The RAW Events

The RAW Events
— We get back to business here as Raw moves to England with their overseas tour and in a good way, its good to see things getting back to some kind of normalcy, and for all of us I can say it’s good for the soul. And with Survivor Series looming, things should start to pick up soon and fast, so interesting things and high hopes are expected out of this episode. Let’s just hope Raw and Co. delivers.

From England….

Hosts: Joey Styles, King, & Coach

The MAIN Events

– Ric Flair vs. Trevor Murdoch
Flair starts stylin and profilin to get on a roll with a back body drop getting the “Wooo!” Trevor follows back with a few hard rights and lefts reeling back Flair but not for long as he gets chopped up in the corner. Thumb to the eye is hit, but caught off the top rope changing the momentum quickly to Murdoch. And in the words of Styles, Trevor pulls off some “rasslin” in a modified back stretch locked onto Flair trying to get the submission. And we almost got a “full moon” in England, as Flair gets the tights for the roll- up pin.
Winner: Ric Flair (3)

– Tajiri vs. Rob Conway
Match didn’t even get started as it’s interrupted by JBL.
Winner: No Contest

– Kurt Angle vs. Shelton Benjamin w/ Special Referee Daivari
“You suck” chants are censored as Kurt comes to the ring. Angle starts the match off with a lock-up with Benjamin, sending him to the ropes and knocking him down with a shoulder block. And lots of running goes back and forth in a very fast pace, fast wrestling match. And an overhead belly to belly suplex from Angle and just wow… I needa catch my breath. Even after that, things stay fast. Benjamin finally tries to fight back as Shelton ducks a clothesline and hits Angle over the face sending them both down for a count. Samoan drop hits Kurt down as Benjamin almost hits the T-bone but instead gets a neckbreaker. Then we get into a long counter attack by both combatants until Benjamin nails a whipping kick followed by a baseball slide outside the ring. And gets an amazing DDT on the outside of the apron as another count comes up until Shelton shoves Angle back into the ring. T-bone is countered to an ankle lock out of nowhere with the hold being kept into place over a few minutes even after Shelton grabs the ropes. Benjamin finally reverses the hold for a roll-up but is reversed by Daivari into a roll-up for Angle to get the quick 3 count. Easily match of the night.
Winner: Kurt Angle (1)

– HHH vs. Val Venis
Venis surprisingly comes out strong against HHH, even getting the upper hand by knocking him out of the ring. But as you know, that’s all he gets as Venis follows him out and gets slammed by a chair over the head. Beatdown ensues to “show” what’s coming to Flair.
Winners: (By DQ) Val Venis (5)

– Candace Michelle w/ Victoria vs. Mickey James w/ Trish Stratus
And again… wow, Candace Michelle comes out with a very HOT looking wrestling outfit and comes very close (or did) to giving a quick glancing kiss to Victoria. Yeah, wow. Mickey in control throughout the majority of the match until Trish gets abducted by two masked men which distracts Mickey who gets clubbed in the back by Victoria to give Michelle the win.
Winner: Candace Michelle (4)

– Shawn Michaels w/ Team Raw vs. JBL w/ Team Smackdown
JBL gets the early momentum swing even after avoiding a near attack by Team Raw from the outside by rolling out. HBK gets tied up in the corner and is knocked around by a few straight fists and big boot that knocks Shawn to the mat. And just like a boxing match, Michaels delivers his own fist shots until JBL falls to the ground. Wrestling moves come back into play as JBL gets up and gets Shawn down for a 2! Bear hug slows things down. Top rope move backfires on the Heartbreak kid as JBL slams him down and runs right through HBK in a follow up with a shoulder block. Irish whip to the near right corner to continue the assault. Back from commercial, JBL is still in charge, getting the most out of HBK. Smackdown also getting their two cents in by getting the jump on Shawn every time he hits the outside. HBK finally gets his second wind and fires away at JBL swinging this around drastically as the band starts to tune up. But just before the music hits, Smackdown pulls its rep out in a second. And just as expected, all hell breaks loose as Shawn hits the sweet chin on JBL.

