The Amazing Race – Recap – Episode 8-9

Note: I’m having some brownouts in my area, so hopefully the recap goes off without a hitch

It’s Tuesday, and I hope y’all enjoyed the week off from people bitching at the Weaver family. Not just from me, mind you, but if you look anywhere on the web you can find recappers berating the family for being hypocrites and giving Christians a bad name. But in the spirit of the holiday season (which has already started – it’s surreal to see Santa’s House set up in malls in mid-November) I will try and say some positive things about the Weavers. For instance, the stress of the Race tends to bring out the worst in people, and unless your surname is Mariano, it’s that part you don’t want people to see. So while their behaviour is really them, you’re probably not liable to see it should you run into them in Florida. Assuming Mama Weaver lets them out of the house, that is.

Ohhhkay, so much for being nice.

Coming in last this week will be…

Here’s to hoping that karma comes around and smacks them right out of the competition.

Two weeks ago, we had two episodes which took teams from Costa Rica to Arizona (and lots of it!). Teams raced around a speedway, flew 360 degree loops, and bailed out boats. The Bransens got mugged, the Godlewskis finished first, twice, and at the end of Episode 8, the Paolos got Philiminated.

Four teams are left. Who will be Philiminated… next?

Standings after 8 legs:

1. Godlewski – Overcame a poor Detour to finish first twice.
2. Linz – Bad luck at the end of Leg 8, but keep it up and you’ll win this thing.
3. Bransen – Getting mugged by Phil didn’t slow you down at all.
4. Weaver aka Florida – Rolly aside, you should be on another game show – ‘Oblivious’
x5. Paolo
x6. Gaghan
x7. Schroeder
x8. Aiello
x9. Rogers
x10. Black

And we are Live on Inside Pulse with The Amazing Race 8. Got a question? Feel the need to slag the Weavers? I’m logged into AOL Instant Messenger as kevwwong.

Episode 8-9 – How’s That Face Feel?
We are in (literally) Lake Powell, Arizona, on a houseboat serving as the eighth Pit Stop in a race that has barely taken us past the equator. At this Pit Stop, teams have a chance to eat, sleep, do confessionals and mingle with each other. Except the Weavers, because they adhere to on of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s mottos – “Don’t Trust Anyone”. We saw teams fly planes, enjoy the splendours of the Grand Canyon (except the Weavers) and bail out boats. And in the end, a missed route forced the Paolo family into Sequesterville.

The Godlewski sisters, who were the first team to arrive, are the first to leave at 5:45am. They rip open the clue, which tells them to travel 136 miles to Monument Valley, Utah and John Ford’s Point in order to find their next clue. They get to land to find that they have camper vans.

Linz, 5:46am. They feel that they HAVE to win this leg.

Godlewski say they’re taking 98 West. The Linzes are heading along 98 East.

Weaver, 6:06am. They talk about being alienated and not letting it bother them.

Godlewski girls get gas. Weavers don’t want to know what the others are doing. Godlewskis note that they have to head along 98 East.

Bransen, 6:27am. Wally says that they’ll try to be more aggressive.

Linzes overshoot the point. They’re a bit pissed. Weavers also pass the marker and don’t think anything about it. Godlewskis overshoot and try to turn around. We get funny music as the girls try at 135-point turn. Meanwhile, the Weavers just turn wide and head back, laughing at the “Desparate Housewives”. Very Christian, folks.

Weavers reach John Ford’s Point first and look for the clue. Godlewski and Linz are close behind. Weavers grab a number from the number box and find that two team members must take a helicopter to Elephant Butte (mini Roadblock) to get their next clue. The helicopter takes two teams each. Linzes get the clue first, but miss the numbers and Godlewski gets number 2.

Weaver and Godlewski fly off, while Linz and the remaining Godlewski girls strike a deal to Yield the Weavers if they can.

The teams get back and find that they have to drive 180 miles to Mohab, Utah and the Gemini Bridges.

Linzes go on their own as the Bransens haven’t arrive. They leave the area, and the Bransens arrive. The girls admire the view while they fly.

