Looking Ahead – 11.21.05

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Looking Ahead

Eyup. Welcome to this weeks’ Looking Ahead. I’m your host, Danny Wallace.

There was no Looking Ahead last week because I didn’t have any free time to write it. Same goes for my Culture Column ‘You Complete Bar Steward!’. Gutted aren’t you.

Anyway, I’m back this week, so your prayers have been answered yet again.

The Nearest WWE PPV
Sunday, Nov. 27, 2005
Joe Louis Arena, Detroit, MI

The Card So Far
Raw vs. Smackdown! 5-on-5 Elimination Match

Big Show, Kane, HBK, Carlito, Chris Masters vs. Batista, JBL, Lashley, Rey Mysterio, Randy Orton

WWE Championship Match
John Cena vs. Kurt Angle

Last Man Standing
Ric Flair vs. Triple H

Eric Bischoff vs. Teddy Long

The Score

Looking Ahead PPV Score: 6/10

The build to the WWE championship match and the Elimination match has been awesome, and I’m really looking forward to this weeks Raw & Smackdown! to see how they go about fitting 2 weeks worth of build into both programs.

Eric vs. Teddy I’m not looking forward to though, however I assume this will be a very short comedy match.

You’ve got to wonder, by having Benoit vs. Booker T for the US title on this week’s Smackdown!, what’s the point in them having another US title match on a PPV? Unless it’s a gimmick match. Benoit vs. Booker in a Steel Cage would be a sight to see.

Also expect a World Tag Team title match, along with possibly a Cruiserweight title match to be announced on Smackdown! this week.

PPV Predictions

With the Batista vs. Orton match on this weeks Smackdown, if Orton wins (which would be f*cking awesome seeing as how I’m going to the SD tapings) then it will obviously cause some tension between Orton and Batista, which could lead to some interesting spots during the Elimination match.

Anyway.. I’m going for a Team Smackdown win, seeing as how they’ve got their World Champ on their team, and it’ll look weak if they don’t win.

HHH vs. Flair will be all kinds of awesomeness. I’m picking HHH to pick up the win, by totally destroying Flair.

I think Cena will retain the strap against Angle too, although I wish he wouldn’t.

Eric vs. Teddy… I don’t care about. FLIP THE COIN TIME! Heads for Bisch, Tails for Teddy… TAILS! Teddy to win.

Looking Ahead Special: Smackdown in Sheffield 22/11/05

So tonight is the live Raw from my hometown Sheffield, and tomorrow is the SmackDown! taping, which is where I’m headed. You’ll have the results/spoilers up here on IP as soon as I come back.

So… let’s crack on.

After the Raw & SD Eddie Guerrero tribute shows (which were both pretty awesome btw), it’s up to these final two shows in my hometown of SHEFFIELD, ENGLAND to finish off the build to Survivor Series.

Currently, the following matches have been announced:

No Holds Barred
Batista vs. Randy Orton for the World Heavyweight Title!

Holy f*cking Shitballs! A WORLD TITLE MATCH, IN MY HOME TOWN, WHICH IM GOING TO SEE. I tell you something. I NEVER thought this would have happened when I bought those tickets many months ago. The only reason I bought them was to go see Captain Charisma… however I’m willing to let that slide seeing as how I’m going to witness this match. Knowing my luck, it’ll be short and crap, however with Batista injured, I’m hoping to see the Legend Killer pick up the win.

I also get to see Chris Benoit vs. Booker T for the US title, which should be a lovely match to watch. I’m going for a DQ finish thanks to Sharmell, so then we get to see them go at it again at SS, but in a Steel Cage so nobody can interfear. Maybe.

Anyway… time to get this posted. Adios Amigos.

Danny Wallace.