TNA At Ringside: That’s How TNA Rolls

Welcome back to ringside everyone. I am on a short week this time because as you read this, I will be in Nashville doing a bunch of nothing. That means this column will be short and to the point.

Impact! Recap

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For the Monty Brown biased report of Impact click here.

Where Is This All Going?

I was torn on if Impact was a thumbs up or a thumbs down this week. On the plus side, Joe vs. Styles was announced for Turning Point, giving TNA my 30 dollars. Christian and Monty Brown cut a great dueling promo and Abyss vs. Rhino was a good short TV brawl. On the down side, Rhino vs. Jarrett doesn’t need to happen again. What the hell is going on with 3LK? And why are Apolo and Siaki still on TV?

Overall the good out ways the bad but the World Title picture shouldn’t be in the bad. Why do we need to see Jarrett and Rhino again. “Oh it’s the rematch clause” chimes Larry Zbysko. So what? We don’t buy Rhino as a World Title threat anymore. Did you see the match vs. Abyss? Without Sabu being a distraction, Rhino was going to lose. Did you see the end of Genesis? Notice how Team 3-D and Christian were posing while Rhino was laid out somewhere. Jarrett brought up good points. Raven never got his rematch, hell, Raven never got a revenge match like Rhino did. Monty Brown won the #1 Contendership match against Jeff Hardy. Do you know what that means? That means, Monty Brown is the #1 contender. That means he should face Jarrett at Turning Point and he should win his long over due World Title. We all know that Jarrett is going to win the match because if they really gave a damn about Rhino being World Champion, they would have kept the World Title on him at the Prime Time special. Jarrett didn’t really need to be World Champion at Genesis, it’s not he like defended the title. And if he was just going to face Rhino again at Turning Point, why not have Rhino as the champion and Jarrett could win the title back at the PPV? Unless this thing turns into a Triple Threat or a Fatal Four Way, I’m not buying a Rhino vs. Jarrett Main Event.

My friend did make a very good point at school the other day. Dust off the King Of The Mountain and throw in Monty Brown, Christian, Raven, and for the hell of it Jeff Hardy; just so the PPV losing streak continues.

What’s going on with the booking of 3LK? You think everything is cool with them because Kip saved Konnan from a beating but on the next Impact, Konnan is all “you’re a lil’ bia bia.” So 3LK and Kip all hug after their Genesis match and everything seems all good. But no, on Impact BG James is all “I got a huge announcement to make, can ya dig?” and Konnan is all “yo la raza what the hell we cool dawg?” and Killings is all “This is me familia and I’m the middle child” while Kip James is like “I’M KIP JAMES BITCH!” Unless the big announcement is “3 Live Kru is 3 Live Through, I’m rolling with the Kipizzle”, I honestly don’t give a damn.

Finally for the bad, why in the blue hell are Apolo and Siaki still on TV? Nobody likes them, they get no crowd reaction, they never win, and they suck. Siaki is a wanna be Rock expect The Rock could entertain me while Siaki puts me to sleep. Apolo is just a wanna be and nobody wants to be him. Release these two and free up some straight cash homie.

I’ll make the good short and sweet because I don’t want to sound like I’m on the cock of AJ or Christian.

The Christian and Monty Brown promo was gold. From the BOB THE BUILDER BOOTS (that’s for you Neely) to the POOOOOUUUUUUNCE (cough cough cough) PERIOD! It was gold. And That’s How They Roll.

AJ vs. Joe at Turning Point should be just as good as the first one. With Joe’s newfound mean streak, the kicks should be a lot stiffer which makes for a much more dramatic match. It’s AJ, It’s Joe, It’s at least 4 stars.

Quick Hits

*I hope Jiri Fischer of the Detroit Red Wings is ok. As a Colorado Avalanche fan, I hate the Red Wings but you never want to see a guy suffer a seizer in the middle of the game. Get well soon Jiri.

*Although it’s not my forte, I saw the new Harry Potter and it was good. This was the first one I saw and I have read none of the books. My friend dragged me to it and I was impressed.

*If the Avalanche trade for Roberto Luongo, you may not see me for a week because I’ll be too busy celebrating (Yes, I will celebrate that long)

The E-Mail Bag

I think you’re a bit generous in your ratings…especially when you use statements like: It’s the f*cking X Division in respect to the X Division containing wrestling. If anything, you should have a rating signifying how this match would rate on a gymnastic scale; there’s minor “wrestling” in an X Division match and everyone knows it.
Next: It’s AJ f*cking Styles; you show me an actual WRESTLING match that AJ has been in and I’ll put my foot in my mouth. But since I’m so confident that he can’t wrestle a lick (he’s spot…finisher…spot…flip…finisher), I’m not too worried. That type of statement (It’s AJ Fucking Styles) should be reserved for someone who has actual wrestling ability such as “It’s Shawn Fucking Michaels”…”It’s Kurt Fucking Angle”…it’s “Chris Fucking Benoit”…not someone who adds a flip to a crap-ass DDT.
Be more open to other companies like WWE (you know, the actual big leagues) and be less concerned with desperate indy feds trying to grab attention…and remember, the moment TNA starts doing house shows, you can expect to see all your X-Division gymnastics routines to become less spectacular (which they aren’t now anyways)…

First off, do you post under the name austin316rvd420 or some shit in Scott Keith’s Blog? He makes stupid ass comments like this all the time. Secondly, go watch either Iron Man Match vs. Daniels or watch AJ vs. Joe from earlier this year. Hell, spend 30 bucks and watch AJ vs. Joe at Turning Point. AJ Styles does wrestle. You’re fighting most of the IWC when you say he doesn’t.

I watch RAW almost every week and they are no more impressive than TNA at this point. Both companies have their flaws but when a big name like Christian is leaving WWE to go to TNA, then the momentum is shifting a bit I think. And for the love of god don’t e-mail me back saying “Christian isn’t wrestling” because when Christian says he is the best all around performer in wrestling, he’s not lying like when JBL says he’s a wrestling god.

The End

I am off to Nashville; well I’m in Nashville as of this reading. I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving and enjoyed their food and football. Enjoy Neely (most likely, I could be wrong) with the live Impact Coverage. Drop me a line at and join me next time, At Ringside.