Rasslin Roundtable: WWE Survivor Series

RAW vs. SD Elimination Match
HBK, Big Show, Kane, Carlito and Masters vs. Batista, JBL, Orton, Lashley and Rey

Widro: This match bores me, especially in light of eddie and also battista’s injury.
Winners – Team SD (JBL only)

Eric Szulczewski: Of course, we don’t know how long Batista will last (or whether he’ll go in there at the beginning or just wait to do a run-in near the end). I do have a feeling, though, that the match on Raw was a preview of the final two, and since they worked well together…I’m going to say that SD takes it due to a Batista run-in. This will allow them to continue the very inexplicable turn that they’ve started for a certain Mistah Bradshaw.
Sole Survivor – High-Quality Speaker Boy

Matthew Michaels: Randy’s 2 for 2 in Survivor Series elimination matches, so I’m giving it to him as the SOLE survivor in the battle of the brands.
Winners – Team SD; Survivor – Randy Orton

David Brashear: This one’s hard to pick. On the one hand you have Michael Cole and Tazz running their mouths on Byte This about Smackdown being the #2 show, and on the other hand, well, they’re right. I see Batista going out quick because of his injury, and I think Rey’s just going to be outmanned by the Raw team. That leaves it 5-3, and that’s good enough for me.
Winners – Raw

James Hatton: Smackdown is the show that needs the rub right now, and obviously has the stronger team. You have two main eventers, one who kisses the main event occasionally, one new guy, and Rey, the everyman. I predict Raw will decimate them.. each one falling to the Masterlock challenge, guaranteeing we will never stop seeing Masters… ever.
Winners – Team Raw

Mark Neeley: On paper it looks like SmackDown are going to be the job boy bitches, especially when you’ve got Big Slow and the Big Red Machine in comparison to Mysterio and roid head Lashley. But I say RAW does the token job here, DAVE eliminating Big Slow and Big Red last.
Winner – Team level B talent

Mike Fitzgerald: I was reading the www.wrestlepalooza.com board and all the guys were ripping this match to pieces saying it would suck etc None of those guys watch anymore but they took one look at this and thought it would stink out the building. My personal opinion is that the match should be okay but in a 1980’s WWF sort of way which means that the big guys will get a lot of time and the smaller guys will carry the match along. I personally feel they’ve done a good job with the hype but I’m not sure about the match
Winners – Raw even though I will be rooting for Smackdown

Dan Hevia: This is a little like WWF/WCW. Vince doesn’t like WCW. Count on an appearance from Undertaker as he starts his retirement run.
Winners – Team Raw; HBK Survives

WWE Championship/Daivari Guest Ref
WWE Champion John Cena vs. Kurt Angle

Widro: i’d love angle to win, but i don’t see it happening
Winners – cena

Eric Szulczewski: Okay, we’ve heard the rumors about the New Years’ Revolution poster featuring Cena with the belt and the Elimination Chamber. Well, the Elimination Chamber part I can believe. They pulled it out for last year’s New Years’ Revolution. So, the title is going to change sometime between now and Royal Rumble, but the question is still when. Given the fact that Cena’s heat seems to be improving (there are less boos when he appears as opposed to about a month ago), I tend to believe the poster. In the Elimination Chamber, he can lose the title without losing heat. If he drops the title either time, though, expect him to win the Rumble Match.
Winner – Kurt Angle by disqualification as Cena has a little fun with Daivari

Matthew Michaels: I think Angle has to win this, but all signs point towards a long Cena run that the women and kids will love, and the male smarks will shit on. Daivari gets bumped, and a ‘real’ ref comes in to make the three-count after a long and close battle.
Winner – John Cena

David Brashear: The belts have both been getting kind of stale lately and need to move. That said, Angle’s the best choice on Raw to run with the title for a while. Daivari’s just there to ensure that Cena has a basis to demand a rematch.
Winner – Kurt Angle

James Hatton: They have Triple H sitting in the background with Ric Flair. The only reason I can see that is so that they can solidify Angle as the main event heel that he deserves to be. Cena’s run has been not-so-bad on Raw, but he really is outclassed in the ring with Angle. Expect it to be match of the night, as Kurt can make anyone look like gold.
Winner – Kurt Angle

Mark Neeley: The New Year’s Resolution poster is already up for cable companies, and it shows Cena holding the title in front of an Elimination Chamber. So this means 1 or 2 things, 1. Cena retains the title, or 2. Angle wins and has a rediculously short title reign. I’ll stick with 1.
Winner and STILL champ unfortunately – John

Mike Fitzgerald: I haven’t been watching a lot of Raw recently so I was shocked to see this feud is STILL going on. It’s not as if any of their matches have been great either. Unforgiven was watchable so I hope this will be too and they move Cena onto Edge and let Angle become a part timer who puts the young guys like Shelton Benjamin over
Winner – Cena I guess

Dan Hevia: While we call for his head, Cena is still running roughshod over the roster. Angle is still a question mark because he’s obviously not the healthiest guy right now. Count on the belt changing at New Year’s Revolution in the Elimination Chamber so Cena loses no heat.
Winner – Cena