Highlights: RKO on HBK, a missive GORE from Big Show to Orton, Chokeslam on Rey from Kane, and a double chokeslam from Kane and Big Show to Lashley.

But Batista comes out at the end with weapon on hand to single- handedly take out the Raw tag champs and deliver a spinebuster on Show to clear the ring. Batista simply looking like a monster in the ring with bodies lying everywhere on the outside to end the show.
Winner: No Contest (2)

Quick HEAT

— Team Raw and Team Smackdown all show up in the parking lot in a massive stare down until things get out of control and turns into a brawl. Things come to a halt as a loud “crashing” sound echoes through the background with the camera swirling around to catch an injured Batista slammed against a car window by a choke slam from Kane and the Big Show. Security comes out to quickly break apart the two teams as everyone starts to worry about the World Champion.

— HHH shows up on the big screen to make sure Flair knows he’s gonna beat him at Survivor Series and to show him something tonight.

— JBL is looking for a brawl calling Raw out. But Bischoff comes out and ask who they hell is for interrupting his show. But since JBL is “dumb”, Bischoff is gonna give a match against the HBK.

— Angle announces why he’s been siding with Daivari as of late, saying they are alike in how they have been abused by the people. And just like him, is a proud American. And thanks to Bischoff, Daivari is now Angle’s personal referee from every match from here on out, including the WWE title match against Cena this Survivor Series.

— Cena however shows up on the screen telling Angle to cool down. But Cena wants to find out the real story and wants to know what the WWE superstars feel about Angle and just “happens” to walk into the Divas locker room while they are changing with Candace Michelle dropping her towel to see if what she has ‘sucks’!!! (Lucky, lucky, lucky is all I have to say!) Goes to the next locker room and sees Snitsky messaging Tomko as they insist Tomko has a kink in his neck with Snitsky saying “It’s not my fault!” (well placed.) And behind door #3… the Boogeyman, which gives Cena a weird look over his face, prompting him to walk out to the crowd asking the fans what they think of Kurt. Making the champ come to the conclusion that Angle still sucks, which breaks out into a brawl in the middle of the ring.

— Surprise of the night: As Cena wins the brawl he stands up victorious on the turnbuckle and gets booed!?!?!?! You know, I guess I was right when Cena was mentioned earlier by Angle and it seemed he had gotten booed there too, just wasn’t really sure till now. Wow.

— Bischoff is interrupted with news of Theodore Long wanting to talk to him.

— Trish is tied up to a chair in the basement whose abductors happened to be MNM, where Melina tells Trish how no one will find her down in the basement where they are. And lets her know that this is mainly about the Women’s Title and challenges her to a title match at Survivor Series, following it up by kicking Trish in the head.

— Survivor Series match rundown:
WWE Title Match: John Cena vs. Kurt Angle w/ Special Referee
Ric Flair vs. HHH (Last Man Standing)
Eric Bischoff vs. Theodore Long
Team Raw vs. Team Smackdown

— Maria interviews HBK, who shamelessly plugs his book. But more “importantly” says he’s gonna teach the Smackdown shows what it takes to get “Raw!”

RAW Analysis
— Actually, I liked it tonight. You know, a good balance between promos and matches that kept you interested in both things without you wanting to change the channel or start to get antsy and annoyed over things. And with the Smackdown vs. Raw things coming to full steam now; it really makes you feel there’s a grudge and rivalry between the two brands which I like. So sue me, this Survivor Series format with teams going against each other is a big up’s for me, needless to say I want to see more. Plus it helps that I’ve been addicted to the new Smackdown vs. Raw 2006 game for the last few days, so I’m all into the team vs. team notion. Thumbs up for tonight’s show. Plus for those of you who don’t know, the shootout finally ended in the “wild, wild, west” with the Trojans picking up the win to continue its road the Rose Bowl for a historical THREE- PEAT!!!!!! USC Trojans-50 Fresno St.-42. Go Trojans! And with that I’m out, till the next EVENT everyone enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving!!!! Peace!

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