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– I’m heading up to Columbus tommorow morning for a family Thanksgiving, so since I won’t be here to say it later, everyone have a good and safe Thanksgiving. In other words, don’t eat too much (insert the scientific name for that drug in turkey that makes you tired) on the drive home.

– Orlando, Florida

– Hosts on the evening are Mike Tenay and Don West.

Samoa Joe v. Jerrelle Clark
You know the Joe routine. Pretty much the Angle challenge but with the challengers a little more experienced. Clark gets choked out.
Winner: Samoa Joe
– no rating –

Styles goes on the titantron to challenge Joe, saying that his undefeated streak will end. Damn is that going to be a sweet ass match.

After break it’s time for ANNUAL JARRETT TENAY-WEST BASHING, of course this time he comes out with Gail Kim, I guess trying to put a different spin on things. Still, how they think we don’t get tired of seeing JJ come out to whine and complain and yell at the announce team every week is beyond me. Well, it was short and sweet at least.

America’s Most Wanted v. Sonny Siaki & Apolo
Expected brawl to start and Siaki & Apolo hit a pair of double team hip tosses followed by a double flap jack causing AMW to bail as we hit the advertisements. Might as well just have but the ads before the match since we got to see 30 seconds of it. Harris works on Apolo, but gets booted off a blind charge allowing a tag to Siaki who ceans AMW until a pin that gets broken up. Superkick chin drop combo only gets 2 on Harris. Apolo tries to plancha Storm outside, but Storm busts a bottle over his head in mid-air. Creative? Maybe. The Death Sentence connects on Siaki for the win.
*, dull and boring, and seriously who the hell cares about Apolo and Siaki right now.

Post-match AMW spray paint “3D” on a table just asking for trouble, Team 3D hit the ring causing AMW to hit the ramp. Bubba says that they just got done talking to Larry Z, and at Turning Point it will be AMW-Team 3D in a tables match. Then, in the theatric moment to top off the segment, Team 3D attempts to throw the table from the ring to the stage where AMW are standing, but it only makes it to the bottom of the ramp.

Apparently now, Bubba is sporting an AC/DC style Team 3D shirt. Seriously, how many different t-shirts are the Dudz going to customize?

Recap of Kip James replacing Konan in 3LK. Road Dogg and K-Kwik get in an argument over the future of 3LK, and Konan wants to know what’s poppin. They all split up.

Abyss v. Rhyno
Slugfest to start won by Rhyno. Rhyno gets a lariat so he slides out, Rhyno hits him with a crossbody. Rhyno has Abyss in an arm lock on the mat but Abyss punches out. Rhyno gets an elbow out of the corner and clothselines Abyss outside again. Mitchell tries to interfere with his cane, Rhyno sets up for the Gore but Abyss crotches him on the pole outside. Rhyno fights back with the CHOPS OF DEATH, which of course don’t phase Abyss and he knocks Rhyno back down then applies a chin lock. Rhyno slugs out and gets a flying forearm. Rhyno hits a shoulder to t he corner which pretty much looked like a Gore but whatever, then runs into a BIG BOOT by Abyss. Rhyno gets a spinebuster for 2 then gets a table. He sets it in a corner and gets fought off by Abyss. Rhyno blocks the chokeslam and hits the self-proclaimed “belly to belly”, although he actually just hooks him and drops him to his side. Rhyno GORES the table, but he kicks out of the pin at 2. The lights go out, and Sabu is outside with a chair wrapped in babred wire. This distracts Abyss allowing Rhyno to get the GORE for the win.
*1/2, boring boring boring and a shitty ending to cap it off.

JJ chats with Larry Z in the back, and Gail Kim warns him that he is on very thin ice.

Time for the Impact debut of CHRISTIAN Cage, who comes out to a new collection of Peeps. This sure as hell should have been the main event, yet they put the Abyss match in that spot. Christian basically restates what he said at Genesis and says that he came to TNA because this is the place to be and to take the NWA World Heavyweight Championship, and if any of the boys in the back have a problem with that, he doesn’t really care because that’s how HE ROLLS. Out comes Monty Brown who makes a squeeling sound and says that Christian is no longer up north rolling. Monty says that Christian hasn’t proved anything. Monty says Christian’s shoes are called BOB THE BUILDER BOOTS. Hah! You wanna talk about rolling? Monty rolls over everybody. Christian interupts Monty’s motto, does his own version of the POUNCE scream, coughs, and then says “PERIOD.” So Monty kills him. Christian manages a standing switch and slugs away, but Monty POUNCES him straight to tell. Great segment to end the show.

Pretty poor show this week on the wrestling end, topped off with a hilarious segment and great TV debut for Christian. The show is reccomended to see just for that, but prepared to be bored by the actual wrestling.

To top of the show, Jeremy Lambert, author of the official Impact report and TNA At Ringside and I get in an AIM argument over who was better in the segment, Monty or Christian.

AMPLine4Life [11:55 PM]: Christian was the man in that promo
SuperMx123 [11:55 PM]: I prefered Monty
SuperMx123 [11:56 PM]: They’re both great on the mic
AMPLine4Life [11:56 PM]: Monty was good, but anyone that cuts off Monty and then says THE POOOOOUUUUNCE (followed by a quick cough) PERIOD, rules
SuperMx123 [11:57 PM]: that can easily be countered with BOB THE BUILDER BOOTS
AMPLine4Life [11:58 PM]: lol

I call it a draw.

The End.