Survivor Series Rabble

It’s time for the Thanksgiving Tradition

The show that some are now reading the results for the first time…

The Rabble is just going to try and Survive..


Welcome to the turkey laden, stuffing filled, cranberry shaped like a can show that has everyone wondering why we spent money on this show. Aside from pizza and friends and comradorie. Pfft.. whatever, I could be at home looking at net porn.

Joining us tonight is:
Jen of the King’s Court
Bill of the The Million Dollar Team
Danielle of Team America
Jeffrey of the Roddy’s Rowdy’s
Hernandez of The Perfect Team
Finally.. your host.. ME of The Simply Ravishings!

Now before the show even begins, we’ve gotten into a discussion as how continuity is completely blown with the main event. Why Masters on the same as HBK. Why Edge gestured for Kane to come running into the ring. Why Edge isn’t even IN this match. Yep yep yep.. a strong start to tonight’s show.

As the show starts up:
“An Anti-HBK sign” – Bill
“They’re right by Canada…” – Me

And a “Where’s Sting” sign! First off to start off the show, Sharmell introducing Booker T!
“I liked Pasley better when she was being chased by the Maestro..” – Hernandez

One of Seven

Match starts with Benoit charging Booker in the corner and Booker flips him around… and Booker backs up. Now they do the collar-elbow.
“The first match is SO important to set the pace..” – Tazz
“NO IT’S NOT! Shut up..” – Me

They lock into the corner and Benoit lifts knees and then punches Booker right to the outside. Booker climbs back in and the lock-up starts again. Booker gets the waist lock and Booker lifts up and drops him down… reversal from Chris Benoit who turns it into a modified leglock. Booker grabs the ropes and bails once again.

Test of strength now once they get back into the ring. Booker gets the spinning heel kick and now Book has the lead. Booker goes for the suplex… reversed by Benoit. Benoit sends Booker into the corner… tries to chase, but eats some boot. Booker gets a sideslam and then turns it into a chinlock.

Benoit fights to his feet, but gets put into a stretch by Booker anyway. Benoit builds up his chi and turns it into a hiptoss… sends Booker to the ropes.. eats a boot to the chest! Spinning heel from Booker and a 2 count. Booker brings Benoit into the corner and begins the fisticuffs. Follows up by a HARD toss into the corner. Reverse neckbreacker from two followed by a chinlock from Booker.
“Hold spot…. the match!” – Me

Out of nowhere, finally Benoit gets to his feet… Booker goes for a suplex… reversed by Benoit into the german! Back to their feet and Benoit eats another spinning heel! Booker crawls over for a two count. They get up, Benoit catches Booker’s boot… leg drag rolls it into a pin… REVERSED BY BOOKER! 2!

Very close! Momentum shifts to Benoit now! Quick attacks followed by the triple Germans from Benoit! Benoit climbs to the top….. Sharmel following suit. She distract’s Benoit while Booker climbs up to fight with Benoit. Chris though gets the headbutts to Booker and throws him down! FLYING HEADBUT—–MISS!

Booker rolls up, legs on ropes… winner… 1 2 3!

“That was a major league screwjob” – Tazz
“No! That was one of seven possible screwjobs!” – Jeffrey

In the back Vinny comes to talk to Eric Bischoff.. and Bischoff promises DECIMATION!
“All mutants shall lose their powers!” – Me

He then discusses how he wants his future chant to be ‘YOU SCREWED CENA’… while he continues that.. Cena shows up.
“It’s good to know that Austin’s old waredrobe still gets used” – Hernandez

So Vinnie asks Cena ‘What’s goin on!’ and calls Cena his ‘Nigga’.. of course as Booker T walks by and announces quite readily, “He did NOT just say that…” Amusing.

Now coming down to the ring is MnM with Melina looking very nice in a pleated skirt. She has a butterface though…. in the ring she’s now wearing barely anything at all.. but it’s gold. Her opponent though is Trish Stratus wearing that sweet corset that we’ve come to love of hers… without anything beneath it… adorable. Accompanied of course by Mickey James.

