The Gospel of Wrestling: According to Matthew

For the most part I really enjoyed RAW last night from Sheffield, England. Coming off a very trying week on us wrestling fans of Eddie Guerrero, this weeks show had to the “back to business” show for all them and us. I absolutely dug the opening angle featuring Team Raw and Team Smackdown. It’s obivious that WWE is in full sell mode for the Survivor Series and has done a pretty good job in selling me on this traditional 5 on 5 affair between the two warring factions. I liked the finish of the show alot too, the main event of Shawn Michaels vs JBL could’ve been consider internet fodder at the beginning of this decade, but last night I actually found myself looking very forward to main event. The intense match Michaels and Bradshaw had helped to add some needed focus to the main event this Sunday.

The Angle – Benjamin spot fest was fun again this week, without the air of Eddie’s passing hanging over it. I like Daivari’s new character twist, and he’s actually a pretty damn good ref too! His part in Sunday’s match against WWE champion John Cena will be crucial I believe in Kurt walking away as the new Champion as we head into 2006. If I were booking the WWE I’d build off a Angle-Triple H-Cena Triple Threat main event at Wrestlemania 22, with Angle and Hunter as the heels. Cena’s got alot of babyface momentum built up now, and it’s growing every single week. Last nights backstage promo utilizing his comic timing once again worked well for Cena to badmouth Angle. Angle is just so intense and so precise in the ring, that I just can’t possibly see John Cena walking out of the PPV this Sunday still the champion.

The Nature Boy’s IC title defense last night against the underrated Trevor Murdoch was too darn short, and I just wish the E would give these talented folks more time to work together. For Murdoch last night, working with the legendary Ric Flair, was probably a dream come true. The match was fun and good for what it was though. The Last Man Standing bout that Flair and Triple H will have this Sunday I expect to be nothing less than awesome. Somehow I doubt Flair will get another win over Trip, though. Lots of blood. Lots and lots and lots.

The Undertaker will returning this Sunday also – I remember being about eight year old when Ted DiBiase revealed him at the 1988 Survivor Series as his mystery partner. I never would’ve fathomed back then I’d still be writing, let alone watching in awe of Taker all these many years later. Considering the World title situation of late, I forsee Taker making an impact of sorts on the main event, maybe helping to eliminate Randy Orton from the mix. I’d actually like to see Bobby Lashley truely be the breakout star of this show. If he steamrolls through some of the Team RAW that would help add to his shine.

Someone who most definately won’t be at the Survivor Series is Eugene. As everyone knows by now, Nick Dinsmore was found last weekend passed out in a hotel from taking too many somas. He’s in rehab and will hopefully get another chance with the E after he gets his life together. It’s a tough life being a wrestler and even a clown like Eugene has bad days and aching muscles. I hope he’s strong enough to get better and when he is, we’ll all welcome him back onto our TV’s. I’m sure the WWE could very easily mold this real life incident into some very good TV by having Nick – out of character – talk openly about his addiction on RAW and then re-introduce the audience to him as a more Chris Benoit-like legit badass who can technically wrestler with the best of them. I’ve heard alot of stories about Dinsmore during his OVW days and I’m sure he’d be just as over with that character on the national scene. That’s the only way to do it, bring him back sober, pissed about being sober and ready to f*ck some dude named John Cena right up. A heel Dinsmore is money!

I find myself thinking alot about Eddie Guerrero still. Especially in the mornings as I brush my teeth. Knowing he most likely died while doing that task and looking at myself in the mirror at the same time. I miss Eddie. My eyes tell me that. At least Latino Heat died with minty fresh breath. God, I miss him. We all do.

Impact was really enjoyable Saturday night. I like that they started off with a totally sweet Samoa Joe squash match. The guy is on fire and in my opinion one of the top talents in the world of wrestling today. His Muscle Buster is completely devastating, and fits well with his rough style. The X-Title match he’ll have with AJ Styles at Turning Point will be a great way to finish the best year TNA wrestling has had yet!

Christian Cage’s debut in TNA has gone off without a hitch. He’s super over with the fans and is the same old snarky Creepy Little Bastard we’ve come to love. He’s going to have to mix it up a bit with guys like Monty Brown, Raven and Abyss before he gets to Jarrett at the Top of the Mountain, but before this time next year, The Peeps will have a new NWA champion to call their own. Take that Edge! You motherf*cker! Christian will be a World champion first and leave you clutching your slut and that briefcase as you suffer a horrible career nosedive! Shawn Michaels won a World title…Marty Jannetty’s career jettisoned. Bret Hart won a World title…Jim Neidhart trimmed his goatee…Edge, Adam Copeland I hope you open that briefcase and find nothing more than moldy piece of cheese.

Sorry the soul of Matt Hardy just took over my typing.

The Other Hardy, Jeff will be going one on one with Abyss on this week’s episode of Impact, plus Christian is bound and determined to pay back Monty Brown for that wicked Pounce he took from him. NWA Champion Double J will be defending the strap against Billy Gunn. I think I saw this match 6 years ago on Shotgun Saturday Night, but it’s all good. I’m actually really liking Impact more and more every week, I just hope Spike TV gives in and lets the company produce a live Monday night show ala Nitro sometime next year. I’m very much a proponent of a little variety in my wrestling.

So one of my favorites from the 90’s is coming back to some full-time wrestling. Tatanka announced recently that he signed a new contract with the WWE. If he is pushed just right, Tatanka may take his rightful spot as my generation’s Cheif Jay Strongbow. The e He’s apparently in great shape and with the right storyline could work some good programs with anyone on the RAW or Smackdown rosters. Good hire WWE, I look forward to some strong Tomahawk chops in the near future.

I wonder if Tatanka will have any problems with the WWE’s new drug policy. Sounds like it will be implemented by the end of the year. A guy like Trevor Murdoch should have no worries unless of course that Cowboy is a pothead, he most surely not on any enhancement drugs. I hope the E follows through on their new policy and keeps the workers in line. I like wrestlers who aren’t dead.

Smackdown is going to be off the hook come Friday night as we head towards the Thanksgiving Day tradition that is Survivor Series. I hope everyone enjoys their dinners and time spent with families and friends. We’re making two turkeys with all the fixing at my house on Thursday, just so we make damn sure to have mucho leftovers for the weekend! I’ll be back on Friday with my Byte This Recap, so thanks for reading and stay out of trouble!