In Perspective: Leave Eddy Out of Distasteful Storylines

Having watched Tuesday Night Smackdown special tonight, I couldn’t be more disappointed in the WWE for their choice of using a symbol of Eddy Guerrero in a current angle involving the Undertaker and Randy Orton specifically. It was in bad taste because not only did the camera film Rey praying to God and asking Eddy for guidance before the match, he should have asked for Eddy to send Vince a veto on a storyline that involved a low rider. Why did Vince McMahon have to “go there” so soon after Eddy’s passing? It’s still very fresh in the heart and minds of the WWE fans and I could only imagine how fresh in the minds it is of the talent and crew that worked with Eddy Guerrero. Even today, I was going through old tapes and found old footage of Chavo with Pepe and Eddy Guerrero versus Konnan in WCW.

I was willing to accept the slam onto the hood by the Big Show for his heat because I felt either Chavo Guerrero was going to ultimately rescue him for a incredible pop from the fans or Rey would pull off a amazing comeback victory. Instead we get a small payoff, the Eddy frog splash by Rey from a appreciative crowd solidly behind Rey, and then the chaos and bad taste begins. Kane comes out which is fine, it makes sense, it’s Big Show’s partner. Then Undertaker appears and Kane walks away at first which was a little shocking, then Kane comes back and fights the Undertaker. Then Randy Orton hits Undertaker with a RK0, they end up in the low rider after Orton hits him with a tire iron. Orton speeds the car into reverse, taking out the video screen and causing the pyro and fireworks display to end the show, presumingly leaving the Undertaker trapped – in the low rider, as Orton is able to escape.

I understand that is most likely a low rider rental from Cincinnati, OH, but it still represents Eddy Guerrero’s memory, it was apart of his entrance, there is no way Vince McMahon can really say that was a tasteful move. There isn’t enough time between Eddy’s passing to now to pull such a stunt. What makes it worse is the fact they showed Rey praying out loud to God and to Eddy, and a actual video package in memory of Eddy Guerrero, Rey comes out to Eddy’s music in the low rider and then still use a low rider in a Undertaker/Orton fire/death type angle. I hope there is a outrage because there should be. I’m more disappointed than anything, WWE put on a good pay-per-view with Survivor Series which featured both brands and then they keep a ridiculous over the top angle going. I don’t understand why Rey agreed to go through with it, maybe because he is considered a background part of the angle once Orton attacked Undertaker. Sadly, is flaunting what happened tonight on their front page and calling it a “Hell Ride” with Orton gripping the wheel and a firey graphic background.

I know some can say this is to give Orton ultimate big time heel heat but if he can’t accomplish that without using Eddy Guerrero’s low rider than that says a lot about just how talented Randy Orton really is. I wish I hadn’t made a special effort to tune in tonight and that’s putting it in perspective. Thanks for reading, I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving, feel free to drop me a line at