The Smackdown’s Woman Title…

Match starts with Trish charging in right on Melina. Melina bails, but that doesn’t stop Trish from climbing up to the top of the turnbuckle and flying crossbody on all three of them. Melina charges in and grabs Melina by the hair… 360 toss and Melina eats rhynoplasty. Trish holds onto the lead for a moment… and Trish gets tossed to the corner. Melina charges in, but Trish leaps – and what was supposed to be a spot where Trish’s feet go up on Melina’s shoulders – Trish instead kicks Melina in the face… ouch.

All of this is enjoyable while Joey Styles argues with Tazz!

Melina now with the upperhand as she just beats down Trish. Catches her with the choking boot in the corner. Trish reverses it and does it herself. Melina though goes for a thumb to the eye, but Mickey James stops Melina and they fight on the outside…

Now while the ref is distracted MnM come on in and set up for whatever it is they do… the ref sees it and sends them outside. Melina charges in, a spear, a HUGE clothesline, a surfboard/bow and arrow.

Trish gets to her feet and makes the signal for the finisher… but they grab each other’s hair and spin out. Then Trish does the backbend-matrix-thingy for no apparent reason and gets a double ax handle. Melina then screams… alot.
“What is with this screaming?” – Bill
“She is, in fact, a Banshee.” – Jeffrey
“That’s funny, the screaming is actually making me lose my stoney properties” – Bill
“Banshee’s don’t turn you to stone Bill..” – Me
“Yes they do..” – Bill

This argument goes on for long enough for us to miss the end of the match where Trish won. Sooooo… during the replay – Trish won from a top rope bulldog. The end. Woo…


Commercial for Jake The Snake’s DVD.
“Each DVD comes with it’s own vial of crack..” – Me

In the back, Triple H is taping himself up… and now it’s time for a video package of Flair/Trips….
“Ric you are no longer the dirtiest player in the game” – Triple H
“That’s Ron Jeremy” – Me
“You are the bloodiest player in the game” – Hernandez

“Triple H isn’t even getting the 9 pm hour… only the 8:40..” – Hernandez
“That’s because this PPV is only going on til 9:15…” – Me

It’s now time for their Last Man Standing match… and winning the Lech award of the night… so far it’s Lillian Garcia in a little black number.


Last Man Bleeding Match

And as Flair is coming down – Hunter comes down and charges, throwing him to the ground… the guardrails..
“FLAIR’S BLEEDING!!! END IT!!” – Hernandez

Triple H throws Ric into the ring and beats him down. Triple H grabs Flair throws him to the ropes and elbows him down…
“WOOOooo” – Bill
“Bill.. he fell” – Me
“It’s ok.. he’ll get up.. it’s the point of the match” – Bill

Flair gets out of the ring, and Trips follows suit, grabbing a chair. As Hunter turns the corner… Flair got the kendo stick and Flair takes out Hunter.. and then the cameraman!
“WOOOOOoo” – Bill

Out in the audience now, Flair beats Trips against the railings. They begin to go fist for fist.
“Flair’s not selling anything.” – Bill
“How’s it feel now Jean Paul?!” – Hernandez

So Hunter brings him to the out of the ring guardrail and tosses him over it, and Flair lands on that wonderful aluminum hip of his…. Hunter comes back to the outside of the ring and Hunter suplexes him RIGHT outside the ring… Hunter climbs back in and the count begins for Flair outside.

It gets to six before Flair gets to his feet.. Hunter grabs him by the hair and suplexes him – vertical style.. RIGHT into the middle in the ring. Hunter hits a couple of elbows right to the lower back. Finally Hunter grabs him and throws him out of the ring. Hunter gets out and they continue to fight it out… after Hunter drops Ric down… Hunter goes and gets a screwdriver!??!?!
“Flathead or Phillips?” – Jeffrey
“AwwowWWww for f*cksakes..” – Bill as Ric Flair

Flair is now GUSHING..
“He needs a screwdriver to beat up the old man?” – Dani
“You need a weapon to make Ric Flair bleed?” – Bill
“His skin is paper thin…” – Jeffrey
“Exactly!” – Bill

A couple of horrible kneedrops from Hunter and Flair stumbles to the corner. They begin the punch and fist fight and Hunter once again throws out Flair. Hunter follows and the Spanish Announce table is about to be victimized… Hunter grabs Flair and Hunter throws the man right into the stairs.

