Survivor: Guatemala – Recap – Episode 11-11

“Everything Is Personal”
Episode #1111.
Judd is increasingly paranoid about his alliance; an outburst in camp leads to a surprising Tribal Council. ~Yahoo! blurb

Previously, on Survivor: Jamie has it out with Gary, Tribe learns about a night away from camp that’s won by Gary, Judd, Steph and Danni, they bond, Gary makes his move, Judd doesn’t buy into Gary’s plea, Rafe wins Immunity, Judd tells Jamie that Gary is the next to go, Lydia, Steph and Rafe want Jamie gone, Judd is surprised that Jamie got voted out, “Blindsided, nice!”.

Seven are left…who will be voted out tonight?

Xhakum, nightfall. Judd plays off his disappointments, wishing someone would have told him. Steph says that everyone wanted to, but they didn’t want to put him in that position. Judd is absolutely shocked.

Gary thanks Lydia for keeping her there. The tribe members talk of having a breathe of fresh air.

Day 28: Lydia questions her decision, feeling that she is the next target. Gary questions her about who is making the decisions, who is in control. Judd listens without them knowing. Judd tells Rafe and Steph what’s going on. Rafe knows that Judd is looking for security in Steph and him. Gary and Lydia talk strategy, but Lydia plays wishy-washy.

Reward Challenge

Each member has three pots filled with corn. Questions will be asked, and when the question is correct, they earn the right to smash another person’s pot. The last person with a remaining pot wins.

Winner gets to go to the Hot Springs of Guatemala, and long with food, and a massage.

First round: Judd smashes Gary’s pot. Lydia smashes Steph’s. Danni smashes Steph, Cindy smashes Gary, Rafe smashes Danni. Gary smashes Cindy.

Second Round: Lydia smashes Steph’s pot (and Steph is out), Danni smashes Judd’s pot, Cindy smashes Gary’s pot (and Gary is out).

Third round: Lydia smashes Judd’s, Danni smashes Judd (Judd is out), Cindy smashes Danni, Rafe smashes Danni (Danni is out).

Fourth round: Rafe smashes Lydia’s pot.

Fifth round: Cindy smashes Lydia’s pot. Rafe smashes Rafe’s pot (Lydia is out). Lydia smashes Rafe’s.

Sixth Round: Cindy smashes Rafe’s pot.

Seventh Round: Cindy smashes Rafe’s pot.

Cindy wins Reward, and chooses to bring Rafe.

Steph is very mad at Lydia for smashing her pot, then using the excuse that she wanted to eat. Steph calls out Lydia in front of the rest of the members, but Lydia remains silent. Gary knows that Steph is a threat, but doesn’t make much of it. Judd brings up the fact that everything is personal. Lydia complains that everyone knows that Steph is the biggest threat, but no one is doing anything about it.

Cindy and Judd chow down on mojitos, shish-kabobs, and watermelon. They strategize, then go off to the hot springs to relax. Cindy enjoys her massage.

Rafe and Cindy return, and give a detailed account of what happened. Lydia was very jealous. “I’m an outcast. That’s what I feel like.” Cindy is not sympathetic.

Day 30: Coffee and breakfast. Judd, Rafe, Cindy, and Steph are chilling out on top the ruins, wishing that they are the final four. Gary and Danni scramble and plan.

Immunity Challenge

Jeff tells a story about Mayan culture. The members run to a platform to unscramble a question. They answer this question, and open a box with an answer on it. If they get it correct, they get a flag. Wrong questions get them a stick. Flags go up on a frame, sticks go in the fire. The winner who gets all their flags up wins immunity.

Steph and Judd get their first questions wrong, Rafe takes an early lead. Judd keeps getting them wrong, and is angry about it. Gary and Rafe are in the lead.

Rafe wins Immunity!

Rafe is flabbergasted that he won Immunity three times, now. He’s glad to be a gay role model. The new alliance of Steph, Judd, Cindy and Rafe are glad to be together. Lydia is sure that she’s going, now that there is no use for her. “I’m screwed.”

Gary assumes that he’s the bigger threat, and he’s going. He talks with Rafe, throwing Judd into the mix as the one he wants out. Judd doesn’t trust anyone. A huge thunderstorm rolls in, and the animals seem as anxious as the Survivors do.

Tribal Council

Lydia is asked about the conflict at the challenge, saying again that’s it isn’t personal. Lydia says that Stephanie is running the camp. Steph is upset, and denies it. Gary is asked his take, and he says that he likes Steph, but there are some that are “Star struck” by her. Bobby Jon and Jamie let out a laugh. Judd tells all what Gary said at the reward of last week, and gets confrontational with Judd. Gary calls out Judd about his lie to the location of the Idol.

Judd votes for Gary.
Voting time: Gary has 4 votes, Cindy has 1.

Gary is the 12th person voted out of Survivor Guatemala.

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