Lost – Recap – Episode 2-8

Previously, on Lost: Jack and Ana-Lucia meet in the airport bar, Sawyer passes out and needs to be carried in a makeshift stretcher, and Ana-Lucia accidentally shoots Shannon.

“Collision (aka Old Habits)”

Flashback: Ana-Lucia fires off an impressive round of shooting at the range, and then talks with a psychiatrist who says Ana-Lucia has come a long way from four months ago. So the shrink gets the final decision and decides that Ana-Lucia is fit to return to the police force.

Sayid lays Shannon down and pulls his gun, but Eko tackles him and they fight over the gun until Ana-Lucia knocks Sayid out while Sayid has his gun in Eko’s neck, taking the gun and pointing it at the survivors in the group, telling everyone to freeze.


Michael doesn’t want to have the gun pointed at him, so Ana-Lucia fires off a warning shot to get him in line. Ana-Lucia wants Eko to tie up Sayid, but Eko refuses and just walks away, so Ana gets Libby to do it using the vines from Sawyer’s stretcher, much to the protests of Michael and the other tailenders. Ana claims to know what she’s doing.

Flashback: At the police station, Ana’s in uniform, meeting up with the captain who gives Ana her job assignment: evidence, a desk job. Ana protests, asking to be on patrol again, but she was involved in a shooting so that’s not happening. Ana wonders if this is because she’s the captain or because she’s Ana’s mother, and her mother claims it to be both, but then reluctantly agrees to give Ana a patrol car and then tells Ana to go get her “welcome back” cake and to act surprised to see it.

On the beach, Jack is out of the hatch, and notices a golf ball land in the water supply. Kate, Charlie and Hurley are using the beach as a driving range, and Jack joins them, offering tips on Kate’s swing. Kate challenges Jack to three holes on the island golf course, for bragging rights.

Sayid is tied up and waking up, demanding Ana-Lucia to untie her, as Eko grows impatient, putting Sawyer on his shoulders and making his way to the other camp.

Flashback: Ana-Lucia is in her patrol car, but they’re patrolling a safe neighborhood per captain’s orders to her partner. Ana takes a domestic disturbance call but goes a little overboard, drawing her gun on the man and telling the woman to take her baby upstairs, seeming very bothered by the presence of the child. Her partner finally convinces her to holster the gun.

Libby asks Ana to let Sayid go, but Ana killed someone he loved, so that’s not happening. Michael gets up to bring Sayid water and challenges Ana to shoot him if he wants, but she doesn’t and Michael tells Sayid about the tail survivors and how Walt was abducted by the Others. Sayid’s angry hearing about this, but Michael tells him to calm down and promises that they’ll get out of this.

Kate is better at golf than Jack, but when Jack goes to find his ball in the jungle, there’s Eko with Sawyer on his shoulders, asking for the doctor.

Locke’s in the hatch watching the computer that controls the countdown, as Jack arrives with Sawyer. Jack puts him in the shower, and Locke comes over to ask questions but is reminded to hit the button. After doing so, Locke and Eko meet for the first time.

Bernard wants to go back to his wife, but Ana is busy working out a deal to get supplies for her living alone in the jungle, telling Michael to get these things from the other camp. Libby pleads with Ana, saying that she can’t live alone in the jungle, but Ana claims to already be alone.

Flashback: Ana-Lucia and her partner return from patrol and he criticizes Ana for pulling her gun, but that’s interrupted with a new plotline of a Jason man confessing to something involving Ana-Lucia, which turns out to be putting four hollowpoints into her. Despite confessing, Ana-Lucia knows that it wasn’t him.

Ana-Lucia walks over to Shannon’s body, showing some signs of regret for what she’s done.

In the hatch, Eko informs Locke of Shannon’s murder, and Locke then asks Eko to take him to them, but Eko looks at the hatch guns and says no.

Kate brings some antibiotics and is able to coax them into Sawyer, unlike Jack. Jack commends her on a job well done.

Ana-Lucia comes back to find Bernard ready to leave, recognizing what she’s done for them but needing to see her wife. Ana opens the offer to everyone else, so everyone does, leaving Ana alone with Sayid.

Michael runs towards the beach, finding Sun and telling her Jin is okay, but he needs to find Jack right now.

Jack is busy interrogating Eko in the hatch, however, as Eko claims anything he says will make him angry, so Eko is just going to sit there and not answer any of Jack’s questions. And there’s Michael, telling Jack about Sayid, but before Jack and Michael can leave with shotguns, Eko stops them, explaining that Ana-Lucia made a mistake, which gets a good reaction out of Jack as Eko offers to take the Good Doctor to Ana and Sayid, but him alone and no guns allowed.

Ana asks Sayid where he’s from and if he has any kids, but neither Sayid or Ana-Lucia have any kids, and then Sayid wonders if Ana-Lucia’s going to kill him, as that seems to be what she’s thinking about. Sayid reminds Ana that no more than 40 days ago, Sawyer was tortured by him, and he still hears the voices of the other men he’s tortured as well. Ana-Lucia then tells the story of how she got shot while answering a burglary call, but Sayid wonders what happened to the man who shot her.

Flashback: Ana-Lucia is at a bar, and it happens to be the same bar that Jason M. attends. In the parking lot, Ana-Lucia follows Jason out, keeping her distance and calling out to Jason, telling him that she was pregnant before shooting Jason dead with multiple gunshots.

However, that’s not the story told to Sayid, as she claims that the man was never found, and then cuts Sayid loose, putting his gun in front of him and allowing Sayid to go ahead and get revenge on it, since she probably deserves it. Sayid doesn’t see the point in killing her when they’re both already dead anyways, as Sayid goes back over to Shannon, holding her again as Ana-Lucia delivers a Wentworth Miller-worthy medium distance gaze.

Sawyer is shaking in the hatch, but Kate is there to talk him through it.

Montage, as Michael reunites with Vincent, Charlie plays his guitar for a moment before seeing Jin, Libby and Bernard arrive. And there’s Rose to reunite with her husband, and Jin and Sun reunite as well.

Eko leads Jack to Ana, and there’s Sayid holding Shannon, with Ana-Lucia just behind them. But unlike the other people reuniting, Ana-Lucia and Jack keep their distance.

End episode.

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