Thanksgiving Edition of Byte This!

WWE Byte This!
Hosted by – Todd Grisham

So I hope everyone out there had a nice Turkey Day – I spent the better part of the day watching the Everybody Loves Raymond marathon on TBS…it’s a great show and yes, I’m a loser. The food was awesome nonetheless – and a huge thankyou goes out to my roomate Pete for making a great bird this year!

On to the show…

Todd welcomes us to another episode of Byte This! The guest this week will be the loyal WWE fans! Oh, crap!

Todd tells us that last weeks show with special guest Bret Hart was the most watched show of all time. With about a half million marks clocking in to hear The Hitman put himself over.

We start with a neat little video package about the Survivor Series of the past. Jerry Brisco talks about how the Thanksgiving Day Tradition began. According to Jerry it started because fans really wanted to see The Hulkster vs. Andre one more time! Cut to a clip of Ted DiBiase’s debut of the Undertaker with his original manager Brother Love…I LOOOOOOOOVE YOU! We also see the debut of the Rock, who debuted at MSG. Of course the controversial Screwjob Heard ‘Round the World involving Bret and Shawn, Steve Austin getting run over – as we would later find out by Rikishi, and Stonecold scoring revenge on Triple H by dropping his Lincoln Continental via forklift. Hey! No clips of Henry Godwin? Those bastards!

Caller numero uno calls in and thinks Flair will beat Triple H at the PPV on Sunday. We’ll see…

Caller wants to know if there will ever be another tradional Survivor Series match? Well, duh – check out the show on Sunday and see the RAW vs. Smackdown match.

Commercial time!

Hunter and Flair will battle in a Last Man Standing match this Sunday…and the winner will no doubt be us the fans! Let the crimson masks flow!

Shawn’s autobiograpy is flying off the shelves…so get one fast…they make great stocking stuffers for your little Heartbreaker!

And of course The Undertaker returns this Sunday. Randy Orton is a dead man walking.

Todd comes back and tells us his favorite match at the PPV will be Trish vs. Melina. I’m actually looking forward to it too! Melina is one nasty hombre. I suspect some Mickie James-ference followed by Matthews and Nitro getting involved. I’m thinking Melina’s gonna take the strap!

A caller – who was eleven years old – won a Bret Hart DVD for answering correctly that Hart would like to wrestle Kurt Angle if he could work a match ever again. Damn, that sure would be a dream match.

Clips from the brawl in the parking lot last Monday on RAW. OH MY GAWD Batista is chokeslammed in to the car! The Grish then sort throws a Smackdown spoiler our way by telling us that The Big Slow and Dr. Yankem will chokeslam the Good Deacon through a table Friday night.

Okay another commercial break…this show is like all commercials this week, which sort of means I’m the WWE Commercial Recapper now.

After the break a caller asks Todd what would happen if Randy Orton ends up beating Batista on Smackdown? Well, that would mean he would then be the World Champion…Geez, people really are stoooooopid!

A caller asks about the GobbledyGooker. I admit I marked out as a kid for the Gooker. My Lord, this is a pointless show if I’ve ever seen one.

The show was thankfully pretty much over there. Nothing of note this week to really report. The WWE took the Thanksgiving holiday off, and with a show like this they should have just pre-empted the entire show or something. Anywho, last week’s show with Bret was awesome and you can’t win ’em all!

I’ll be back here on Tuesday with analysis on RAW and the Survivor Series plus a look ahead at the week ahead with The Gospel of Wrestling. And of course, I’ll bring you all your Byte This goings on right here next Friday…until then you can BYTE me!