Last Man Standing Match
IC Champion Ric Flair vs. Triple H

Widro: without the title on the line, i think hunter takes it.
Winners – hunter

Eric Szulczewski: And yet again the IC title gets in the way of this feud. Without the strap on the line, no doubt Trip wins. With it on the line…honestly, folks, can you see Trip with the IC title again? This is 2005. He’s so far beyond the IC belt that he won’t do anything with it. In fact, this feud has to be blown off soon so that Flair can do something with the belt to restore it to at least a shade of its former glory. Somehow, I see the “something” in question involving Rob Conway.
Winner – Ric Flair

Matthew Michaels: I really have no idea here, but something tells me HHH is going to keep putting his idol over until he has no choice.
Winner – Flair

David Brashear: I’m looking forward to seeing Flair pull another one out. (And somehow get that IC title off him, please.)
Winner – Ric Flair

James Hatton: The bell rings, and Flair bleeds. Past that, this match is just going to be Trips proving that he is a viciously mean mean guy and Flair will be able to take a last run of wrestling as a face.
Winner – Triple H

Mark Neeley: I may be in the minority here, but it’s never stopped me before. I predict that they don’t really have anything left for Flair and the IC title, and it doesn’t look like HHH is going anywhere after the fued is over, so why not end it and hand HHH the title?
Winner and NEW champ – Triple Nose

Mike Fitzgerald: This whole feud has been booked topsy turvey. THIS should have been the Taboo Tuesday match and the Cage match should have been at ‘Series. This whole feud lost momentum and I’ll be honest and say I missed a lot of it sans a few promos and the Cage match
Winner – If the belts on the line, Flair as I can’t see HHH “lowering” himself to the IC Title but if it’s non title then HHH is winning

Dan Hevia: WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO vs. I’m Married To It Beeotch…While I don’t agree with Mark but agree with Mike, I can still see WWE doing something wild and zany and giving HHH the win here. But if HHH were to win the IC Title, he’d probably melt it down into a second wedding ring, so this will be non-title.
Winner – HHH

RAW vs. SD General Managers Match
Eric Bischoff vs. Theodore Long

Widro: with picking smackdown to win the other match, i’ll go with raw here
Winners – bischoff

Eric Szulczewski: Well, someone’s going to interfere before this thing stinks up our screen too badly. That means it’ll have to happen within the first minute. My candidate for interference? Jonathan Coachman. WWE can’t resist a little black-on-black action.
Winner – Eric Bischoff

Matthew Michaels: With SD winning the team vs. team match (and admittedly having a good chance of bringing the Women’s Title to the brand), I think Bischoff has to get SOME sort of bragging rights here. Plus he IS a black belt, and Teddy’s hardly a physical match. Perhaps here’s where Mark Henry comes back?
Winner – Bischoff

David Brashear: Anyone who thinks this isn’t going to be about outside interference please raise your hand now. Let’s see – Long has no training, Bischoff’s got his martial arts. On the other hand, Long’s a face and if he won we could get to see Vince humiliate Eric Bischoff again.
Winner – Teddy Long

James Hatton: This match has had so little build up, and has no outgoing stipulation that I can’t see how it really matters.
Winner – Nobody in particular

Mark Neeley: I see this one as being the opening contest of the night, resulting in a locker room SD-RAW brawl to further hype the show. So, no contest, DQ, something.
Winner – No Contest

Mike Fitzgerald: Ah comedy matches. I think Teddy Long is very under rated in that genre. I must admit to still getting a kick from seeing him wear that stupid head gear and boxing gloves. I can smell many a run in here
Winner – Teddy so BELEE DAT PLAYA!

Dan Hevia: Some sort of run in, maybe by someone who wasn’t included on the team and is bitter, so he turns against his boss. This creates a new angle for someone where the boss is trying to kill them. Either way, nobody gives a shit.
Winner – THE FANS!

Women’s Championship
Women’s Champion Trish Stratus vs. Melina

Widro: yawn
Winners – trish

Eric Szulczewski: They seem to be getting serious about women actually wrestling again. It does go in cycles, you know. Now that they are, it’s time for Trish to drop the title. This way, you can sic MickieLexis LaJames on Melina and build a title match up for Royal Rumble. Having Nitro and Mercury beat up on her during this match would be the perfect setup.
Winner and New Champion – Melina

Matthew Michaels: I think Melina has to win this one here, but I hate the way that would bastardize the brand extension — sure, we’ve seen the IC belt move from one show to the other, but it’s been years since this has happened (and even the World and WWE Titles swapped via a draft, not a win by someone on the other brand) and I’m comfortable with Women being on RAW and Cruisers being on Smackdown. Why mess with that? (And if they are gonna do this switch, is an Undisputed Men’s Champion next?)
Winner – Trish

David Brashear: If Melina was on Raw, I’d have to give her a fighting chance. However, she’s on Smackdown which would mean she’d have either nobody to defend the belt against or would be moved to Raw. I’ll say that Trish (probably with Mickie James’s help) will overcome MNM’s interference to keep the title.
Winner – Trish Stratus

