The Gospel of Wrestling: According to Matthew

Perception Certainly is Reality in McMahonLand…

The WWE is on the road to Armaggedon and so begins another build to the last PPV of the 2005 calender year. I didn’t see the Survivor Series on Sunday. but I’ve done my homework and from what I’ve been reading it sounds like the E pulled off another standard “okay” show with a couple of top flight main events. I wasn’t too surprised that Smackdown ended the evening the winners between the two rosters. The classic SS match coming to a culmination with Randy Orton getting the biggest push from it is pretty prudent under the circumstances with the World title right now. The return of Taker was good for what it was, I’ve seen it before and I’m sure I’ll see it again. His return, nonetheless – keeping with kayfab for the time being – was I’m sure very ominous and helped probably give the show a good cliffhanger for the coming weeks of Smackdown and the PPV on the 18th. The Cena – Angle match was more of the same good stuff from them from what I’ve read. I’d have liked to have had Angle go over, but indication show that the January show New Years Revolution will be headlined by Cena defending his title in an Elimination Chamber. Booker and Benoit will be battling it out until the end of time, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. There really needs to be a good twist at the end of the Best of 7 series though – maybe a timely return of Woman in Benoit’s corner to have a little mini feud with Booker’s Sharmell. And I’m definately keen to the Boogeyman character, and I think the gimmick has legs. Upon DVD viewing of the show down the road, I have to wonder if Mr. Boogeyman will even still be around.

RAW last night was just perfect in my book. I’ve never liked Eric Bischoff, and I’m sure that’s the point – but I for one think changing over to having Shane-O Mac in charge could be a good move. The audience certainly likes him – which they had better, considering we’ve got at least a couple of decades left watching him run rampant in WWE-Land. I think in the end, Bischoff will stay right where he’s at and this whole “Bring Shane In” thing is nothing more than a subtle reminder by the WWE to the fans of who’s really the boss – or bosses. The McKids are lurking the background at all times, ready to takeover. And takeover they will, I’m almost sure of it. The main event Easy E booked for last night, was actually a pleasant surprise. I thought the match itself was really good, Chris Masters is taking full advantage of the stroke he gets from working with the Big Boys, and the finish kept Angle’s heat in tact and Cena still has the gold…

The show started off with a hot little Carlito – HBK match. It was a pretty basic match, but Shawn’s overselling of his left knee added to the “Maybe Carly will beat him?!” appeal to the match. Good work from both guys, but it seems like alot of the WWE talent is stuck in a vacuum – not really doing anything for themselves as of late. I want some good feuds, some nasty angles that both make sense and help further life in the company.

Maria being booked to wrestle Kurt Angle! Now that had potential to be some great TV. Alas, it became a clever way to put together the main event this week. Maybe the E was listening to me when I put over Trevor Murdoch last week. He’s a helluva old school talent, but I have wonder why they keep jobbing poor Shelton Benjamin out the way they do. Maybe they know full well the guy will never draw a dime beyond mid-card level and are content to keep him where he’s at. Murdoch has a definate future ahead of him, if pushed with care for the next few years.

Torrie’s not so fired after all. She’s looking more and more like a rip off Paris Hilton with her little pooch. The womens match was a nice showcase of Mickie James, her character and on-screen presence are certainly growing on me.

Shouldn’t we encourage our beloved WWE Champ – John Cena to learn a few new moves every now and again. They treated his STF last night as too big of a deal. The guy is a f*cking wrestler, and we should expect all of top dogs to be able to execute moves well and different stuff all the time. I’m calling Cena out to put together a whole new moveset for 2006, and help bury his Vanilla Ice gimmick which is only growing stupider by the week. Bret Hart didn’t rap. Bret Hart kicked people’s asses.

And next week Vince and Shane will be “taking out the trash” – what could that mean? What will they do? Who will they fire? Vince For President 2008!

Ric Flair got into a little scuffle last week from the sounds of it. Nothing major, nothing that will send him away from a million years, nothing OJ caliber – but he did punk out some dude in a Toyota last week. Flair turned himself in though and is facing simple battery charges. I never needed to see my favorite wrestler the Legendary Ric Flair in a mug shot. Then again, I didn’t really need to see him playing cuckoo in a nuthouse in his boxers with Scott Hall, either. This memory of Flair, this pointless arrest of a true fighting legend, is being deleted from my memory ASAP. I’d much rather remember the Nature Boy as the guy who whipped his dick out on a airplane, anyway. Whooooo!

I sure wish I could get more TNA wrestling every week. One hour so late on Saturday nights isn’t enough. The show last Saturday was again very enjoyable as an alternative to the E. Samoa Joe’s squash kept my rapt attention and the dismatling of Christian Cage by Monty Brown was just good stuff. Period! The PPV is stacked with good matches at least on paper and should totally deliver. Joe vs Styles will be an instant classic as soon as they ring the bell and hit their first spot. Can you imagine how sweet TNA could be with Paul Heyman writing it, Jim Ross announcing it and Chris Benoit main eventing it against someone of Styles or Samoa’s caliber? It could very well be our future!

So here’s my little idea of what to do with the World title over on Smackdown. Be honest. Shocking, isn’t it! Send Teddy Long out to the ring, followed by Batista and strip him of the strap. Plain and simple. Of course, nothing in pro wrestling is usually so cut and dry. Maybe a World title tournament – ala WCW Mayhem in 99 – stick all the boys in the mix for it and crown the champion at Armageddon. I’d love to see a dark horse step up and claim a spot – maybe Ken Kennedy…Kennedy or Matt Hardy could end the year as the champion. Putting the strap wouldn’t be a half bad idea – it would give him the instant perception – there’s that word again – as a Main Eventer and then once Edge is healthy he could cash in his Money in the Bank and build toward Matt vs. Edge for the Big Belt at Wrestlemania – with someone like Batista or The Randy thrown into the feud for shits and giggles.

That’s it for me this week. It’s a busy Tuesday. The Smackdown Special later tonight should be a nice way to spend the evening, with Rey Rey as David taking on the Big Show’s Goliath…maybe Triple H will make an appearance and Pedigree them both! See you Friday with the Byte This report and have a safe and sound week ahead.