The Amazing Race – Recap – Episode 8-10

The above teaser is dedicated to the Weaver family.

We’ve hit the 10th episode of The Amazing Race and it looks like smooth sailing ahead… except that the teaser hints at a “surprise ending”, which probably means that we’re at the uberleg. Which you’d think would hurt the Weavers (since they have no money) but will probably hurt the Linzes more if they’re forced to carry their bags for any extended length of time.

Speaking of the Weavers, I looked up Park City, Utah on Google Maps and I’m not really seeing their logic in taking 92 to Park City. Sure it’s a short distance, but when I see winding roads on the map that generally raises a red flag that perhaps taking a major highway like US-40 is a safer bet. It’s likely that their goof won’t hurt them, as the teams are overdue for a major bunching, and with an anticipated extra-long leg, they’ll have lots of time to catch up, even if they’re about 90 minutes (my estimate) behind.

One thing that we saw on the previews is that Linda again confronts a team about the use of a Yield, but the Linzes simply shrug it off. As it should be, because even though it wasn’t an elimination leg, it gave the Linzes some lead time that they felt comfortable with over all the teams, not unlike how Rob and Amber Yielded Ron and Kelly in TAR 7.

The other thing we saw – the bumping of balloons – will probably prove to be nothing of consequence.

Standings after 9 legs:

1. Linz – Finally finished first.
2. Bransen – I bet Lindsey gets hit on by ski jump operators a lot
3. Godlewski – The production team screwing you over hasn’t hurt you at all.
4. Weaver – Linda Weaver seems to have gone a bit bonkers.
x5. Paolo
x6. Gaghan
x7. Schroeder
x8. Aiello
x9. Rogers
x10. Black

Last week, teams got campers, traveled to Utah, rappelled down a cliff, Yielded the Weavers and made a big splash.

Four teams are left. Will someone be Philiminated… next?

It’s Race time, and we’re LIVE on Inside Pulse. Let’s do it.

Episode 8-10 – Don’t Talk to Me Like I was an Animal or Something

We are in Salt Lake City, Utah, the ninth Pit Stop in The Amazing Race (Family Edition). Will the Linzes be able to maintain their momentum.

The Linz siblings, who were the first team to arrive, are the first to leave at 12:46am. They rip open the clue, which tells them to travel to Park City High School in order to find their next clue. Megan feels like throwing up, but is hanging in there.

Bransen, 1:23am. They note that the other teams have some tension between them.

Godlewski, 1:30am. The sisters aren’t really getting along.

The Linzes get to the clue box, grab a number and learn that they’re to inflate and take hot air balloons across Utah in the morning. Shuttles will leave starting at 6:00am, every 10 minutes, one team per shuttle. They get into their camper and sleep. Bransen and Godlewski arrive.

Weaver, 5:02. They of course have no money (the other teams have $87). Mama Weaver notes that they’ve never been treated like this before.

5:30am, the teams are out and see the Weavers pull in. And immediately they start gloating about still being in the Race. They keep asking the Linzes if their story, and the Linzes keep saying no. Now Linda thinks that the other teams are rattled. Uh, that would be a no. They just think you’re crazy.

The first shuttle leaves. The Linzes start with the balloon inflating as the Godlewski girls depart.

The Weavers are determined to beat the “bottled blondes and implants” (Godlewskis). Remember, they’re the NICE team, people.

Linzes and Bransens are off, while Rolly has some problems as the Godlewskis depart. Now we’re in the air and the Linzes… just brush by the Bransen’s balloons. 15 minutes in and we’ve already hit our two “exciting” incidents from last week’s preview.

Now teams are heading back down and the Linzes land and get their next clue. They’re told to drive themselves to Heber Valley Railway in Heber City and search the grounds for their next clue.

Bransens land as the Linzes take off. Godlewski land, and the Weavers are wondering why teams are heading that-a-way. They land rather steeply and the girls act as if they’re scared. Uh-huh.

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Back, and the Weavers slide down the hill to the shuttle. Meanwhile, the Linzes arrive to find a Detour – Spike It or Steam It

Spike It – Spike 20 feet of railroad track.
Steam It – Load 400lbs of coal into a coal car.

Linzes decide to Spike It. Bransens arrive and choose to Spike It as well. The Linz boys have things well in hand, and Megan has no problems with that. Godlewski arrive and also Spike It. Wally’s going slowly but surely. Linzes are doing really well, and Godlewski are like… well, a bunch of sisters.

Weavers arrive and decide to pray and Steam It. Which is probably smart seeing as all the other teams are doing a different task. Lindsey gets accidentally hit in the head. Godlewskis sing. Wally drives the spikes home. Megan does the bolts. Weavers are loading as fast as they can. Linzes find out that the spikes need to touch the rail.

Linzes finish the task and are told to drive 148 miles to the Bonneville Salt Flats and the Tree of Utah sculpture, and search the area for their next clue.

Wally and the Girls finish up and the girls give props to their dad for all his hard work. Weavers and Godlewski are still working, and Weavers finish first. They of course, thank God. Godlewski finally finish up, and are in last place, and bitchy with each other.

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We’re back, and the Linzes have arrived at the Tree of Utah. They are told to travel to Bear Lake Rendezvous State Park. The Bransens and Weavers are right behind, with Godlewski trailing by a bit. Teams will be camping and order of arrival will determine order of departure.

The Bransens are first and will depart at 8:30am. The Weavers are second and will leave at 8:45am. They park and get to begging for money. Godlewski arrive and will leave at 9:00am. The Linzes are the second team to fall victim to a production team snafu and are leaving at 9:15am.

Morning. Teams are told to travel 137 miles to Wyoming and Dunham Ranch in Green River to get their next clue. The Weavers leave and pray to God for help. Godlewski and Linz are off, and are looking to move up in placement.

Bransens arrive to the ranch first and find a Roadblock – Cowboy Up. 2 team members must mount horses and take some cows for a run. Lauren and Beth take it.

The Weavers arrive as the Bransens finish. They’re told to travel 195 miles and go to Old Faithful in Yellowstone Park, and wait for the geyser to erupt to get their next clue. Meanwhile, Rachel and Rebecca take the Roadblock for the Weavers.

Godlewski arrive, but again overshoot an entrance, and try to execute the 2000-point turn as the Linzes bear down on them.

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The Godlewskis manage to flag down a guy to help them back out their car and arrive at the ranch as the Bransens leave. The Weavers finish their task and head out. Sharon and Michelle Godlewski take the Roadblock. Linzes arrive and the tension between the teams is rather visible. I don’t think they’ll be sending each other Christmas cards.

Sharon and Michelle finish as Tommy and Alex Linz take the Roadblock. They finish quickly and head out.

Through the miracle of editing we see the Bransens arrive at Yellowstone Park. They apparently just missed an eruption, and the Weavers catch up, and the nice people call the Bransens “retarded”. The Linzes and Godlewskis reach Yellowstone, but the geyser erupts. The clue says to take 287 and find the ranch at 15200. So, yeah, it’s an uberleg

The Bransens pass Godlewski and Linz, and tell them where to head. The Weavers, unsurprisingly, don’t. And now they’re about 92 minutes behind the lead teams…

Who are looking for the ranch, and arrive to find Phil at the mat, and he tells them that the race is not over, and he has their next clue.

To Be Continued

Next week, Christine Godlewski shows up her sisters, and the Weavers get in trouble with the law.

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