The Sunday HEAT


“Taking out the trash” a day early before Raw.

Val Venis & Viscera vs. Brad Bradley & Jaymin Oliveris
Viscera starts things off and it aint pretty for the ‘jobbers’ of this match as the big man plows his way through both men. Val majes his way in and a wishbone is made over Oliveris. But cheap shot from outside the ring behind Venis’ head from Bradley gets the momentum for his team and let the double- team offense begin. The job doesn’t last long as Venis finally gets the tag in the Big Vis as he completely demolishes the newcomers and finishes Brad with a DDT and a sandwich on the far right corner, catapulting both Venis and Viscera into both of them to get the money shot/ Viscera drop for the win.
Winner: Val Venis & Viscera

Lance Cade vs. Tajiri
Well you had to know the Murdoch/ Cade tag- team wasn’t gonna last long cuz well you know… it’s a TAG TEAM!!!! Anyway, headlock matches up both fighters as Cade mocks the “karate” style towards Tajiri. More teasing continues as Cade sort of easily takes care of Tajiri with a few headlocks and shoulder blocks which gets a strange reaction from Todd saying that Cade reminds him of the “old” HHH? And so far NO offense whatsoever from Tajiri as Cade has completely taken over this match making Tajiri look as the jobber before a kick finally nails him directly in the jaw sending him to the ground. Tajiri follows it up with the kick to the head to get the 1-2-3. Wow, didn’t see that coming, they had Cade dominate that match sssoo much you would think they were actually trying to push him. Oh well.
Winner: Tajiri

Raw review of last Monday about the possibility of Eric Bischoff getting fired.

Rob Conway vs. Chavo Guerrero
“From El Paso, Tx!!!!!!!!!!”….. Good to see Chavo back to his old form and old self here again and away from the stupid Kerwin White gimmick he had for a while just in time for the MAIN EVENT! Chavo starts things with the shades and a LOUD “Eddie!” chant (good to hear, brings a smile over my face!), but quickly throws them off as he gets things going with a few arm twist and a take down on Conway. Shoulder block takes Rob down and things start to slow down in the usual mid- match way with headlocks from both guys. Another shoulder block takes Conway down into yet ANOTHER headlock. Both back up as Rob takes a few shots to the face at Chavo but is quickly tossed out of the ring. Back in things don’t get much better as Chavo puts in a few shots of his own tossing him against the ropes setting up a head scissors that tosses Rob back outside. Crowd really rallying behind Chavo that really doesn’t help as Conway gets his way back in the ring, eventually locking him in an abdominal stretch using the ropes to get extra leverage. the hold is finally broken and Chavo fires back getting Conway down on a clothesline and follows it up with a knee to the face and a huge power bomb nearly gets the win for Chavo at 2! Uppercut knocks Rob back down for 2! Neck breaker shoots Chavo down and another 2! Dropkick nails Conway perfectly that sets up huge finishing move (Conway set up with his back against Chavo, that face plants him down flat on the mat).
Winner: Chavo Guerrero

HEAT Wave of the Night
Good long match and clean win for Chavo, but just for kicks, I think it would have been fun to see a little lie, cheat, steal win there! Enjoyable Heat, definitely worth the time checking it out this weekend with FINALLY a decent MAIN EVENT. Peace.