Desperate Housewives – Recap – Episode 2-9

Previously, on Desperate Housewives: Susan’s father is still alive and running the local feed store, Lynette meets her new boss, the boss of Nina, that is, Carlos is a changed man and can’t wait to get out of prison, and George and Bree’s engagement is already over before it really even began.

“That’s Good, That’s Bad”

Bree’s hosting a party at her house, only to find George trying to serenade her outside. George won’t go away until Bree blows George’s speaker away with a shotgun blast. The next day, George begs for Bree to come back to her, but she’s not sure what kind of person he is.

Lynette is tired of Nina’s abuse, but no one else will speak up so Nina will not apologize for anything that she does to the people at the office.

Carlos got paroled early and is considered “armed and very, very horny”. Gabrielle’s as happy to see her as the case is vice versa.

Susan and Julie go to the feed store, as Susan just wants to see what he’s like, and it turns out that not only is her father awesome, but he gave her a hat–of course, not knowing that she is his daughter.

Carlos and Gabrielle are done, and Gabrielle finds out that Carlos is a man of God, redicsovering himself in prison.

Susan is still wearing her hat at poker, as the other Housewives discuss how Susan is going to break this to her father, and what it’s going to be like for them afterwards. Edie is the downer, of course.

Lynette arrives late at the office to view a proposal, but instead finds Stu and Nina doing the nasty. Lynette goes for blackmail the next morning, just asking Nina to be nice from now on.

Carlos wakes early to go to a non-Sunday mass, as Gabrielle then begins to get jealous of Sister Mary Bernard, who turns out to be one hot nun.

Nina fired Stu, as Lynette is going to have a problem proving Nina banged Stu, and there’s another round of firings coming, which Lynette takes as a threat.

Susan is overqualified to work at the feed store, but then her father gets paranoid that his wife came to test his loyalty, so Susan finally reveals that she’s his daughter, and it hits the man like a ton of bricks, as the man has a heart attack.

Dr. Goldfine is badly injured, but not dead from George’s attack as Bree visits him in the hospital to talk about George. Dr. Goldfine begins to talk about his assailant, which clues off Bree that it had to have been George who did this to the Good Doctor.

Lynette invites Stu over to explain Stu probably got fired for having sex with nina, and technically, it’s sexual harassment. Stu will definitely talk to Ed about that, but it seems like he was more interested in hearing about the lawsuit for millions of dollars.

Susan wants to get to know her father in the hospital, but the feeling isn’t mutual. Prudy’s wife arrives and Susan claims to be her guardian angel, the one who saw him having a heart attack and called 9-1-1.

George arrives home with some groceries, only to find the police there searching his home. He gives Bree a call but Bree tells George that she knows what he did to Dr. Goldfine, so he should turn himself in. George instead decides to dump his groceries and run.

Gabrielle invited the Sister over for lunch, just to make sure her intentions were pure, and at lunch Carlos decides to change his ways right there by donating his sports car to the mission and telling Gabrielle to cut down on her shopping. Naturally, Gabby uses the power of suggestion (read: sex) to convince Carlos to change his mind, at least for today.

The office is in shambles, as Ed is lining up people for the firing squad, and calls Lynette in. Lynette is going to take Nina’s old job, since Stu filed a sexual harrassment suit against the company. Nina warns Lynette that the job will suck her dry, so Lynette better be ready to say farewell to her kids, because she’s taking over responsibility for the neediest child in the world.

The nun overheard some of Gabrielle’s “talk” with Carlos upstairs, and Gabrielle tries to convince the nun to back off, but she refuses as she sees Gabrielle getting in the way of Carlos’ true potential. Gabrielle decides to start a war with the nun, and that’s okay because God is on her side, so Gabrielle can just bring it on.

George sits in a hotel room, hiding from the police and then asking the bellman to deliver something to Bree and warning him to call George’s room if Bree makes her way up there. She gets the note and calls the detective, who reveals that in the search of George’s home, they found some evidence connecting George to Rex’s murder. That sends Bree right up to his room, as Rex takes a lot of pills with some alcohol, passing out and then waking up to find Bree knocking on his door, as Bree comes in and asks George to tell the truth about what he did, and she’ll call the ambulance. George does no such thing, instead saying that he loved her and everything he did was out of love for her. George expires as Bree lies to him, her last words being that she called the paramedics, when she clearly did not.

End episode.

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