Flair is looking about as crimison as the man has ever looked…
“Get that man a towel..” – Bill
“Passion Of The Woo..” – Me

Hunter comes at Flair again… they fight a bit, and SPINEBUSTER! As Flair gets to roughly 3… Hunter grabs the mic and begins to yell at him until 7…
“How does Hunter get Mic time DURING a match” – Hernandez
“HEY LOOK! Flair’s checking his inseam” – Bill

Flair does in fact grab Trips by the nuts… and while they are gathering themselves.. Coach is helping Hunter remove more tv’s from tables. Hunter then brings Flair up to the tables…. set up for the pedigree……. FLAIR GETS THE REVERSAL!! BACKBODY DROP SENDS HUNTER RIGHT THROUGH A TABLE!

Flair gets to the ring.. slowly…. Ref gets to 8……. and we’re not sure if Hunter’s ok. On the replay, Hunter bounced his head on the table! That is not good….. but he did get up at 9….

In the ring Flair hits the chops…. sends Hunter to the ropes, but grabs and gets the kneedrop! Now Hunter is stumbling around… he gets a chair, and is about to hit Flair with it… and stops to lean in and just punch the hell out of Flair. He sets up for the pedigree, but FLAIR GETS THE LOW BLOW!
“Why isn’t Triple H bleeding?” – Eric
“Because he didn’t have a screwdriver inside of him” – Bill

Flair then hits Hunter square in the face with a chair… and the count begins again! Hunter gets to his feet, and Flair bites the hell out of Hunter!
“Spit out a chunk of forehead!” – Eric

Flair slides out and pulls Hunter leg first around the corner poll. He then pulls Hunter around the poll repeatedly.

In the ring, Flair bites on Hunter’s thigh.. does the kneedrop…. brings Hunter to his feet and clips the legs… he’s about to go for the figure four, and gets kicked out of it. Goes a second time, and gets kicked RIGHT out of the ring. Flair once again goes to wrap Hunter around the other corner poll… and Hunter has one of Ric Flair’s vest feather on his chest.
“Awww he’s molting” – Hernandez
“Hey.. what are those random things growing out of Ric Flair.. like that hole on his shoulders?” – Jeffrey
“..cancer..” – Bill

So back in the ring – Flair comes in with a chair and smacks Hunter down once – grabs the legs and hits the figure four, grabbing the ropes. Hunter actually gets to the point where he’s TAPPING!
“Sorry sir there is nothing I can do for you?” – Bill

Ric gets to his knees and the count begins. Hunter gets to 6 before he show’s life… gets to his feet and as Flair is going to charge in, Hunter charges with a clothesline, heads outside and sends in a pair of steps. He charges in and THWAK! That hurt. He goes to do it again, but Flair hits the russian leg sweep and Hunter drops him RIGHT onto the stairs. At 8 they both get to their feet again…

Flair hits the chops again… and the fistfight continues on. Flair sends Hunter to the ropes – Hunter hits the pedigree! Flair shows life at 6… gets to his feet at 9… Hunter grabs him and HITS IT AGAIN! Flair rolls around at 5… flips off Flair and gets to his feet only to eat fists…….. and gets put into a 3rd Pedigree!?!!! Now as Flair drops down he always throws down a knee.. it always looks quite painful.
“Flair is going to be needing a knee transplant after the match.” – Hernandez
“Flair is going to need a blood transfusion after hte match.” – Dani

Hunter rolls outside, grabs the sledgehammer – heads back in – and THAT IS IT!
“All I can think is – that man’s as old as my dad” – Dani
“It took 3 pedigrees and a sledgehammer… I’m ok with that.” – Hernandez
“Me too..” – Me
“You must feel REAAALLY good about yourself.. you just beat up an old man” – Dani
“It’s good to see Flair’s twitching” – Jeffrey
“Yes.. that’s called a perpetual vegetative state” – Bill
“He’s ”Doin The Schaivo” – Me

In the back – the Smackdown guys decide that Batista is the leader of the team. Orton even admits.. he is the man.
“I mean.. I err.. USED to be the man…” – Hernandez

Now coming down is Edge with Lita.
“Is Lita wearing the Witchblade?” – Dani

It’s actually a leather studded glove. Edge has an announcement, he’s going to debut his own new show. “The Cutting Edge” – Because he tells the truth.
“Okay.. fine.. WHY’D YA DO IT?” – HERNANDEZ

Lita reminds him of a special guest in the house.. Dimitri Young?
“Who?” – Me
“Baseball guy..” – Hernandez
“CM PUNK IS THE NEXT HBK” – sign behind Dimitri.

