InsidePulse’s WWE RAW 11.28.05 Report

Well I’m afraid that after seven months of covering RAW and over a year at Insidepulse that I won’t be able to contribute on a weekly basis anymore. This will be my final RAW report as far as I know, so I hope you all enjoy it.

The fallout from Survivor Series will be sorted out when RAW rolls into Cleveland tonight. RAW General manager Eric Bischoff will hold an all-talent meeting in the middle of the ring tonight at 9/8 CT. Tune in to find out what the GM has to say to the entire RAW roster.

Plus, last night Carlito and Shawn Michaels were teammates. Tonight things will be much different when they square off in the ring in one-on-one action.

And at Survivor Series, SmackDown referee Charles Robinson counted the pinfall as John Cena overcame Kurt Angle and his personal referee Daivari to retain the WWE Championship in a wild finish. Will the Olympic Gold Medalist have anything to say about Cena’s victory?

Tune into RAW tonight at 9/8 CT on the USA Network for all this and much more.

Before we go on to RAW, I will say that I ordered Survivor Series last night and thought it was overall a good show. It dragged a bit until the HHH/Flair match, which I enjoyed. The Angle/Cena match had me on the edge of my seat, even if the ref situation was ridiculous, and I thought the main event was fantastic, even if Smackdown! did win.

Hosts are Jerry Lawler, Joey Styles, & Johnathan Coachman
LIVE from Cleveland, OH

Bischoff is in the ring right from the get go, and he isn’t happy. He says that failures like last night will not be tolerated. He calls the superstars out to the ring, but instead gets Vince McMahon. Vince says that Eric isn’t going to fire anybody, and he personally told the RAW superstars to not come out to the ring when they were called. McMahon says that Eric had three goals at Survivor Series, and none of them happened. Vince asks Bischoff if he’s going to burn RAW down to the ground, but Eric can’t get a word out. The crowd starts chanting against Bischoff, and McMahon doesn’t want RAW to be a failure. Vince tells Eric that tonight he needs to set a goal and achieve it for once. Eric starts pleading for Vince to reconsider when it comes to being replaced, as he doesn’t think anybdoy could replace him. Cue Shane McMahon. Shane grabs a mic and tells Bischoff that he’s looking at his replacement. He was born to do this job.

Commercial break.

Shawn Michaels vs. Carlito
Carlito apparently thinks he should of been the captain of Team RAW last night. Carlito disrespects him to start and sends him outside the ring. Some choking with the shirt follows, and Shawn’s back meats barrier. Back in the ring, where Carlito gets a killer backbreaker! Carlito hooks on the side headlock and hits a shoulderblock to take Michaels down. Carlito hooks back on the side headlock, and he gets some near falls. Carlito looks to dump HBK, but he skins the cat back in. Carlito quickly clotheslines him back out however, and he follows it up with a plunge over the top. Back in, it gets 2. HBK reverses a crossbody and picks up a 2. Shawn hits the flying forearm and goes for the kip up, but his knee buckles. Carlito takes advantage of it as we head to a:

Commercial break.

We return with Carlito getting a rollup for 2. HBK looks to climb the turnbuckle, but Carlito catches him. He looks for the back suplex, but Shawn fights him off and drops the elbow. He tunes up the band with his good leg, but his left knee still gives out. Carlito hits the DDT for 2! Vertical suplex is escaped by HBK, who looks for the Sweet Chin Music, but he collapses. Carlito nearly gets pushed into the ref, allowing Shawn to finally hit the Sweet Chin Music for the pin!

The ref helps Shawn to the back.

Backstage, Angle demands another WWE Championship match from Bischoff.

Commercial break.

Video package covering the Last Man Standing match.

Backstage, Maria annoys Bischoff, causing her to be put in a match with Kurt Angle.

Commercial break.

