[SD] More Details from Velocity & SD Tapings (Spoilers)


Additional spoilers from last night, according to Jason Flynn:

Some tickets had a 7:30pm start time listed instead of 6:00pm, but only a few people came in late and it was not noticeable. No announcers at ringside for Velocity.

1. Wrestlemania 21 music video on screen, biggest reactions in the crowd were to Austin and Batista.

2. Ryan O’ Reilly b Eric Perez, very basic wrestling, nothing special by either. O’Reilly got good reaction due to being billed from Columbia.


3. The Dicks b Scotty 2 Hotty and Funaki (Funaki and Hotty moderately over), lots of corner isolation moves by both teams. LOD looking on from ramp during match. Scotty did the worm. Funaki did the headlock & head-scissors take-down on both Dicks at same time. Dicks used double team legdrop off the turnbuckle for finish. Post-match saw Dicks and LOD trash talk from ramp and ring.

4.Wrestlemania anthology ad on big screen.

5. Simon Dean beat Caprice Coleman (billed from Columbia) before match Dean on mic says his “life has been turned upside down since wrestling Boogeyman”, Dean to Coleman, “You think this is funny”, and then Dean punches him. Dean uses head-scissors to bang Coleman’s head, face first into canvas numerous times. Finish Coleman went for a heel kick and Dean turned it into a reverse rockerdropper. Neither over to much except Coleman’s intro pop being billed from Columbia.

6. Brian Kendrick and Paul London b Vito and Nunzio. Good mat wrestling at very beginning. This was a real good non-WWE style match, to bad almost nobody will see it being on the WWE website. Good Scott Stiener like Frakenstiener by London. Vito did a athletic Vader splash in corner. Lots of well done flying moves by everyone. Fast paced.

7. Sylvan in ring on mic says he is in town to satisfy all women. he invited all the women in Columbia to his room 1369 at the Marriot hotel and told them to bring all there girlfiends. He got some boos.

8. Matt Hardy b Sylvan. Hardy definitely over with crowd. Three “Hardy” chants in match. Finish: Hardy goes for legdrop off top, Sylvan moves, Hardy lands on his feet, twist of fate by Hardy.


9. Announcer introduces Columbia’s own Moolah and Mae Young to crowd and they walk out and just wave to everyone from the wrestler entrance and walk back.

10. All time highlight’s air for 24/7 ad on screen to Van Halen song “Right Now”. Including Hart throwing monitor down at Survivor Series ,a few WCW and ECW clips and a Flair clip and Cornette clip( falling from scaffold) from the Crockett days.

11. Taz music and Taz and Cole and introduced.

12. T-shirt shootout to fans. Boos from fans when it finishes.

13. JBL and Mole chick to ring.

14. Orton-Taker recap video starts Smackdown, & opening theme. University of South Carolina shown as tonight’s location form outside (the past 3 or 4 years, all tv tapings in Columbia say it is from USC instead of Columbia, it’s not a USC crowd at this , Does saying Columbia SC portray a hickish image, whatever).

15. JBL interview with a bandage over one eye. Says Sugar Ray Leonard’s career ended with less of an injury. Says he did not desert Rey Mysterio. “Rey did not do his part.” Says , He(JBL) should retire but is generous and will not retire for fan’s benefit. Says he is Mr. Smackdown.

16. Mysterio b JBL by DQ. JBL moved from Bronco Buster. Cross-body to floor by Rey. Finish, Rey is attacked as going for 619 by Jordan. Batista runs in and runs Jordan and JBL off Teddy Long comes out and order main event of Batista and Rey vs JBL and Jordan.

17. Orton on screen says he will call out Taker right now.

18. Benoit music video with clips from ECW, WCW, Japan and WWE.

19. Orton- Taker video for Armageddon. Randy Orton (w/ Bob) says he is “Close to snapping.”, calls him out tonight to end it. John Calvin, Virgil, Waldo Emerson, and Dante quotes appear on video screen with Taker saying them on P.A. system. Taker says Orton is on highway to hell. Taker entrance video and music then play and Orton’s leave. Big letdown and groan when Taker does not come out.

20. Crystal speaks with Booker T at locker room door . Booker draws results of 2 to 0 on a board with marker , soon to be 3-0 and a sweep.