Edge eludes to steroid usage, and makes fun of baseball. How it’s a pansy boring sport.
“What the hell is he talking about?” – Bill
“No.. he’s right on that one…” – Me
“Okay fine.. but what the hell is he talking about?” – Bill
“I’m waiting for Hardy to come out and clear the ring..” – Hernandez
“I predict Undertaker” – Me
“That would be a waste” – Hernandez
“Yep, kind of like this bit..” – Me

So now Edge sends Lita out to ask Edge some questions of Dimiti Young. Dimitri then claims that Edge has no balls.
“Edge versus LT Jones… Wrestlemania.” – Me

Dimitri then asks Edge where his world title is..
“Hey, isn’t Michigan home of Eminem?” – Dani
“And Faygo” – Jeffrey
“From the Detroit Koalas!” – Eric

WINNER: Dimitri Young

Now we get the set-up for Cena/Angle. All the while we discuss the uselessness of Lita.

“Hey.. where’s Mufasa?” – Jeffrey

“One Fish”
“Two Fish”
“Three Fish”
“Four Fish”
“Five Fish”
“Six Fish”
“I like how we just keep counting fish…” – Bill

Match Of The Night?

“Hey.. this is Stone Cold right?” – Jeffrey
“It’s Urban Stone Cold” – Hernandez

Davairi takes the belt and raises Kurt’s hand.
“Kurt Angle won!” – Dani
“That was an awesome match!” – Bill

..The Bell Rings..
“Awww…” – Me

Lock-up to start and they fight into the corner.
“I like how this match is.. in fact.. a trap.” – Bill

They part and go to tie up again… Angle drops Cena and throws down the elbows on his knees, and begins pulling on Cena’s leg/ankle. Cena tries to get up, and Angle continues on it.

Angle gets up and Cena hits a few hiptosses. A few tosses to the ropes and Angle bails out of the ring….
“Hey.. does John Cena have stubby little arms.” – Hernandez
“OOOoo Angle chant!” – Dani
“Lets go Angle! Lets go Cena!” – Audience

Back in the ring, Angle gets ahead of the game, fists right into the corner that sends Cena to the mat. Cena reverses it, and I was discussing something else at the time when Cena hits a move.. and Cena pins him for 30 or so. Davairi goes to count the pin and says that Angle got up.

Well while this is going on, Angle grabs Cena’s ankle and brings him RIGHT into the middle of the ring. They fight for a bit, and as Cena grabs the ropes. Davairi kicks out Cena’s hand. Cena kicks out of the ankle lock and hits the spinebuster! As he’s going for the pin, Davairi doesn’t count further and Cena goes and hits Davairi… a few times!

Davairi is about to call out out the DQ when Angle STOPS DAVAIRI! Genius!

Cena charges both of them and they fall out of the ring. Cena charges outside the ring. Eats a suplex and a spinebuster. A new ref is coming in just as Angle is pinning Cena IN the ring.

Angle grabs him in a wastelock, Cena gets to his feet elbows out of it, but ends up eating the belly to belly from Angle anyway. The ‘Cena Sucks’ chant goes on… and in the ring Angle gets the sidesuplex. He grabs Cena in one of the craziest chinlock, leglock thingies I’ve ever seen.
“Angle’s been watching UFC..” – Hernandez
“Are they allowed to watch Spike?” – Bill
“What’s Spike?” – Hernandez

Chinlock finally and Cena fights up and sits down for the jawbreaker. Angle charges in quickly, and Cena hits the snap quick ddt for both men out in the ring. They now begin the fistfight in the ring, and Cena charges the ropes gets the tiltawhirl slammy thing that Cena likes. He hits the Five-Knuckle Shuffle. Angle gets to his feet right as Cena is going to hit the FU…. and Angle CLOTHESLINES THE REF! AWESOME! He nutshots Cena… hits the Angle Slam… New Ref shows up.
“All the other refs are in the back going ‘I DON’T WANNA!'” – Bill

ONE…. TWO…. NO! Angle brings Cena to the turnbuckle.. hits the superplex for a near two! Hernandez is now wondering why there is a Guatamalean flag in the audience.

