The RAW Events

The RAW Events
— Just gotta say… this Raw better be good coming off the Survivor Series PPV and with the game of the week goin on of Steelers vs. Colts, it better keep my attention too! Or else I have my trusty channel clicker by my side (who am I kidding, I’m gonna be changing it anyway!)

Cleveland, OH.

Hosts: Joey Styles, King, & Coach

The MAIN Events

– Shawn Michaels vs. Carlito
Carlito asked for this match by thinking he was suppose to be the captain of team Raw at Survivor Series and wants to prove why as he goes against the real leader from last night. Surprisingly enough, Carlito takes control early in the match and for the majority of it as well starting things off with the spit of the apple into HBK’s face. Pulls off a good and interesting backbreaker on Michaels targeting the back and ends up going to a very long and entertaining ‘slap- fest’ in the corner going back and forth between the two. Forearm knocks Carlito down following it up with the snack back up, but that’s where things go south as it looks as HBK hurts his knee popping himself back up (and for now, don’t know if it’s a work or legit as we head to break.) But as the trooper he is
Winner: Shawn Michaels (1)

– Maria vs. Kurt Angle w/ Ref Daivari
Yeah, this should be fun and it stars off too with another ref already in the ring fighting with Daivari in who’s actually gonna ref the match. And “real” ref decides to hit Daivari (yeah, that’s a wise move) and of course you know Daivari is gonna retaliate back. Well I guess you can consider that the real match with the ‘match’ were gonna have here next. Angle chants are censored once again just to let you know. Angle says he’s a gentleman and just wants to hug Maria, but as he gets the hug he turns on her and gives her an Angle Slam. And just as about when he’s gonna lock on the ankle lock, Cena makes the save. Masters helps out too, but in Angle’s favor as the decimate the champ. Bischoff sets another goal to see Cena tap out to lose the title. So tonight it will be Cena vs. Angle vs. Masters no DQ submission WWE Title match. Oh god, please don’t tell me there gonna start giving Masters the title- upper card push now!?!?! He doesn’t deserve it, hell he doesn’t even deserve to be in the fed, Masters flat out… you know, I’m not even gonna say it. Don’t these guys learn?
Winner: No Contest (6)

– Trish Stratus, Mickey James & Ashley vs. Candace Michelle, Victoria, & Torrie Wilson
Torrie makes her triumphant return and sadly we don’t get the traditional entrance between her and Michelle, sigh. Torrie starts off the match against Mickey and nearly gets the pin early on. Ashley is in and the tide turns as Candace gets the tag and uses her lovely legs to her advantage. James gets back in to take on Victoria getting some momentum but quickly fades. Mickey uses the stratusfaction for the win.
Winners: Trish Stratus, Mickey James & Ashley (5)

– Shelton Benjamin vs. Trevor Murdoch
Shelton doesn’t waste anytime going for the high- flying moves as he pulls off a clothesline from the top rope to the outside, hitting down Murdoch. But soon afterwards, the match slows down to Trevor’s pace and to a slug fest. Spinning heel kick connects for Shelton for two! Then misses another top rope clothesline that almost gives Murdoch the win. Another high risk moves misses for Benjamin on a sunset flip, but this times Benjamin keeps his momentum hitting a splash in the corner and then out of nowhere a roll-up with the tights on hold gives Murdoch the win!?!?! Damn, Shelton does not deserve this, who did he piss off??
Winner: (4)

World Tag Team Championship
Snitsky & Tomko vs. Kane & Big Show (Champs)
Match is already in progress as we get back from break with Kane taking it to Tomko. Then switches his attention to Snitsky to do the same right before the tag comes to the Big Show who cleans house, probably imaging he was taking on HHH. Kane goes up top and levels Snitsky and launches himself with the help of Show into Tomko who was stuck in the corner. And things end quickly after a choke slam by Show.
Winner: Kane & Big Show (2)

WWE Championship: Triple Threat No DQ Submission Match
Chris Masters vs. Kurt Angle vs. John Cena (Champ)
Double-team work starts off with Angle and Masters to take out Cena, but things quickly fade as Angle double-crosses Masters and reverses an FU to an ankle lock, which is then put into a master lock from Masters who makes his way back into the ring. Cena finally breaks the master lock on Angle (and yeah, I’m really not enjoying seeing Masters in a title match) Master lock is in place over Cena until Angle breaks it off and puts Masters in the ankle lock. AGAIN the submission is broken as Cena jumps off the tope rope to break up Angle and Masters. Cena takes out Masters leg with the sssstteeeeeellll chair and locks in the STF as Masters taps out (if only you could see the smile over my face right now over the fact that it was Masters who tapped out!) But just because Masters was in this match to begin with drops the rating here.
Winner: John Cena (3)

Quick HEAT

— Eric Bischoff stars off our show tonight, recalling Survivor Series and begins to call out the Raw locker room before Vince McMahon comes out to stop his little parade. Vince wants to get rid of Bischoff due to the job he’s been pulling out of lately as Eric retaliates by asking there’s no one out there worthy enough to replace him. But to his demise, “Here comes the money!” breaks out and so does Shane McMahon. Threats are issued as Vince lets him know if Bischoff doesn’t complete a goal tonight, then he’s fired as Raw GM and Shane takes over.

— David vs. Goliath (Rey vs. Big Show) Promo for Friday Night Smackdown

— Review: Survivor Series- Last Man Standing; HHH vs. Ric Flair

— Bischoff is backstage worrying about his dilemma as Maria walks in wondering if he’s going to get fired due to question from Shane McMahon. But Bischoff sends Maria out to wrestle Angle with the goal of never hearing Maria ask another question again.

— Shane goes into the office to confront Eric, attacking him against the wall making sure Bischoff knows not to respect him or his family name.

— Kurt getting prepared with Daivari backstage before Masters interrupts (yawn) because Masters wants the title (again, yawn) and that Daivari has the night off.

— Europe Tour Review

— HHH ‘finally’ makes his appearance for the night. He lets us all know that he’s a humanitarian as he made sure they took Flair to the finest hospital in Detroit. Trips wants Ric to finally ‘stay down’ and to stay away, you know his usual ranting about how great he is, blah, blah, blah. Cue Big Show. Show lets HHH know that he’s a piece of trash and that he doesn’t need a sledgehammer to do his dirty work because Show can do it with his own bare hands. Show also lets him know that HHH’s time is now to get his as he slaps the mic out of his hands. Prompting HHH to slowly back away. Hmm, maybe there finally gonna make Show the BIG BADASS he’s suppose to be.

— Vince and Shane backstage watching the WWE Title match and see Cena come out victorious as Vince tells Shane “Next week it’s time to take out the trash.” To end the show.

RAW Analysis
— Again, another show that at least kept my attention. I’m not going overboard and saying it was great or a 5 star show, but it was watch able considering everything else that is going on tonight (Football or Prison break anyone!?) I’m still on edge of what they are doing to Benjamin, man deserves at least another IC run, but with his showcases on and the job they made him do today… ouch, things aren’t looking good. Show/ HHH has me interested, but I’m just afraid this may be a squash feud to make Trips continue to look good post- Flair. And somewhat ‘good’ to see Shano-O-mac back on TV, lets just hope his appearance doesn’t go wary as it did with the rest of his family a few weeks ago when they wore out their new welcome. And by the way… USC takes on UCLA on their continued quest for the 3-peat!!! I can’t wait till they take out Texas (even if it is my home- state). Till that EVENT, I’m out, peace!

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