Inside Pulse’s WWE Survivor Series report


Welcome to Inside Pulse’s WWE Survivor Series Live report. I’m Rob Welcher with the report of what will probably WWE’s last great PPV of 2005!

The first match of the evening is the first match in the best of seven series for the vacant WWE United States championship. Chris Benoit starts the action off by forcing Booker T into the turnbuckle. The two superstars tease a lockup…which finally happens. Booker T hits a powerslam on the former World Champion. Booker T pushes Benoit into the turnbuckle. Benoit reverses and punches Booker T to the outside. Benoit seems extremly worried about Sharmell on the outside. Back in the ring, the two execute some technical wrestling abilities. Benoit puts the T man in a leg lock, submission hold broken, Booker T leaves the ring to regroup.
Test of strength sees both men fighting for leverage, Booker T looks to be on top, Benoit battles back, but Booker T hits the side kick! Booker T hits a high elbow and goes for a suplex, but Benoit counters into a suplex of his own. Benoit goes for the cover, two count. Benoit is in control now, hits a knee into Booker’s face, forces him into the corner and hits more knees and some chops. Benoit charges Booker T but gets caught with a big boot to the face! Booker T is in control now as he locks in a variation of the abdominal stretch. Benoit fights out, punches Booker in the face but gets caught in another abdominal stretch.
Crowd begins to chant for Benoit, The Rabid Wolverine counters the submission move by executing two hip tosses, an Irish whip but the former U.S. champ kicks Benoit in the face followed by two more kicks to the face and another spin kick. Booker goes for the cover, only gets two. Booker T whips Benoit into the corner and hits some elbows. Hard whip into the corner sees Benoit go down. Benoit attempts a rollup. Booker T hits a neckbreaker for a two count. Booker T locks in a submission move on Benoit, working on the neck.
Benoit is back to his feet, counters Booker’s suplex into a German suplex, both men throw some elbows. Booker T kicks Benoit in the face for another two count. Benoit hits a dragonwhip and goes for the sharpshooter, Booker counters into a rollup, two count. Booker begins chopping the Wolverine. Benoit whips Booker, hits a shoulder block for two. Benoit hits a snap suplex for two. Benoit hits the hat trick of Germans! Benoit is on fire! (let’s go Benoit!) the ref starts the count. Benoit up a six, going for the headbutt. Sharmell distracts the Canadian Crippler, Booker goes for a suplex but is met with a volley of headbutts, falls down. Benoit hits canvas as Booker T rolls out of the way of the headbutt! Booker T rolls up Benoit, puts his feet on the ropes as Sharmell holds onto her hubby’s feet. 1…2…3

Winner-Booker T

The next match in the series is going to be this Tuesday on the SmackDown! special on UPN

Bischoff is working out backstage. Mr. McMahon wishes Eric good luck in his match against T. Lo. Eric says he will dominate the PPV. Eric says that he’ll screw John Cena just like McMahon screwed Bret Hart! Cena is behind him. McMahon and Cena talk street. Cena developes a look of horror when McMahon drops the “N” bomb. The camera pans out to see Booker T and Sharmell, with equally disgusted looks on their faces. Booker T says “Tell me, he didn’t just say that!”

The next match on the card is an interpromotional match and it is for the WWE Women’s championship. Melina comes out with MNM by her side. Trish comes out with Mickie James, runs right in and hits a Lou Thez Press on Melina. Melina on the outside, the entire faction gets hit by a Trish cross body to the outside. Trish throws Melina by the hair. Melina gets hit by Trish’s head scissors. Melina counters by running Stratus into the turnbuckle and works on her kidneys. Melina wraps up Stratus in the ropes and begins to choke her. Melina chokes Trish with her foot in the turnbuckle, but turn about is fair play as the same thing happens to her. Mickie James and Melina get into a catfight on the outside, which gives Nitro and Mercury plenty of time to get into the ring and go for the Snapshot on Trish, ref catches them and ejects them. Melina hits a Lou Thez press of her own followed by some punches. Melina locks in the surfboard submission hold. Trish kicks Melina, follows up with some punches. Trish goes for the Stratusfaction, Melina counters with a facebuster.
Both women block some punches. Trish hits her top rope headscissors, gets a two count. Trish goes for the Stratusfaction, gets set on the apron and hits Melina with a top rope Stratusfaction. Trish covers, 1…2…3

Winner and still WWE Women’s Champion- Trish Stratus.

Triple H is shown taping up his wrists backstage. A video package is shown building up the Last Man Standing match tonight.

