[SD] Taping Results for SD and Velocity From Cincinnati (Spoilers)

Smackdown and Velocity results from Cincinnati, according to Steven Speed and WrestlingObserver.com:


Orlando Jordan b. TJ Dalton
Mr. Kennedy b. Kid Kash


Mexicools win 6 tag team battle royal
London/Brian Kendrik, The Dicks.

Chris Benoit b. Steven Regal

Randy Orton b. Matt Hardy – After the match Undertaker
announced HITC match with Orton at Armageddon.

Boogeyman b. Simon Dean

Bobby Lashley b. Sylvan

ME: JBL/Rey Mysterio and Big Show/Kane was a no
contest when JBL walked out on Rey. At the end Batista
made the save.

Loudest pops: Eddy (RIP), Undertaker, Bobby Lashley,

Most Boo’s: Orlando Jordan, Big Show/Kane, JBL and
Booker T

From we the fans saw Big Show did spit on Guerrero
Lowrider, poor judgement by WWE. I’m tired of them
using Eddy likeness after his death.