InsidePulse’s WWE RAW Report 11.21.05

With just one week before the Survivor Series pay-per-view, be sure to tune into RAW tonight on the USA Network (9/8 CT) as Eric Bischoff and his Superstars come to you from the United Kingdom.

This week, Team SmackDown captain Batista leads his team of Randy Orton, JBL, Lashley & Rey Mysterio into RAW. What does The Animal’s team have in store for their Survivor Series opponents? Watch RAW to find out.

In what promises to be an instant mat classic, Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle will take on his former associate Shelton Benjamin in one-on-one action. Shelton broke into WWE under Angle’s tutelage, but did Angle teach him everything he knows?

Just six days before his showdown with Triple H at Survivor Series, Intercontinental Champion Ric Flair will square off against Trevor Murdoch. Will the “Dirtiest Player in the Game” be able to handle the double-tough former World Tag Team Champion?

Also, Divas will collide when Candice Michelle goes one on one with Mickie James. Don’t miss all this and more tonight at 9/8 CT on the USA Network.

Video package recaps the RAW invasion on Smackdown!

LIVE from Sheffield, United Kingdom
Hosts are Jerry Lawler, Joey Styles, & Johnathan Coachman

Right off team RAW walks out to the ring, followed by Eric Bischoff. Eric adresses the Smackdown! situation, but says that he hasn’t seen any signs of Smackdown! showing up tonight. Grisham is on the watch outside just in case anything happens. Bischoff starts talking about his soldiers when Show interrupts. Big Show starts talking about Batista when JBL’s limo pulls up. The Smackdown! team comes out, and Dave says that if team RAW had any guts they would come out to the parking lot right now. So, team RAW heads out.

Commercial break.

We return with team Smackdown! waiting outside. Team RAW finally comes out, and they begin to brawl. Bodies fly everywhere, as Masters hooks on the Master Lock on Mysterio. Batista gets Chokeslammed on a car as security seperates the two teams.

Commercial break.

Ric Flair vs. Trevor Murdoch
Lawler on Murdoch, “He’s the only guy I know who can see his bottom lip without looking in the mirror.” The two exchange offense, but Murdoch gets him down and drops the elbow for 2. Trevor kicks out of a Figure-four attempt, but Ric rolls him with some tights for the 3.

Afterwards, HHH appears on the tron and congratulates Ric on his victory. He says that he’s going to show Flair something later tonight, and promises a victory Sunday.

Commercial break.

We return with Tajiri in the middle of the match when JBL runs in and clotheslines him and his competitor. He grabs the mic and calls out Chris Matsers to the ring. Eric comes out on the ramp, giving the fans a chance to chant “asshole”. Bischoff says that since he wants a match tonight he will get one…with Shawn Michaels.

Commercial break.

Footage of Cena on MadTV.

Kurt Angle vs. Shelton Benjamin – Special Guest Referee Daivari
The “U Suck” chants are still being censored. Angle gets a side headlock takeover, and gets a shoulderblock to knock him down. Shelton gets a hiptoss and applies the armbar. Benjamin gets in some punches but runs into a belly to belly suplex. Backbreaker gets 2 for Kurt. Vertical suplex gets 2, twice. Shelton comes back and goes for the T-bone, but Angle reverses it into a vertical suplex attempt, which Shelton counters into a neckbreaker. Angle dodges a dragon whip, but Shelton lands on his feet on a german suplex and hits it for real. On to the apron, where Benjamin hits a DDT. Back in, Shelton goes for the T-bone, but Angle hooks on the ankle lock. Benjamin grabs the bottom rope, but Daivari won’t break the move. Shelton counters it into an inside cradle, but Daivari rolls them over, allowing Kurt to pick up the quick 3.

Commercial break.

We return with Kurt still in the ring. Angle says that he and Daivari have both been abused by the people. Kurt says Daivari is a proud American, and that he is now his personal ref for every one of his matches. Cena appears on the tron, and apparently it’s time to get superstars’ opinion of Kurt. Cena accidently walks into the Diva’s locker room, where he get flashed by Candice. John sees Snitsky giving a backrub to Tomko, and Gene says it isn’t his fault. Cena then goes on to the Boogeyman. John settles for asking the fans instead, and they all chant for Cena. The crowd expresses their feelings on Kurt, being that he sucks, and Cena comes to the conclusion that Angle still sucks. John hops in the ring and the two brawl. John backdrops him out of the ring as we go to a:

Commercial break.

Triple H vs. Val Venis
Venis gets the punches and chops to start and sends HHH to the outside with a clothesline. HHH lays him out with a chair shot! The DQ is of course called.

Afterwards, HHH destroys Val with the chair and hits the Pedigree.

Backstage, Theodore Long is demanding to see Eric Bischoff.

Commercial break.

Candice Michelle vs. Mickie James
Joey announces that HBK vs JBL will be a Lumberjack match. A couple of masked guys run out and abduct Trish, allowing Victoria to kick James, giving Candice the win.

Commercial break.

Backstage, Trish is tied up. Mercury and Nitro are revealed to be the men behind the masks, and Melina challenges Trish to a match at Survivor Series for the Women’s Championship.

Meanwhile, HBK plugs his book and tells JBL that he’s going to find out what it’s like to get RAW.

Commercial break.

Shawn Michaels vs. John “Bradshaw” Layfield – Lumberjack match
Shawn opens up on JBL, but JBL fights back. SCM is ducked by JBL, but he quickly goes back in . Michaels gets the boot and starts chopping. JBL gets a swinging neckbreaker and sends HBK into the corner. Michaels tries to fight back, but JBL gets some fingers in the eyes. Elbow is dropped by Bradshaw for 2. HBK gets some chops and goes for the cover, but John grabs the bottom rope. Sideslam gets 2 for JBL. Michaels goes up, but JBL gets him down and hits the shoulderblock for 2. HBK clotheslines both of them out, prompting the Smackdown! team to gain up on HBK. The RAW team makes the save as we go to a:

Commercial break.

We return with HBK getting a sunset flip for 2. Shawn gets an elbow to send him out, and the Smackdown! guys once again deal the beatings. JBL gets a couple of elbow for 2. Michaels keeps getting cheapshot, and John gets a vertical suplex for 2. Crowd chants “HBK”, but Bradshaw hits the fallaway slam for 2. Michaels comes back with the forearm and goes to the top. The elbow is dropped, and HBK tunes up the band. JBL is saved by Smackdown! from eating the Sweet Chin Music, so Michaels goes over the top. Back in, Orton pushes Shawn off the top rope, but he ducks the Clothesline From Hell, and hits the Seet Chin Music. Orton comes in for the RKO and it’s mass chaos. Batista runs out of nowhere with a lead pipe and hits a spinebuster on Show.


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