Triple H vs. Ric Flair- Last Man Standing match. Triple H comes out and does his usual “I can spit water” routine. The WWE Intercontinental Champion, The Nature Boy Ric Flair struts down to the ring. Triple H ambushes him on the ramp and takes it to his former Evolution ally with a series of punches to the head. Flair still has his title and robe on. HHH jumps on Flair and hits the former 16 time World Champ on the head. The Cerebral Assassain goes outside and grabs a chair. He goes to hit Flair but gets clobbered with a kendo stick that Flair had. Flair begins to volly HHH with some punches and some chops. Flair and HHH are battling in the crowd. HHH against the barricade, Flair rushes him, Trips counters with a back body drop to the padding on the other side. HHH hits a vertical suplex on the floor. Ref starts his count, HHH pulls up Flair by his hair at seven. Triple H suplexs Flair back into the ring.
Ref starts his trivial count again. HHH drops and elbow on the small of the back of the currnet Intercontinental Champion. Flair counters an attempted chop battle with a series of chops of his own. HHH throws Flair to the outside and goes under the ring…he emerges with a screwdriver! and starts stabbing his former friend in the head. Flair is wearing a crimson mask. He throws Flair back into the ring and stalks him with the weapon. He stabs him again as Flair rolls to the outside to regroup. HHH calls Flair back in and he obliges. HHH punches Flair in the face and follows up with a Harley Race knee drop. Trips pushes his kneepad down and hits another knee drop. Flair knees HHH in the gut and recieves some chops. HHH throws Flair to the outside and begins preparing the Spanish announce table for…noting as Flair comes up behind The Cerebral Assassain and whips him into the steps.
Ref stops count at five as both men are up and trading chops. Flair recieves a spinebuster on the concrete. HHH grabs a mic and tells Flair to stay down or he’ll put him down permantly. Flair rises and grabs HHH’s testicals but gets hit with the mic. HHH is preparing the other table. He tries to give the pedigree to Flair on the RAW table, but Flair counters it into a backdrop through the Spanish announce table. Ref begins the count, but stops at 9! Flair is in the ring, using the ropes to hold himself up. HHH has a chair. Ric pulls HHH into the ring and chops him, HHH drops the chair. WOOO chants erupt in the arena. Flair whips HHH into the ropes and bends down, HHH counters it into a facebuster to the knee.
Ref begins his count again, stops at six. HHH shoves The Nature Boy down, and grabs his chair. Triple H drops the chair and begins punching Flair in the face. Flair in the turnbuckle, they trade punches. HHH attempts a pedigree on the chair, The Dirtiest Player in the Game low blows The Game and hits him with the chair. Ref begins the count, but Flair pulls his enemy up, only so that he may bite his forehead. Flair chops HHH into the arena, hits him in the jewels and chops him some more. Flair wishbones The Game on the ringpost. Follows up with the same move over and over. HHH is standing! Flair clips HHH’s knee from behind and bites his leg. Flair goes after HHH’s “bad leg” (that’s what they said.) Flair clips the knee again, goes for the figure four but it’s countered.
Flair begins slamming HHH’s leg into the pole, he grabs a chair and hits Hunter’s leg with it. Ref begins his count. Flair locks on the figure four leg lock. He uses the ropes for leverage. HHH taps out, but it doesn’t do any good. Ref counts, HHH stands up to break the count, HHH clotheslines Flair, rolls out of the ring and grabs the ring steps, he throws them into the ring and hits Flair in the face. The blood is pouring from Flair. HHH grabs the steps again, rushes Flair but gets hit with a drop toe hold and HHH eats steel. Ref count begins….again. Flair pulls himself up by using the ropes, HHH up at 8. Back and forth chop battle. HHH hits the pedigree after an Irish Whip. Ref count….sigh…stops at 8. HHH gives Flair another pedigree. And yes, the ref is counting! (Hooked on Phonics poster child!) Flair gives HHH the finger and recieves a volley of punches. HHH gives Flair an early Christmas present in the form of a third pedigree. HHH goes for the sledgehammer. Clocks Flair in the back with it. Flair doesn’t get up.

Winner by 10 count- Triple H. HHH mocks a gun motion and fires into Flair’s head.

Orton is talking to his teammates, Batista isn’t there. Everyone except Rey is talking trash on Batista. Batista is standing behind the master of the RKO. Batista says he’s the leader, and has some words with JBL and Orton.