Angle climbs up to the top by himself.. and MISSES the moonsault with some of the greatest air that Angle has had in a long time. Cena grabs the FU… Angle grabs the ref!!!!!!! He gets out of it and then throws the european uppercut to knock out the ref… as Davairi gets to his feet – LITTLE NAITCH COMES OUT! THEY ARE OUT OF RAW REFS!!!!! Davairi comes into the ring while Angle’s trying to stop Little Naitch. Cena DDTs him and in comes Angle and Naitch!

Cena hits the FU… and it’s that easy.

“This show isn’t sucking as bad as I thought” – Bill
“No.. it’s not” – Hernandez
“Yeah well they put the two matches that we were looking forward to in the middle.” – Me
“The worst thing is, we already saw Dave in the back not wearing a suit..” – Dani

And now it’s time for Eric Bischoff versus Teddy Long.
“Do you think Bischoff knows Tiger Claw?” – Dani
“I think Teddy should come out in a battle mech.. VVVTTT HOLLA!” – Bill

The Rabble team always on the uptake.. wonder where this ref came from, as there is a Raw ref and a Smackdown ref in the ring.

No reason whatsoever

They start the match with a verbal debate… and Teddy runs to the corner to get fan pop. Bischoff charges, but Teddy ducks out of the way. They jog around each other for awhile…

Teddy feigns doing crane technique.
“Are they looking for the samurai that smells of sunflowers?” – Dani

So as Teddy’s Network Exec is talking to the refs, Eric goes in and chokes out Teddy.
“Eric’s like Hong Kong Phooey” – Dani

So Bischoff puts Teddy in a sleeperhold.

Teddy takes off his shoe and hits Bischoff in the face with it… he’s going for it again, and Eric puts him in a headlock and chops him in the throat… stupidly.

Hey! Here comes the music for the Boogyman! I don’t know if that makes this match better. So as Bischoff watches the entrance.. Boogyman comes into the ring. He chokes out Bischoff.
“Boogidy Boogidy Boogidy BOO!” – Me & Jeffrey.
“Hey.. he looks like Cheetara” – Dani
“Or a pretty little ladybug..” – Me

Boogyman hits the pumphandle slam. Teddy gets the pin.


So the next commercial…..

In the background – the Smackdown team is on their way out.
“Rey you look like an MnM!” – Hernandez
“Jamie? Do I have to like either team?” – Jeffrey
“No.” – Me

So which team does the Raw Rabble Report Team Like?
Dani – Smackdown.. it’s got Dave and Dave Light
Hernandez – Smackdown
Eric – Smackdown, because of Masters specifically.
Bill – Pulling for Smackdown.. and I’ll throw Carlito into the mix.
Jenna – Smackdown
Jeffrey – I am going with Raw, because the Undertaker is going to interfere.
Simon – (After I bully him) Raw…

A long long match..

A long Eddie chant as Rey Rey comes out… nice. And as Lashley jumps on the apron..
“HEY! They just spraypainted Brock Lesner….!” – Me

Now as the Raw team comes down:
Shawn Michaels:
“Where’s his chains” – Dani
“He’s wearing old watches now..” – Bill
“And none of them have the real time..” – Jeffrey
“No, he’s wearing reflectors.” – Jenna
“So he can bike home.” – Bill

“Nipple Apple Crap” – Bill

Chris Masters:
“Let’s all concentrate really hard and hope he drops dead in the ring.” – Hernandez
“What’s on his crotch?” – Jeffrey
“A nike swoosh. He just did it.” – Me
“It’s actually just cut out.” – Bill
“Listen to that? Nothin… cricket cricket” – Dani
“Well they don’t hate him…” – Jeffrey
“They just.. don’t.. care.” – Bill

