Inside Pulse DVD Review – Point Pleasant: The Complete Series


John McLaughlin
Marti Nixon


Elisabeth Harnois …. Christina Nickson
Grant Show …. Lucas Boyd
Samuel Page …. Jesse Parker
Aubrey Dollar …. Judy Kramer
Dina Meyer …. Amber Hargrove
Cameron Richardson …. Paula Hargrove
Brent Weber …. Terry Burke
Susan Walters …. Meg Kramer
Richard Burgi …. Ben Kramer

There are reasons that the complete series DVD of this show contains 8 episodes and 5 episodes that never made it to air. First, the show was canceled after 8 episodes. Second, this show is horrible. The vocal fans of the show decried it being canceled, but they certainly were in the minority.

The show centers around Christina Nickson, who is pulled from the surf in the first episode. Remarkably, a family in Point Pleasant finds it in their hearts to take this girl in. Shenanigans soon ensue as we find out that Christina is the child of darkness, aka Satan. Yes, the girl in the surf is indeed the devil’s child.
While her arrival is odd indeed, the premise for her arrival is even more odd. Apparently Christina has come to Point Pleasant, of all places, to usher in the end of days. She does not come without help though, as Lucas Boyd is Satan’s little helper, not to be confused with the Simpson’s dog. Soon Lucas is doing all sorts of things to help usher in the end of days. Really despicable things like…holding a dance marathon and pitting everyone against each other in a satanic manner.

Christina does seem to have a complex where she is trying to fight evil but is consumed by it, which you would assume considering she is Satan’s daughter. Lucas plays with her mind to make her believe he is the only one she can trust. Ultimately, viewers would never find out what the end story would be.

Score: 2/10

The Video
Widescreen 1.78:1. No transfer issues here.

The Audio
5.1 Dolby Surround. Sounds just fine.

The Extras
Well, if you weren’t happy with the early cancellation, you can find out what happened.

Unaired 5 Episodes: Just as bad as the show.

The Making Of Point Pleasant: Just what is says it is. It seems as though these people tried really hard but this thing had flop written all over it.

Score: 4/10