Edge and Lita come out. Edge talks about how he’s debuting his own interview segment called….The Cutting Edge….(I’m pushing for Kane’s “Fireside Chat”) Edge says that they have a guest in the house. Detroit Tiger’s star Dimitri Young. He trashes the sport star by saying that he either has a lack of talent or a lack of steroids. He then says that he thinks that he isn’t injecting anything but cheeseburgers into himself. He says that baseball players don’t care about the fans, and why should they, he says. He says that all their sport teams suck. He said he was thankful for the Lions for a few reasons, one, he knows that they’re gonna lose so he can sleep. He calls Dimitri, Mark Henry and then Dimitri says that Detroit is full of champs and Edge doesn’t have a belt.

The next match on the 19th annual Survivor Series is the WWE Championship match! John Cena defends agaist Kurt Angle with his special referee Khosorow Daivari. A video package of their fued is shown.

Daivari comes out as the, official. The Olympic Hero Kurt Angle makes his way down to the ring, and the “You Suck” chants are being edited out (Am I the only one who finds this extremely annoying?). The WWE Champion John Cena arrives and the crowd goes wild!!!! Daivari holds up the title and the match is on. Tie up in the corner, Daivari pulls Cena off of Angle. Angle throws down Cena and applies a leg lock. Cena escapes but gets caught up in the hold again. Cena counters into an armbar. Cena hits Angle with a shoulderblock. Angle rolls outside, Daivari holds Cena so he can’t go after Kurt. Angle kicks Cena in the gut and drops and elbow onto the champs neck. Cena in the corner, Angle kicks The Doctor of Thuganomics. Cena gets whipped into the other corner and kicks the rushing Angle in the face. Cena hits a fisherman suplex and covers Angle, but Daivari refuses to count. Cena has some words for the ref, but Angle rolls over and locks in the Ankle Lock. Cena gets to the ropes but Daivari kicks his hand off. Angle recieves a spinebuster, and Daivari recieves two, count ’em two bitch slaps.
Daivari wants to DQ Cena but Angle wont let him. Action spills out to the outside when Cena pushes both Angle and his ref out, Angle gives Cena a belly to belly suplex on the outside. Angle throws Cena back in and covers, another ref runs down and counts to two. Angle gets a crossbody by the champ. Cena throws some haymakers, The four time WWE Champion counters with a picture perfect belly to belly suplex. Angle puts the boots to Cena. Kurt chokes John. Kurt gets two after a belly to back suplex. Angle applies a single leg Boston Crab and a STF. Cena fights out of it by throwing some elbows. Angle goes back to work with a chin lock and a rake of the eyes.
Cena counters with a jaw breaker, ducks a clothesline and drops the challenger with a DDT. The honest ref begins a ten count. Both men up and are trading punches. Cena hits a shoulder block and two clotheslines, a sit down powerbomb, and the five knuckle shuffle. Cena pumps up his shoes, Angle rises and punches the ref, low blows Cena. Angle calls for another ref, he gets it, hits the Angle Slam but only gets two. Angle goes up top for the superplex and hits it! Angle gets a two count and goes for the moonsault, he MISSES it! Cena goes for the FU, but Angle holds onto the ref, clotheslines the champ, and uppercuts the ref! Angle throws in Daivari and Cena DDTs him. Lil’ Naitch runs out and witnesses the FU and counts the three.

Winner and still WWE Champion- John Cena

The next match is GM vs. GM as Eric Bischoff will take on T. Lo! (How this wasn’t the opener, I’ll never know.) There is a ref from each show in the ring. T. Lo and Eric have some words before the refs break it up. T. Lo plays to the crowd and ducks and Eric clothesline attempt. Eric rushs T. Lo and eats turnbuckle. Eric takes off his black belt and chokes Teddy. The refs break it up. Eric puts Teddy Long in a sleeper, which is funny, because that is exactly what this match is! T. Lo hits Eric with a shoe. Eric hits a karate uppercut on Mr. Smackdown! The Boogeyman’s music plays. Eric sends the refs to stop him, but he’s already behind Eric! Boogeyman hits the RAW GM with a pumphandle slam and T. Lo gets the cover for three.

Winner- The SmackDown! GM Teddy “T. Lo” Long!