Meanwhile, the Weavers also admire the view by noting that Utah has a whole lot of nothing. The Linzes. By contrast, make up names for the rock formations. They also pass the Weavers and give a “first down” motion as they pass. The Weavers, surprisingly (since Florida is a big football state) have no idea what to make of it. Then Rolly snots about Rebecca’s driving.

Linzes arrive to the Gemini Bridges and find a Detour – Drop Down or Ride Down:
Ride Down – Bike a six mile course down the canyon to find the clue.
Drop Down – Perform a 270 foot, two-stage rappel down the canyon and take a path to the clue.

Linz decide to Drop Down. Weavers arrive later and choose to Ride Down. Linzes are having fun, while the Weavers are having a lot of trouble, and they’re rethinking their Detour Choice.

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We’re back, and Mama Weaver gives Rebecca a lesson in how to use the gears on her bike.

Meanwhile, the Bransens reach the Detour third, and choose to Drop Down. Wally seems apprehensive. The Bransens reach the cliff as the Linzes finish and get their next clue. It tells them to drive 52 miles to Green River State Park, where they’ll be spending the night. The departure time depends on the time they arrive. Hey, it’s just like a Pit Stop!! Except it’s not.

The Godlewskis arrive in fourth due to a production error – they had to get a replacement vehicle. Wow, that sucks. Anyways, they choose to Drop Down.

The Weavers manage to finish the Detour, while Christine Godlewski gets a little hung up on the rappel. The Bransens finish up and head out. The Godlewskis finish up and head out.

The Linzes arrive at the Park first and find out that they’ll be leaving at 7:00am. The Weavers are second and will leave at 7:15am. Bransens will leave at 7:30am, and Godlewski at 7:45am.

The Linzes have some fun outside, while the Weavers stay inside their campers and complain that noone wants to talk to them. They note that they’ve tried to be friendly (just as D.J. Paolo) but it isn’t reciprocated. They hate it.

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7:00am. The Linzes rip their clue and are told to head to Heber City, Utah and find Bart, an 1100 pound grizzly bear. They leave and admire the scenery. The Weavers depart and note that Utah is ugly. Bransen and Godlewski depart.

Linzes ask for directions from a lady. “That’s a dude”.

Linzes arrive, and giggle at meeting Bart. They get the clue and are told to head 22 miles to Park City, Utah and the Olympic Park. Oh, and there’s a Yield ahead. They pass the Weavers on the way out. Bransens ask for directions. The Weavers encounter Bart and he’s apparently the first nice thing they’ve seen in Utah. They pass Bransen on the way out.

Bransens get the clue from Bart. Godlewski get their clue.

The Linzes arrive at Olympic Park. The Weavers are taking the “scenic route”. The Linzes reach the Yield mat (the second of two) and decide to Yield the Weavers, for separation purposes. The clue reveals a Roadblock – one team member must do a ski jump into a pool. Nick takes it.

Bransen arrive and Lindsey takes it. Nick goes and does a 270 flip. He gets the clue and is told to travel 28 miles to the Pit Stop in Salt Lake City and the City Library at the city centre. The last team to arrive may be eliminated.

Godlewski arrive and Christine takes it.

Lindsey does a Daffy into the water. They get their clue and are off. Christine does a face plant, but it still counts.

Weavers, meanwhile, whine and complain that they’re done. While I hope so, it still might be non-elimination, so there’s still hope.

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The Weavers consider themselves the “last nice family” in the Race. And the other teams seem to justify it. The Weavers hit the Yield mat (screaming like crazed kids) and note that two teams don’t like them, and they don’t know why.

Linzes ask for directions to the Library, as do the Bransens. But ultimately, the Linzes arrive in first (finally), and they’ve won a trip for four to Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Bransens arrive in second, and of course the Godlewskis are third.

Meanwhile, back at the ski jump, Rolly takes the Roadblock and does a Spread Eagle. They head to the Pit Stop, and they are the last team to arrive. This is, however a nonelimination leg, and the Weavers are unenthused about it. And the mugging ensues, as Phil notes that he doesn’t see the hunger in their eyes. He encourages them, and now they’re ready to win.

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Next time, the Bransens and the Linzes have a midair collisions, and the Weavers confront the Linzes about the Yield (by acting crazy).

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