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Hey there boys and girls. I’ve got a little confession to make. I’ve decided this writing thing is much harder then I thought it would be. I’ve been sitting here for the past hour, writing and re-writing what I want this column to say. Above this paragraph, as I write, are many other paragraphs that I’ve abandoned in the hopes that the next thing I write, will be the start of another Dani-tastic column.

You might be asking, why are you telling me this. You probably aren’t caring that I’m having an incredibly hard time writing, trying to tell you all about my weekend, AND make it enjoyable and witty, so you’ll actually want to read it. And that’s when it hit me. I have no idea if people are actually enjoying what I’m writing. You see, I only get a minimal amount of feedback on this dear column. Now, from what I’ve heard from other staff writers, this is pretty normal. It seems that our fans are very quiet, and aren’t very outspoken on what they like, and don’t like, about the site.

I’d like to see that change. I’m throwing this out to you, my dear reader. I want to get to know you. All of you. I want to know how you’re doing today. What you are reading. How you are enjoying the column. Are you even enjoying the column. Am I just writing this to see my name on a website and occasionally get the press pass hook up. I’m not sure. A few of you have written to me, and I thank each and every one of you. I love you guys. You’re my peeps. But I need some feedback. I need love. I’m a very self conscious person, and without the love and adoration of my fans, how will I ever be able to go on. (Did I mention I was very humble too.)

I’d really like to know what everyones thinking. Even you, right there, reading this. You’re reading this thinking, she doesn’t care what I think. But you’re wrong. I care. If you’re reading this, you must be reading this for a reason. Why? What do you want to read? Should I keep going with the informational route, or do you want to hear my opinions on other topics in the comic book world. I had the first 5 columns planned out, but from here, I’m just coasting. My Jubilee column was a reaction to the Marvel story line and this weeks column I’m going to go into my reactions of the New York comic show this weekend.

Lets hear it people. Each and every one of you sexy people, I want to hear from you. I want to be the number one Nexus writer, or at least get some email to read. I’m lonely. I need love. Or at least for my gmail account to get some new email for once. And not just me. If you are one with the living in the states, you probably just finished up celebrating a festive day of eating turkey and gearing up for your Christmas shopping that we call Thanksgiving. I say, given that we’re supposed to give thanks to our friends and family, why don’t you all give some love and thanks to your favorite Nexus writers. You probably might not know that all these sexy writers, are writing for free and for your enjoyment. We don’t get anything out of it, other then the occasional press pass or free books.

Heres my suggestion folks. After you read this bad boy, give me some love. Share some of that holiday spirit that’s going to be spreading all over. Then, share some more. Give the love to the other writers that you read. Trust me, they’d love to hear from you. I’ve met a good number of Nexus staff members and they’re all good people. They deserve your love and adoration too. But remember, you boys love me first.

Now that my little inspirational rant is over, I’d like to tell you all about my weekend this week. You see, this past weekend was the National Comic Book, Art and Sci-Fi Expo, in New York City. This little show was sitting across the street from lovely Penn Station, in the Penn Pavilion Plaza. Now I’m sure just about everyone who is reading this column has been to some sort of comic show in their past. Or I hope so anyway. They can be the little show at your local firehouse, or the big bad mama jama that we call San Diego. Whatever the case may be, it’s a show, filled with geeks, shopping around for that great deal. This New York show was no different.

If you’ve ever been to a New York show you know that it tends to be a little on the smaller and cramped side of things. It’s hard to solve that problem. New York is the mecca for most things, and it’s hard to find a space big enough to hold all the comic goodness that the city has to offer. People travel from across the country to come to a New York show, because, well it’s New York. If you don’t live in the tri-state area, a New York show is a great excuse to come in, chill out, and hook up with the Marvel and DC offices. If you aren’t a professional with a working gig, it’s a great excuse to try and get any kind of contacts with Marvel or DC. And trust me, this show was no exception.

The guest list for the National show was immense this year showcasing so much talent, that I’m just going to suggest that you go check out the site here. The biggest attraction for the show was a little known actress, from this little film called Star Wars. You might have heard of her, Carrie Fisher. It seems she came by to do some signings in a rare east coast appearance. The lines for her were, well, lets just say that if you tried to walk downstairs, the place was a little on the packed side.

The show itself occupies two floors of the Penn Pavilion. The organizers of the event seem to do their best to set up for the show, and keep it flowing, but it’s quite hard in this small space. The first floor held Carrie Fisher, kept in a separate room, and other misc. creators, and from what I’m told Adam Hughes. The second floor is where all the action was at. Dealers, artists, and the kids from Harry Potter were all hanging out upstairs.

There was a little bit of everything there for whatever your tastes may be. Plenty of artists and writers were hanging out upstairs, all waiting around for your signing or drawing pleasure. The dealer area was also hoping, waiting to hook you up with the latest in toys or comic happenings. And last but not least, the always bizarre and odd mix of people signing autographs for 20 bucks a pop.

For me at this point in my comic convention going career, I’m mostly there to look around and hang out with friends. This show held the “elle” to my “Dani”, Miss Danielle Corsetto herself of Girls with Sling Shots fame. Sitting next to her was Mr “I’m going to be penciling Daredevil” Michael Lark, sketching like a madman. Down from them was the always lovely and dear, Eva Hopkins. And you can’t forget, the twisted, but incredibly funny, Mr Jason Yungbluth of Deep Fried fame. These were some of the kick ass sexy folks that I dropped by to see.

I did however get to fulfill a life long childhood dream. I met a Monkee. Peter Tork, of the old televison show the Monkees, was signing autographs at the National this weekend. Not many people know this, but I am a huge Monkee fan. When I was a little girl, I would watch the reruns on Nick at Night with my mom and listen to the records that she had from when she was younger. I was 7 years old, dancing around my house in my pajamas, singing I’m a Believer, daydreaming of Davey Jones. Even my own fiancee, Hatton, did not realize the love that I held for the Monkees.

I’ve never actually paid for someone’s autograph at a show before, but there is a first time for everything, and this weekend was just that. I decided to shell out the twenty dollars, and got my picture taken with Peter Tork. I was a full blown, giddy, smiling, rabid fangirl. And then, one of the funniest moments that has ever happened to me at a comic show happened, he hit on me. Right in front of my fiancee, Peter Tork, the Monkee old enough to be my father, hit on me. Words can not describe how funny it was. It’s amazing the weird and wacky things that can happen at a show.

Other then that, there really isn’t much to report about this con itself. We really went into the show with just the idea of going to see some friends and hang out for a few hours, and that’s exactly what we did. The meeting of Peter Tork was just an extra added bonus. Sorry there really isn’t much else to say about it. I’ll make sure to try harder next time, just for you readers.

That’s about it for this weeks column. I hoped you enjoyed my ramblings for another week. I’ll be back next week with some topic. Not sure what yet. If you can think of something, let me know. Cause at this point, I’m tapped. I might just write a tell all on the inner workings of the Nexus’ own Hatton, but really, who’d want to read that. Or maybe I’ll tell you all about what it’s like to pull the comic books of Nexus writer, Chris D. or Tm Stevens. Or, how you shouldn’t get drunk at the Pittsburgh comic convention in front of three Nexus staff writers so they can all write about it afterwards. Really, at this point, it’s all up in the air.

Got any suggestions, drop me a line. And remember, after you read this, send the love. Give some thanks, give an opinion, just make sure to give an email. I’ll give out personal shout outs to all of you. And when that’s done, send the other Nexus writers some email. You’ll be glad you did.

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