back was turned and played dead so the ref thought he used it. We will have Commissioner Jim Cornette’s ruling on this matter next week.

November 18th: Tomorrow (Saturday) is the huge event in Long Island at Sports Plus Entertainment Center on 110 New Moriches Road, Lake Grove, New York 11755. There will be tickets available at the door and belltime is 7:30pm. The stakes have risen for the huge tag team main event pitting Generation Next of Austin Aries & Roderick Strong vs. Samoa Joe & Jay Lethal. If Aries & Strong win, they will get a Tag Title shot at “Final Battle 2005” whether they win Steel Cage Warfare or not on 12/3. If Joe & Lethal win they will get a tag title shot on 12/3 in Manhattan. The tag team division is heating up in ROH and tomorrow could see a classic when four of the best step into the same ring!!!
November 18th: This Saturday will mark the first time that Christopher Daniels and AJ Styles oppose each other in a ROH ring since “Wrath Of The Racket” in August on 2003. Styles and Daniels had a long history in ROH dating back to the fourth ever ROH show, “Road To The Title,” in June of 2002. Tomorrow will feature a new twist when Matt Sydal is added to the match to make it a three-way with the winner getting a World Title shot vs. Bryan Danielson that night. The three-way promises to be one of the most athletic matches of the year. Could this finally be the night Daniels achieves his destiny and wins the belt? Will AJ win the one prize in wrestling that has alluded him? Can Sydal realize his potential and become the star we all know he is capable of being?
November 18th: Saturday will be a special night for ROH World Champion Bryan Danielson as he returns to the location where he won the belt. Danielson will be ready for either Styles, Daniels or Sydal tomorrow.

November 18th: ROH officials will be keeping an eye on Roderick Strong tomorrow. Strong has been distraught since Jade Chung was injured in a brutal parking lot attack by Jimmy Rave & Prince Nana at the last ROH event. We hope to have some video footage of this soon. Strong and Chung were becoming very close at the time of the injury.
November 18th: BJ Whitmer will miss this Saturday’s event due to injuries he suffered in a car accident. He hopes to return by the 12/17 show.
November 18th: Ready for more of Kobashi vs. Joe? The 10/2 “Unforgettable” DVD will be released later today at featuring Kenta Kobashi & Homicide vs. Samoa Joe & Low Ki. You heard Joe talk about “round 2” in his promo at the end of “Joe vs. Kobashi,” now you can witness round two for yourself when Joe and Kobashi collide for possibly the last time. Plus, a bonafide match of the year candidate as James Gibson takes on Roderick Strong in Gibson’s farewell match, Christopher Daniels vs. Jimmy Yang, Colt Cabana vs. Jack Evans, Jimmy Rave vs. Matt Sydal, Tony Mamaluke & Sal Rinauro vs. Dunn & Marcos and more. If you liked “Joe vs. Kobashi” you need to see “Unforgettable.” November 18th: You are guaranteed to see a winner in this Saturday’s No DQ match pitting Homicide vs. Colt Cabana. The last time in Long Island these two battled to a double DQ. The issue has since escalated. Cabana has caused Homicide to lose to his arch-rival Steve Corino and has greatly disrespected him twice in raps. Homicide brutally attacked Cabana in Chicago and tried to cut his tongue out for rapping about him. There is no more joking around for Cabana. Both Cabana and Homicide are out for blood. This issue is going to be beyond violent on Saturday in Long Island.

November 18th: ROH Pure Champion Nigel McGuinness is currently on tour in Japan for NOAH. He will make his next Pure Title defense at “Final Battle 2005” in Edison, NJ.
November 18th: There is a wrestling fan’s dream contest now being held by ROH. Check the pinned topic on the message board of for all the details on a contest where you can win tickets, airfare and hotel to ROH’s Chicago double shot on Wrestlemania weekend and Wrestlemania!!!
November 18th: The Eddie Guerrero tribute video is now up on the main page of featuring highlights of him in ROH and one of the greatest promos in ROH history.
November 18th: You have been asking for a roster page for a long time and we have listened. However, we are going to present our roster in a different way at There will be videos up featuring the ROH roster. Look for the video roster soon at
November 18th: Rocky Romero called Commissioner Jim Cornette yesterday to tell him that he’d inform us of what match he wants next week. Romero gets the match of his choice due to being on the winning team in the “Trios Tournament” earlier this year.

Keep the e-mails and IMs coming, and I’ll see you here in two weeks.

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