[DSW] Deep South Results from 11/23/05


Thanks to Larry Goodman for sending in the following report:

Deep South Wrestling ran a special Wednesday edition in McDonough, Ga due to the Thanksgiving holiday. The focus of the show was the quarterfinal round of the tournament to crown the first DSW Heavyweight Champion. Attendance was 185.

Ring announcer Dan Masters opened with the announcement that Freakin’ Deacon would face “Roughhouse” Ryan O’Reilly in tonight’s main event.

Ron Niemi and Ted Guinness handled the commentary for the first three matches. They were taped for WWE but not for television.

(1) Derrick Neikirk beat Antonio Banks in 6:27. Some nice chain wrestling from Banks in the early going, using a headlock to control the action. Neikirk responded by working on the solar plexus. Neikirk blocked a german suplex and countered with a superkick for a near fall. Banks leapfrogged Neikirk and hit a leg lariat for a near fall. It turned into a slugfest. Neikirk blocked another german suplex and speared Banks for the three count. Good match.

(2) Ray Gordy beat Lash LeRoux in 6:22. Best work I’ve seen from LeRoux in DSW. He looks to be in a bit better shape. LeRoux dominated by work over Gordy’s back. LeRoux got near falls with a standard backbreaker, a lucha style quebradora and a Gori bomb. Gordy slipped as he went up for a swanton bomb. LeRoux did some quick thinking and slammed Gordy off the top. They traded pin attempts before Gordy hit an exploder suplex to get score the pinfall. Gordy appears to be pressing.

(3) Regulator Todd Shane (with Tranisha) beat Damien Steele in 4:12. Tranisha has a great potential. Think Linda Miles except hotter. Shane totally overpowered Steele. Steele didn’t get all the way over taking a suplex and landed on his head. Steele rallied with a high crossbody and an Oklahoma roll. Shane derailed Steele’s comeback with a swinging neckbreaker and finished the job with an impressive TKO.

The TV taping got underway with Bill DeMott and Nigel Sherrod on commentary.

(4) Tony Santorelli beat Palmer Cannon in 4:52 to advance to the semifinal round of the title tournament. It’s not that Santorelli’s pop has diminished, it’s more like Reeves’ has gotten stronger. Deacon briefly came to ringside. Santorelli fell for the distraction. Cannon dumped Santorelli and rammed his back into the apron. Back inside, Santorelli kicked out of Cannon’s cover. Cannon wrapped his bootlace around Santorelli’s throat. Cannon’s frustration mounted, as he hit a series of big moves that failed to secure the three count. Santorelli escaped from a pumphandle slam but Cannon planted him with a spinebuster. Santorelli kicked out again. Cannon charged full speed into the corner. Santorelli stepped through the ropes and connected with an enzuigiri while standing on the apron. It’s a nice move. 1..2..3.

(5) Mac “Daddy” Johnson beat “Silverback” Ryan Reeves to advance to the semifinal round of the title tournament (4:37). Based on his pop, I would rate Reeves the number two face behind Miz. Reeves used his power game to manhandle Johnson. Johnson raked the eyes in desperation. Johnson tried to choke off Silverback’s air supply. Reeves mounted a comeback. He hit a gorilla press slam, but Johnson hooked the ropes with his feet just before the three count. Reeves speared Johnson in the corner. Reeves tried it again and Johnson’s knee caught him flush in the face for the pin.

(6) The Miz beat Eric Perez in 5:57 to advance to the semifinal round of the title tournament. Perez worked his ass off. He looks like a legit prospect, totally unlike the guy that debuted here just 5 weeks ago. Perez jumped Miz before the bell. Perez stomped a mudhole in him and landed a stiff boot to the face. Perez humiliated Miz with chops and slaps. Perez posted Miz’s arm. Miz tried a sunset flip and Perez countered with a legdrop to the arm. At 4:15, Miz rolled away from a middle rope legdrop by Perez. Both down for a six count. They traded chops from their knees. Miz got the best of the exchange and landed a haymaker for a near fall. Miz sold the arm while making the comeback. Miz hit a lariat off the middle rope for another two count. Perez tried for his DDT type finisher. Miz blocked it and countered with his finisher (looks like a cutthroat DDT) for the pin. Perez was highly upset by the loss. I liked this match. Fast paced with good heat.

(7) Mike Knox beat Mike Taylor in 10:38 to advance to the semifinal round of the title tournament. Major size mismatch here. It was a perfect set up for Taylor go into his Ricky Morton deep sell mode. Taylor tried to take advantage of his quickness. He did a forward roll into an ankle lock and turned it over for a trailer hitch type submission. Knox beat the daylights out of Taylor’s knee. Taylor lost his shoe in the process. Taylor got caught in the tree of woe but was able to upend Knox to start his big comeback. Taylor hit a flapjack and clutched at his knee before making the cover. Taylor planted Knox like a lawn dart with the DDT. Neikirk ran out to distract referee Nick Patrick. Taylor scored a visual fall. Santorelli (Taylor’s partner in the team of High Impact) pulled Neikirk down. Santorelli got decked somehow. My view was blocked. The finish saw Taylor attempt to suplex Knox back to the inside. Neikirk grabbed Taylor’s leg and held on while Knox fell on top for the three count.

(8) Roughhouse O’Reilly beat Freakin’ Deacon via countout at 4:14. My partner on the Wrestling Informer Weekly, Horace Hawkins, nailed it when he said Deacon looked like the Missing Link (Dewey Robertson). This wasn’t pretty but it was stiff in a train wreck kind of way. They wailed away on each other with kick and punch offense. O’Reilly collapsed after taking a hard cross corner whip. Deacon worked a bear hug. It was snug to where the crowd was giving him the faggot chant. O’Reilly hit a leaping lariat and hulked up. But Deacon dropped O’Reilly in his track with the kick of death and pounded the back of his head into the mat from the mount. With O’Reilly verging on an unconsciousness state, Deacon climbed over the rail, stuffed a bag of popcorn in his mouth and walked out the front door. Ref Mike Posey had no choice but to count him out.

NOTES: Mike Shane, Johnny Parisi and Mike Bull all missed the show due to injury…Angel Williams was backstage…DSW resumes its usual Thursday night schedule next week…Former GCW referee Mark Owens was the referee for the Gordy/Leroux match.

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