Team RAW (Shawn Michaels, World Tag Team champions Kane and Big Show, Chris Masters and Carlito) vs. Team SmackDown! (World Heavyweight champion Batista, JBL, Rey Mysterio, Bobby Lashley and Randy Orton) is next. A video package is shown. Team SmackDown! leader Batista enters, apparently as filler, they’ll all enter seperately (How’s that for unity?) Team RAW is next and they all enter seperately as well…(they didn’t think out the timing on this, huh?) Comment of the night, Tazz doesn’t give a rat’s ass about Chris Masters, which is funny, cause neither do I.
HBK and Randy Orton start the match off. Lock up, Orton pushes HBK into the corner, ref breaks the hold. Tie up again, both sets of commentators are verbally bashing each other. Orton slaps HBK in the mouth. Michaels returns the gesture. Tie up…again, HBK pulls off some cruiserweight moves on Orton, slaps him. HBK whipped into the corner, Randy rushes him, but gets hit with a boot to the face. Orton in control, punches HBK. HBK tags in The Mastepiece (painful to say,isn’t it?). Orton works over Masters, Masters chops Orton into the corner, whips him and hits him with a shoulderblock. Orton clubs Masters back. Tag made to Bobby Lashley. Masters tries to knock down Lashley, fails, tries again, gets hit with a powerslam. Masters finally knocks the big man down, tries to apply the MasterLock. Lashley counters with a series of elbows. Masters tags in Carlito, Carlito doesn’t want to go, gets thrown in by Lashley. Lashley powerslams Carlito. Carlito delivers a high elbow and tags in HBK. HBK goes up top, gets thrown off by Lashley. Carlito goes in illeagally and gets hit by the Dominator. Kane chokeslams Lashley from the apron, HBK covers, 1…2…3. Bobby Lashley is eliminated.
Mysterio enters for SmackDown! Masters tags in Kane. Mysterio kicks Kane and hits a standing moonsault. Kane gives Rey a sidewalk slam and whips him to the turnbuckle. Kane is working on the former Cruiserweight champions kidneys. Kane gets two on Rey. Kane has Rey in a bearhug. Mysterio battles out by headbutting Kane and then biting him, Rey tags in Batista and takes it to Kane. Kane works on Batista’s injured ribs. Batista spears Kane and takes out the rest of the interfering RAW team. Rey gives Kane the 619 and Batista hits a spinebuster. Kane is eliminated by the World Champion. Kane sits up and along with Big Show deliver a double chokeslam to Batista. 1…2…3, Batista is eliminated. JBl is battling Big Show, Team RAW lead four to three.
Big Show tosses Rey into the turnbuckle and tries to chokeslam Randy Orton, JBL hits the Clothesline From Hell, tags in Rey Mysterio, 619, tags in Orton, RKO, tags in JBL, another Clothesline from Hell, tags in Rey Mysterio, springboard leg drop. Rey Mysterio eliminates Big Show! Mysterio and Masters battling in the ring, JBL gives HBK a fallaway slam on the outside. Masters tags in Carlito. Carlito hits the leg drop for two. Rey Mysterio is locked in a sleeper hold by Carlito. HBK is out cold on the outside. Rey battles out of the sleeper. JBL tags himself in. Hits the Clothelsine from Hell on Carlito and eliminates him. Masters and JBL battle, JBL gets suplexed. SmackDown! leads three to two. Mysterio tags in and gets two off of a crossbody and an assist by JBL. Mysterio hits the 619 on Masters and eliminates him. HBK is the only RAW member left…
Mysterio and HBK in the ring. HBK recieves the 619 on HBK. Mysterio goes for the plancha but jumps right into some Sweet Chin Music. Mysterio is eliminated. JBL in, gets hit by Sweet Chin Music and is eliminated. Both teams are down to one guy apiece, SmackDown! has Randy Orton while Raw has HBK. Now, remember, these were the last two superstars left in the 2003 Survivor Series, and Orton won that. Orton goes for the RKO, countered, HBK goes for the superkick, misses, Orton takes a breather on the outside, HBK jumps over and takes out the Legend Killer.
Michaels clotheslines Orton, over and over. HBK hits the scoop slam and heads up top for the diving elbow drop. He hits it! HBK is up, he’s tuning up the band! JBL comes back in and swings a chair at HBK, he misses and is rewarded with some Sweet Chin Music! Orton is up, looking for the RKO, he hits it! Orton pins Michaels! SmackDown! wins!!!!! The SmackDown! locker room empties to congradulate Orton. Undertaker’s gong sounds! The lights dim…The druids appear, holding a coffin, they set the coffin up. The gong sounds, a lightining bolt hits the coffin, setting it ablaze. The coffin door gets pushed open and The Undertaker is here! Taker enters the ring, throws Orton out of the ring and totally dominates the entire SmackDown! roster. Orton is in shock as the camera zooms up on The Dead Man’s face, his eyes roll back and slides his thumb across his throat.

Show over.