“..And FURTHERMORE!” – Bill

“He still doesn’t know why his hair is cut like that” – Eric
“Because Eric.. he was BURNED!” – Me

Okay… so now that we got that out of the way… the teams move to their seperate corners. Shawn starting in the ring with Orton. They lock up, and Orton forces Shawn into the corner. Ref makes them pull back and they relock up. More corner. More pullback. Orton then cheapshots HBK.
“That wasn’t nice at all.” – Bill
“Scalliwag.” – Hernandez

HBK pimpslaps him but nice. Orton sells it for a minute or two and they lock up again. HBK hits a few hiptosses. And HBK then slaps him again. Orton then falls.. again.
“Apparently you can do whatever you want to Orton and he’ll take it. One slap drops him.” – Jeffrey
“This is called overselling” – Eric
“No.. it’s the power of God.” – Hernandez

HBK sends Orton to the ropes and ducks down and eats boot. Orton takes the top of it, but HBK rings out Orton’s arm and tags in Chris Masters.
“Hear that… the momentum being sucked out of the ring.” – Hernandez
“The power of God has been replaced with the power of Cheese.” – Bill

Masters and Orton in the corner – throws Orton to the ropes and a shouldercheck. Masters goes for a pin and gets stomped from JBL. Finally Orton tags in Lashley. They flex at each other and bounce the ropes. Masters hits the ropes again and eats a powerslam. Masters gets to his feet and throws a clothesline on Lashley, and tries to put Lashley into the Masterlock. Lashley won’t have ANY of that though.

Lashley hits a BEAUTIFUL belly to belly… and Masters runs to tag in Carlito. Carlito decides he does NOT want to be tagged, but gets thrown in by Lashley. Finally tries to hit Lashley, but gets laughed at and clotheslined twice… a running slam gets a two count.

He sends Carlito into the corner and charges in, but Carlito throws an elbow and tags in HBK. Shawn runs up to the top of the ropes and gets slammed down, followed by a few more slams… and ANOTHER belly to belly. Carlito charges in and gets hit with the DOMINATOR. Shawn is about to get hit with the DOMINATOR and Kane grabs him by the throat – chokeslams him down.. and Shawn hits the pin…


Rey Rey takes NO time to come in and slide kick HBK… He goes clipping Shawn’s leg and hits the ropes – but Kane just boots him in the back.
“Kane is just clean-up crew tonight.” – Hernandez

HBK tags in Chris Masters, and Masters takes the time to full press Rey a few times.
“I can do that!” – Hernandez
“Easiest move.. ever.” – Bill

Masters tags in Kane, and Rey says NO! He hits the ropes and drops on Kane. Moonsault on Kane. Kane gets up.. Rey ducks a clothesline and gets caught by Kane – he flips around the man and stands behind him. Hits the ropes.. EATS A BOOT AWWWWwww…

Now Kane has the power of it.. he throws Rey into the corner and Kane spears him in the corner… hits a sideslam for the pin…. ONLY TWO!
“Did you see all of the team go to try and stop him.” – Dani

Kane then throws Rey into a bearhug.
“Just crawl into his mouth!” – Hernandez
“Who rules Bartertown? KANE rules Bartertown.” – Bill

Rey Rey bites Kane’s head.. hits the ropes.. slides underneath Kane and tags in DAAAAVE! Dave comes in and goes nucking futz! Big clothesline, tosses Kane to the corner, but eats an elbow. Kane goes and starts hitting the Smackdown team, but Dave spears Kane. In comes Team Raw! DAVE CLEARS EM ALL OUT!

Kane falls onto the 2nd rope.. and Rey 619’s him! SPINE-BUSTER! KANE IS OUT!

Kane is eliminated!

In comes Big Show! Goes for the chokeslam and TWO COUNT!!!!! Big Show tries to take it to Dave, but it ain’t gonna happen. Kane runs in.. Double chokeslam and..