21. Super Crazy b Joey mercury. Crazy missed an Asai moonsault and land on his feet outside the ring.Crazy won with moonsault after Nitro tried to trip him off but another Mexicool hit Nitro. Mexicools were over with crowd. Good match. Post match: MNM beat on mexicools when a new person (Kid Kash) ran in and helped them.

22. Orton in locker room washes face in sink, looks in mirror and sees Undertaker in mirror looking at him, Orton rubs his eyes and he is gone afterwards. (we can see his hallucination)

23. Mexicools music plays as they leave the ring.

24. A guy who was never introduced enters ring. Mr Kennedy’s music plays but Palmer Cannon comes out and says Mr. Kennedy is injured but the network has found a suitable replacement. Boogeyman comes out (stupid question: Did Marty Wright knock his own teeth out or are they using some other special effect?). Boogeyman beats unnamed wrestler. Boogeyman eats worms in corner. Finish: uses a abdominal stretch into powerslam and spits worms into opponents face as he pins him.

25. Randy Orton with Bob backstage talking to each other and then camera flips from Randy to Bob and Bob has bad looking fake blood on his face, camera shot back on Randy, then back on Bob and blood is gone and Bob acts like he does not know why Randy is acting strange. (Oh jeeeez).

26.Booker-Benoit match next on screen.

27. Video of Benoit attacking Booker with cool dive across the announcers table from last week after Regal-Benoit match.

28. Booker T(no noticeable boos) beat Benoit. Sharmell introed Booker T. Benoit got a real good pop for intro. 2 Benoit chants during match, one started by a few little kids. Benoit’s selling and facial expressions seem to ring true with audience even at a distance away from ring where I was. His selling looks very real. Finish: Benoit with two german suplexes, 3rd reversal by T into spinebuster. Heel kick by T, Benoit ducks, hits ref. 2 German’s by Benoit, 3rd turns into crossface. Sharmell runs in with chair, Benoit gets up before she hits him. T hits Benoit from behind. T then hits Benoit on back with chair, scissor kick, and ref revives and counts three. Match built and fans were into it good beyond halfway point.

29 Tonight’s main event on screen.

30. Lashley footage from Survivor Series on screen.

31. Benoit holds up hands, his music plays and he leaves to good reaction and applause.

32. Slam of the night on screen: Lashley-Sylvan highlights from last week.

33. Bobby Lashley beat William Regal (heel) w/ Burchall at ringside. Lashley did not get much of a reaction coming out. Finish: Two Belly-to-Belly suplexes by Lashley, backdrop, and Dominator for pin. Dead match. Can’t they use Regal better than this?

34. Bret Hart DVD promo on screen.

35. Ortons on video in back talking scared, they leave backstage and Taker’s face is on a little screen backstage. There’s a pause. Ortons shown putting luggage in trunk of car and then the car just drives off by itself. Josh then comes to interview them. After a few sentences, Josh starts talking with Taker’s voice coming out saying “I will see you in Hell”. Randy shakes his head. Josh in his voice says “any thoughts?”. Then Josh says “what?” after a strange look from Randy. (This was just way to much for me shaking my head, although this did get a mild laugh from the crowd. Someones been watching Ultimate Warrior WCW film).

36. Colonial Center shown on screen from outside.

37. Armageddon card on big screen: Rey & Batista vs Kane & Big Show, Booker vs benoit, Mexicools vs MNM (6-man?), Taker-Orton (Hell in a Cell).

38. JBL limo comes out. Jordan JBL and Jillian Hall go to the ring. Mysterio introed. Limo leaves. Batista intro. Biggest pop of night for for Batista intro. Rey did an Eddie shake mannerism to a pop. Early Batista threw Rey into opponents for a few double team moves. “Batista” chants. Mole chick warned JBL from outside of 619 coming, he got up. Jordan punched and kicked a lot and not much else. JBL did a fallaway slam from the 2nd rope on Rey. Fans on floor seats were standing the whole match. Jordan and JBL beating on Mysterio most of match. Rey does a spinning DDT from corner and hot tags Batista . Batista spear on JBL. Rey does La Sillia on JBL. Dropkick by Rey to JBL who hits Hall, both on ropes, 619 on both at same time. Finish: JBL backs off from Rey, Jordan hits Rey from behind. Rey regains advantage. 619 on Jordan. Batista does a spinebuster on Jordan, and then a Batista Bomb on Jordan for pin. Rey and Batista celebrate to cheers. Crowd left mostly content. Columbia is a generous crowd usually.

Credit: WrestlingObserver.com

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