The Art of Wrestling


Well, his column really doesn’t go downhill, I just don’t write what he writes about. I will say that I always enjoy Gordi’s work and it has made me a fan of different styles of wrestling. Just the other day I caught Brock Lesnar’s Japan debut on YouTube. The Japenese fans are so much cooler than we are. They get pumped but are respectful too. You don’t find that too often.

Now for some Art of Wrestling:

Clitoris headscissors! CATFIGHT!

– WWE is bringing back Saturday Night’s Main Event as a special. Two things:

1) Seeing as how they are bringing every “Legend” back to try to recreate some magic, it only makes sense to bring back an entire show.

2) This is where the brand split becomes a pain in the ass. Do they have SD and Raw square off and blow some Wrestlemania load? Do they give it to one brand? Do they have the brands work the same show, just not against each other? It becomes confusing.

Additionally, you know that TNA is going to see this as a shot at them, because Saturday is “their” night. Fools.

– Many people are up in arms about WWE’s “use” of Eddie Guerrero’s legacy on Tuesday night. First off, they aren’t tarnishing his legacy, their using his car. Second, do you honestly think Mysterio would have agreed if they were pissing on Eddie’s ashes? Of course not. More than anything, it shows that Eddie dead is more over than half the roster and that his ride alone could draw some heat. This made me think about some other dead people’s stuff they could use:

1. Owen’s Slammy: The best way to bring Bret back to TV.

2: Pillman’s Gun: Perfect way to bring Nick Dinsmore back to TV.

3. Rick Rude’s Tights with Jake Robert’s Wife: Perfect way to run a Jake Roberts memorial show. (Those rememberance shows draw huge)

4. Renegade’s Tassles: Perfect way to f*ck with Warrior again.

Those are just some examples. Don’t let me get into Andre, Monsoon and some others…

Good to hear that Chavo will use the Frog Splash though…

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