[TNA] Backstage Notes from iMPACT! Tapings

– During last night’s iMPACT! tapings, TNA let the wrestlers know that CEO Frank Dickerson has left the company. We’ll have more on this as it is available.

– Jeff Jarrett and AJ Styles will appear at the Video Game Awards on Spike TV, Saturday, 12/10, along with The Rock. Due to the VGAs, the final iMPACT! before Turning Point will air as a prime-time special on Thursday, 12/8.

– The Sabu vs. Abyss Barbed Wire Massacre match at Turning Point will feature no ropes, even though initially they were planning on wrapping the ropes with wire. At the TV tapings yesterday it took about 11 minutes to remove the barbed wire. Due to logistics, the match will lead off the PPV.

– The following is a possible SPOILER, so if you want to read it highlight the text starting now: Bobby Heenan was at iMPACT! last night, and also filmed segments for Xplosion. Also featured at the tapings were Amazing Red and Tough Enough 2 contestant Kenny King (in a tryout match vs. Abyss).

Credit: PWInsider.com