[MISC] Two Former Smackdown Stars Talk About Eddie

The following is from Monday Night Mayhem:

Former WWE Tag Team Champion, Charlie Haas, and 1/2 of Team 3-D & former WWE, WCW, & ECW World Tag Team Champion, Brother Devon, were guests on the special Monday Night Mayhem Eddie Guerrero Tribute Show (which is now available to hear for free in Real Audio).

From the match that made him an international star at “When Worlds Collide” in 1994 to his time as WWE Champion, Eddie’s legendary career was remembered throughout the entire program. A fitting tribute to a man who gave everything he had to everyone he ever met.

This show is dedicated to the memory of “Latino Heat.” Rest in peace.


Charlie Haas on Eddie Guerrero:

“Eddie helped me a great deal in the HWA (Heartland Wrestling Association) when I was first starting off in the business. Then, we worked a lot together when I was brought up to the active WWE roster into Team Angle. Both Eddie & Chavo taught us how to be professional and act professional. Eddie mainly taught me on how to be successful. He was always there for me, especially when I was down about my brother’s (Russ) death. Eddie would always tell be that he’s in a better place, and that he was with God. Eddie is now showing my brother the ropes and teaching him on how to get things done up there.”

“At times, the morale in the locker room was down. Eddie always changed that. He did that, even after passing on — as everyone backstage at the joint RAW/SmackDown Eddie Tribute Show wanted to go out there and do this one for him.. Everyone gave 120% at the tapings.”

“I had some great matches with Eddie. I got to know Eddie really well. Eddie, as a man & as a performer, was a great person.”

“The one thing I will always remember about Eddie was how he always talked about his mother, his family, The Lord, and how he was always reading his Bible. Eddie & Vicki game myself & Jackie (Gayda) a bible for our wedding gift, which is something that I will always treasure.”

“I will never forget the fans, and how they used to chant Eddie’s name. Everywhere he went, he was loved.”

“If you ever thing you might forget the memory of Eddie Guerrero just pop in a DVD of one of his classic matches and see his smile. That will stay with you forever.”

Brother Devon on Eddie Guerrero:

“During the early part of 2004, when Eddie was WWE Champion, he felt like he let the entire company down — because business was down. That’s just the type of person Eddie was. He gave the crowd, the boys in the back, and the WWE everything he had every single night.”

“I remember when him & I had a match — he helped me through the entire thing. When Eddie did his classic Latino “shimmy,” the crowd was on their feet. That was something I, nor anyone else, will forget about him.”

“Eddie did help the business rise to where it is right now. Eddie & I were not as close as him & Benoit, or him & Malenko. However, Eddie helped me through my marriage problems that were ongoing at the time. He pulled me aside, and he talked with me — one-on-one. Eddie & his wife, Vicki, reminded me of my own life and why I decided to change. He put me over with my wife, and that together, we could make things work out successfully. Eddie always asked me after that how my life was. Words cannot express my gratitude for him in doing that.”

“Eddie went public with his demons, and he never shyed away from anything after that point. He wanted to help those in need — in any way that he could.”

“Eddie & I would sometimes talk scripture — which are times I always cherish to this very day. Eddie had the ability to forgive me personally & any of the boys in the back if we ever strayed away or did something wrong. He was that kind of person. He touched me & my family, in addition the entire world. He will truly be missed.”


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