[WWE] News Items on Joey Styles, Mexicools, Torrie Wilson & More

– According to PWInsider.com, Joey Styles initially agreed to work the 11/7 and 11/13 Raw shows when WWE had decided that just having Coach and Jerry Lawler in the both wasn’t effectively getting the job done. Styles’ appearances on Raw have been something of a “getting to know each other” period for both he and WWE. Beyond that nothing further was decided, at least in part because of Styles’ real job in advertising. WWE wanted him to fly to the UK and do this week’s show, but Styles had obligations at his job so it complicated the situation. At this point, the situation is that in order for Styles to keep working on Raw, he and WWE are going to have to come to a full time deal that would lead to him leaving advertising for wrestling full time. If we see Styles on Raw this Monday, that most probably means that they have come to a deal.

– Triple H is having a new song made by the band Disturbed.

– Batista is Filipino, and you can read about it here.

– The word going around right now according to the Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer is that Torrie Wilson left the Australian WWE tour to take care of Billy Kidman. Kidman is said to be not doing so well since he was released from WWE. However, when Kidman missed an indie booking, he told the promoter it was due to Torrie’s status with WWE.

– There is some major backstage heat on Juventud for using some wrestlers’ signature moves, according to Meltzer. Chris Benoit talked to Juventud and told him to apologize to these wrestlers. Despite the talk, it’s now two weeks later and still no apologies have been made. The feeling backstage is that Juventud knows that Vince and Johnny Ace both like him, so he figures he’s immune to any backstage troubles. Psycosis and Super Crazy don’t hang out with him backstage because of how he’s been acting. They no longer travel with him because they don’t want any of his heat to come off on them. Juventud’s new travel partner is, surprisingly, Bob Orton.

Credit: Wrestling Observer, PWInsider.com