In runs JBL who thumbs Big Show’s eye. JBL climbs to the top.. leaps RIGHT into Big Show’s arms and gets tossed into the corner. Orton tries to charge in, but gets booted. Rey leaps on Show, and gets caught and tossed. Show gets close to the ropes and gets choked on the ropes. Rey gets tagged in! He hits a 619 on Show. Orton gets tagged in. RKO! JBL gets tagged. CLOHTESLINE FROM HELL! Rey gets tagged in. WEST COAST POP!


Now the ring goes nuts… JBL on the outside with Shawn… in the ring Masters on Rey, and Carlito on Orton. Masters goes for the pin on Rey Rey for two. Masters picks him up and tags in Carlito. Carlito hits the suplex for two. Hits a legdrop for two. Finally putting him into a chinlock to give Rey a breather.

Outside, apparently HBK is not moving.
“Hey look Carlito and Rey are spooning.” – Dani

Rey fights his way out of it… but Carlito sends him to the ropes. Rey holds on and knees Carlito instead. Rey moonsaults, but is caught by Carlito. In runs JBL… CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL!


And in comes Masters… and they show us a brief shot of HBK dead on the outside.

In the ring, JBL has tagged in Rey, and he’s trying to hold his own against Masters. Rey gets tossed to the corner, and eats a spear… goes for another one and moves. Masters goes for Rey again, and Rey trips him… 2nd rope. 619!!!



On the outside. JBL drags HBK in… making sure to take a stop out at the announcers table. In the ring HBK gets to Rey. Rey throws HBK to the 2nd ring. He hits the 619… Goes for the top rope leap and EATS A SUPERKICK!


In runs JBL… and a Clothesline from—— SUPERKICK!

“Wait.. this is stupid!” – Dani
“His kick is filled with God!” – Hernandez
**Bill then starts praying**

Orton comes in and tries to hit the RKO… Shawn throws him to the ropes – he goes for the Superkick, but Orton holds on to the ropes and bails. Shawn leaps on him! After a long moment they roll back in. In the ring they come back and Shawn hits the flying crossbody….. NIP UP!
“Wait.. he walks around like he’s stoned, and his kick knocks out everyone?” – Dani
“He is in fact a Drunken Master” – Jeffrey

J … E … S …. In runs JBL with a chair… Shawn ducks it. SUPERKICK TO JBL! Orton sizes up Shawn – RKO!



Now all Smackdown comes down to cheer on Orton.
“Who are the guys with the bowties?” – Dani
“The Dicks…” – Hernandez
“That’s gay..” – Dani

And as they all are raising Orton over their shoulders… the bell rings… I should say.. chimes. And here come the monks.. and here comes a casket. The monks leave, and Orton is watching kinda dumbly.
“Undertaker just walks up to the ring.. around the casket. – ‘Hey guys!” – Me

So lightning strikes the casket…. it lights afire… and the lid falls off revealing the Undertaker.
“Now we need the other Undertaker to come.” – Jeffrey

So Undertaker comes into the ring and the entire Smackdown team throws Orton at him… he then tosses Orton out of the ring. Undertaker then goes and clears Smackdown house. Giving Regal the tombstone.
“Awww – he’s got a beard..” – Eric
“You can’t really shave in a coffin” – Bill
“Kill the lights” – Hernandez

At the top of the podium… Orton watches as Undertaker watches him from the ring… annnnnnnnnnnd scene.

Final Rabbletastic thoughts?
“I guess it’s ok… I don’t understand Undertaker coming back though” – Simon
“That didn’t suck.” – Bill
“Wasn’t a trainwreck.. was more like a hit and run” – Hernandez
“Not too shabby, I was expecting worse.” – Jenna
“Yay Dave!” – Dani
“I was entertained for the first time in awhile” – Eric
“Not as good as old Survivor Series.. cool that Undertaker’s back..” – Jeffrey
“So a couple high moments in between the horrendous. I give the wrestlers a huge thumbs up for working with what they had.” – Me

So that is the end of another PPV Rabble – and we’ll see you tomorrow to see how THE MOST AMAZING SURVIVOR SERIES SINCE THE LAST ONE has repercussions that WILL LAST FOR MONTHS TO COME…

Oooorrrr… not. Night all!