[RAW] Heat Spoilers & Dark Match Results


Heat Spoilers and Dark Match notes from last night’s tapings in Cleveland, OH:

– Mark Henry vs. TJ Young. The Cleveland, Ohio jobber gets abused by Henry and beaten in less than four minutes. As Henry left the ring, he kicked an order of nachos out of the hands of a fan standing near the ramp.

– Val Venis & Viscera won a squash match in less than five minutes. The crowd is surprisingly hot for V&V, who win with a Money Shot and a splash from Viscera in less than five minutes.

– Lance Cade vs. Yoshihiro Tajiri. Very nice pop for Tajiri, little to no reaction for Cade. A beautiful spinning back kick to Cade’s head is just what the doctor ordered to put Cade and the crowd out of it’s misery in six minutes.

– Rob Conway vs. Chavo Guerrero. Huge pop for Chavo, and loud “Eddie” chant starts the match as Chavo acknowledges the Eddie chants and points to the sky. Chavo blows a kiss to a fan raising an Eddie Tribute T-Shirt. The crowd has little reaction to Conway, and Chavo scores the pin in ten minutes, and the crowd gives him a very nice sendoff.

Credit: PWInsider.com’s Paul Belfi and Mike Ptak

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