James Hatton: All the girls are over on Smackdown, so that’s where the belt goes. One might think that the WWE was considering a long term program since all the girls left with the draft. NAHHHHhhhh….
Winner – Melina

Mark Neeley: This one’s got me confused. So if Melina wins she goes to RAW for a Women’s Title reign? And takes MNM with her? And another question, besides the fact that they’re pitting 2 of the hottest women in WWE against each other, who the f*ck cares?
Winner and STILL champ – Team RAW cover girl

Mike Fitzgerald: Wow they’re actually botheirng to put this on pay per view? You’d think this belt was important or something!
Winner – Trish. No particular reason I just think she will

Dan Hevia: This is an interesting match because of the comments Trish had about Melina on her MySpace after Melina commented on Micki James debut. I want to see some STIFF shots. I want Trish to win, but this could be the way to get Melina over to Raw.
Winner – Melina if they’re smart

First of Seven-Match Contest for US Title
Booker T vs. Chris Benoit

Widro: this wasn’t even that popular the first time they did it, a bunch of the matches were on house shows… anyway
Winners – booker

Eric Szulczewski: I am so torn between “seen it” and “want to see it again”. After all, those eight matches in WCW ranged from really good to classic, something that the presence of the Overrated Bret Hart couldn’t spoil. Of course, this being the first match, it’s really irrelevant who wins. My pick for the series is Benoit in seven. So let’s give match one to Booker just to be fair.
Winner – Booker T

Matthew Michaels: I think a lot of babyfaces will be winning at this show, so Booker will get the first win here. Plus, in any best of 7 or similar series it makes sense to have the babyface fall behind early, to really get the crowd support. Should be interesting.
Winner – Booker T

David Brashear: Another best of seven tournament for the US belt? How many times have we seen that now? Anyway, we all know that this one’s not going to matter and the only one that will is match #7. I’ll say that Benoit loses just to establish him as the underdog early.
Winner – Booker T

James Hatton: I see lots of folks around the world clamoring for this match. Everyone shooting for it since the first set was so great. I like watching these two work, and it helps keep them both out of the title picture for a month or two… but I really feel that this is just a showing of lack of ability by the writers. It’ll be a good match, no doubt, but I just don’t care so much.
Winner – Booker T

Mark Neeley: Geez, 7 more matches of this shit? We’ve already seen them fight like a dozen times on SmackDown. What the hell… let’s give the heel the first win.
Winner – Booker (w/ interference from spouse)

Mike Fitzgerald: Ah 1998. Wait a second you’re saying we’re in 2005? And Booker is no where near the worker he was back then? And they’ve made him a HEEL? Come on guys the whole point about the BO7 series in WCW was that it was a respectful rivalry and all the finishes (Sans match 7) were clean. This will be cheating by Booker galore and it will just be a pointless waste. They had a great thing going for Booker where he would feud with Mr Kennedy…Kennedy and put him over. They could have had Sharmel turn and everything but they instead made Booker a heel which was POINTLESS. Benoit could have been working with Christian now and maybe that would have convinced the Captain to stay and not leave for Orlando
Winner – Who gives a f*ck? This whole feud smells of wasted oppertunities. Benoit deserves better than this

Dan Hevia: So right after I say this company is almost at WCW levels, they pull out a good idea from WCW days. Only thing is, these guys are older and Book isn’t what he once was.
Winner – Benoit

Wildcard Question
What will happen for The Undertaker’s return?

Widro: do something spooky to eliminate orton.

Eric Szulczewski: Pretty much jack shit, really. He can’t beat up on Randy per se because Randy’s on the SurSer team. My guess is that he’ll do one of his patented entrances and cut a promo. He’d better start it off with something like “Fifteen years ago at Survivor Series, the Undertaker first made his presence felt.” Yep, it’s the fifteenth anniversary of UT’s first appearance. Of course, it’s also the fifteenth anniversary of the Gobbledygooker’s first appearance, and there have been a number of times that I’ve wanted to celebrate that more than UT.

Matthew Michaels: Randy’s sole survivor, then Taker comes out and decimates him.

David Brashear: Undertaker will show up during the Raw vs. SD match and somehow cause Randy Orton to be eliminated.

James Hatton: I have this feeling that it will be one of those lackluster reintroductions. He’ll come out to the ring. He’ll say something ominous. He’ll leave. Look, if you haven’t figured it out, I have NO hope for this show, so I really can’t imagine that any one thing is going to make me feel especially amazed by it.

Mark Neeley: Taker cleans RAW house then stares Orton and Cowboy Bob Oldton down.

Mike Fitzgerald: He will come down to the ring and do a sock puppet show with Mick Foley. WWE has to have SOME reason to keep these guys employed.

Dan Hevia: He will be the darker UT and beat some people up and give a promo about one more run. Then Randy will come out and instantly do the job to UT’s wife. And that’s…A GOOD THING!

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