InsidePulse’s WWE Velocity Report

– This week’s show, in honor of Eddie was just a clip show of SmackDown’s memorial. So, save yourself the time of reading cheap recaps and just read Mikey’s SMACK You! which sounds like the old SMACK This! Where is that CJ guy these days anyway?

My Thanksgiving was good. I took a trip to Columbus on Sunday morning as we celebrated it that day due to certain family members not being able to attend on the actual holiday. It was fun to say the least, good food and damned good football. (Bengals-Colts)

The Penguins are finally starting to come around. With defensemen like Sergei Gonchar, Dick Tarnstrom, and Odeline and forwards like Sidney Crosby, Ryan Malone, Mark Recchi and Zigmund Palffy, they SHOULD be coming around.

On the topic of NHL, Omar delivers with a spankin’ new column. And even if you’re not a hockey fan, who doesn’t love the name Omar?

In other news not relating to my personal life, I created a site profile the other day. While it isn’t much, check it out. It has a link to my Blog, so give me some comments there and you get a really big prize. Seriously.

Well, with nothing to recap this week, might as well dip into the mailbag…


Thank God you changed the headline on the last Velocity report. You would have pissed a lot of people off by keeping it as the “dead” slur. I was a little offended myself, how could you make light of someone’s death?


Chris was actually the second person to send in an e-mail like this. Fact of the matter is folks, that I was NOT trying to “make light”, hopefully you saw how my whole column was a tribute to Eddie.

Hey markneeley,

I would just like to take a minute to thank you for your Velocity reports. The Pulse is the only wrestling site I visit, and I always wondered why they had rants/reports of every show but Velocity. Like yourself, I’ve always been prone to liking this B-level show. The cruiserweight matches are a real breath of fresh air compared to the Tomko and Snitsky matches on RAW, and I seem to agree with your rants on the matches 100% most of the time. I do ask one thing of you though, could you maybe recap the shows with a little more detailed PBP? I’m just saying that my PC (56k) doesn’t work with’s broadcast, so I like to read how the matches played out. In short, keep up the good work.

Warren Jackson

I try.

Okay. That’s all for this week. Hope you enjoyed it for what it’s worth. Later.

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