Maria vs. Kurt Angle – Special Guest Referee Daivari
Daivari and the ordinary ref get in an argument, causing the real ref to slug Daivari. Daivari destroys him and hooks on the Camel Clutch. The fans are still being censored by the way. Kurt gets the mic and says that he doesn’t wrestle women. He simply asks for a hug, but turns it into an Angle Slam. He looks for the ankle lock, but Cena runs down.

Angle runs off momentarily, but Masters runs in and hooks on the Master Lock. Kurt and Daivari beat on him while he’s in the Master Lock, causing Bischoff to walk out and make Angle vs Cena vs Masters in a no-DQ submission match. Kurt finishes the segment with an Angle Slam on John.

Commercial break.

Trish Stratus, Mickie James, & Ashley vs. Candice Michelle, Victoria, & Torrie Wilson
Mickie and Torrie start off with a tie up, and James gets slapped. Ashley comes in but Wilson knocks her down with a clothesline. Candice tags in and goes for the head scissors, but Ashley powers out. Victoria comes in and gets a snap suplex for 2. Vic misses a slingshot legdrop, allowing James to get tagged in and clean house. Spinning heel kick gets 2 thanks to Candice. She gets taken care of and Mickie gets the Strausfaction for 3.

Commercial break.

Backstage, Shane and Bischoff get honest with each other.

Meanwhile, Masters announces that Daivari will not be refereeing the main event tonight.

Commercial break.

Shetlon Benjamin vs. Trevor Murdoch
Benjamin takes the punches right to him, sending him to the outside. He follows it up with a clothesline off the top of the runbuckle. Splash misses in the corner, causing Shelton to leap on the top. Trevor gets some punches for 2. Benjamin gets his spinnning heel kick for 2, as apparenlty Trevor has left Lance Cade. Trevor gets a faceplant for 2. Rollup with the tights gets 3.

Commercial break.

HHH’s entrance is already in progress when we cut in. HHH actually gets some cheers as well. Hunter says that he made sure Ric was in the finest hospital, with his own private room, and with his own plasma TV so he could watch RAW tonight. HHH says there’s no shame in losing to the best wrestler alive, but the fans beg to differ. HHH says that there is not a man alive who will look him in the eye. Cue the Big Show. Show says that Hunter is a piece of shit (it gets dubbed), and says the real question is if HHH has the guts to fight him. Hunter looks to answer, but Show scares him off.

Commercial break.

Big Show(c) & Kane(c) vs. Snitsky & Tyson Tomko – World Tag Team Championship match
We pick it up with Snitsky saving his partner from getting pinned from Kane. Snitsky gets tagged in, but moments later so does Show. Powerslam gets 2 on Tomko, even though he’s not legal. Anyways, Tomko just gets turned into the legal man, and Show gets the Chokeslam for 3.

Commercial break.

Kurt Angle vs. Chris Masters vs. John Cena(c) – Submission match for the WWE Championship
Big pop for Cena. John goes right after Angle, but Kurt and Masters double team him. Angle quickly turns on Chris, throwing him out. John quicly goes for the FU, but Kurt rolls through and hooks on the ankle lock. Masters comes out of nowhere and breaks it up with the Master Lock on Kurt. Angle tries to fight out but slowly fades away. Cena comes in to break it up, but he gets the same treatment. Angle breaks that up, and looks to be trapped by the Master Lock again. Kurt ducks it and hooks on the ankle lock however. Cena breaks it up with a double axehandle. John looks to go for the 5 Knuckle Shuffle, but Masters clotheslines him down. Kurt goes outside to get a chair, but Cena boots it in his face. John gets the chair and kills Masters’s knee with it. STF and it’s over. Alright, even though Cena got a good reaction upon entrance, there were some serious boos against him in that match.

Backstage, Vince says that he’s going to take out the trash the next week.


Biggest Cheers

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Special thanks to Widro, PK, Michaels, anybody who’s ever plugged me, anybody who I’ve forgotten, and anybody who’s ever given a damn about this column.

~Rave out

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