IP Wrestling WWE Rankings: December 5, 2005


Here is the latest update of InsidePulse Wrestling’s OFFICIAL rankings* of the WWE RAW and Smackdown rosters … posted a week after final WWE PPV event of each month. Check out this link for last month’s rankings (as of November 7), and click here to see any changes in the RAW and SD rosters since the last rankings report.

(Last month’s ranking for each superstar are in parentheses following each name, with italicized comments included where appropriate.)

Official InsidePulse Rankings for WWE RAW and Smackdown – 12.05.05



WWE Champion – John Cena (Same)
Intercontinental Champion – Ric Flair (Same)

1. Kurt Angle (1) – Lost to Cena at Survivor Series, but still hasn’t been surpassed as number one contender.
2. Edge (3) – Still has his Money in the Bank, which gives him a title shot.
3. Shawn Michaels (2) – Captained Team RAW at Survivor Series, and drops a slot due to their loss.
4. Triple H (6) – Climbs another two slots after win in the Survivor Series Last Man Standing match.
5. Big Show (4) – Down a slot to make room for HHH, but still dominant.
6. Kane (5) – He and Big Show are unstoppable as Tag Champs, and in the top six in singles competition.
7. Carlito Caribbean Cool (7) – Up a spot after a winning month.
8. Chris Masters (8) – Drops a slot with RAW’s loss at Survivor Series.
9. Trevor Murdoch (NR) – Debuts on the Top Ten as he positions himself for an IC Title shot.
10. Shelton Benjamin (10) – Stays put after going toe-to-toe with Angle.

Unranked Heavyweights:
Antonio (NR)
Eugene Dinsmore (NR)
Gene Snitsky (NR)
Gregory Helms (NR)
Chavo Guerrero (NR)
Lance Cade (NR)
Matt Striker (NR)
Nick Nemeth (NR)
Rob Conway (9)
Romeo (NR)
Rosey (NR)
Tajiri (NR)
Tyson Tomko (NR)
Val Venis (NR)
Viscera (NR)


Champion – Trish Stratus (Same)
1. Victoria (1)
2. Mickie James (2)
3. Candice Michelle (4)
4. Ashley Massaro (3)
5. Torrie Wilson (NR)

Unranked Women
Lita (5)
Maria Kanellis (NR)

Tag Teams:

World Champions – Kane & The Big Show (Same)
1. Gene Snitsky & Tyson Tomko (NR)
2. Val Venis & Viscera (2)
3. The Heartthrobs (Romeo & Antonio) (3)
4. Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch (1)
5. Kerwin White (Chavo) & Nick Nemeth (4)

Not Active Wrestlers (since November 7):

Coach (NR)
Daivari (NR)
Danny Basham (NR)
Hulk Hogan (NR)
Jerry Lawler (NR)
Joey Styles (NR)
Johnny Parisi (NR)
Mick Foley (NR)
Rene Dupree (NR)
Rob Van Dam (NR)
Stone Cold (NR)
The Rock (NR)
Todd Grisham (NR)



World Champion – Dave Batista (Same)
United States Champion – VACANT

1. Randy Orton (2) – May have to get through Taker first, but still no one in contention higher than him right now, after being sole Survivor at Survivor Series.
2. Rey Mysterio (5) – Getting huge push, in last two main events.
3. Booker T (US Champ) – Up 2-0 on Benoit in battle for US Title.
4. Chris Benoit (3) – Stays in top 4 while in the midst of US Title Best of Seven.
5. John Bradshaw Layfield (6) – Back in the main event… for now.
6. Matt Hardy (4) – Drops two slots after DQ win over Kennedy and loss to Orton.
7. Bobby Lashley (8) – Except for Survivor Series elimination, remains undefeated.
8. Ken Kennedy (7) – Drops a slot after a winless month during which he was injured and likely out for the next six months.
9. Boogeyman (NR) – He’s comintagetcha!
10. Hardcore Holly (9) – It was him or OJ, and we flipped a coin, so…

Unranked Heavyweights:
Big Vito (NR)
Heidenreich (NR)
Chad Dick (NR)
James Dick (NR)
Joey Mercury (NR)
Johnny Nitro (NR)
Orlando Jordan (NR)
Paul Birchill (NR)
Road Warrior Animal (NR)
Sylvain Grenier (NR)
Theodore Long (NR)
William Regal (NR)


Champion – Juventud (Same)
1. Nunzio (4)
2. Kid Kash (1)
3. Simon Dean (5)
4. Scotty 2 Hotty (NR)
5. Funaki (NR)

Unranked Cruiserweights:
Brian “Spanky” Kendrick (3)
Paul London (2)
Psicosis (NR)
Super Crazy (NR)

Tag Teams:

WWE Champions – MNM (Nitro & Mercury) (Same)
1. Mexicools (Super Crazy & Psicosis) (2)
2. Heidenreich & Road Warrior Animal (1)
3. Paul London & Brian Kendrick (NR)
4. William Regal & Paul Burchill (4)
5. The Dicks (5)

Unranked Tag Teams
Nunzio & Big Vito (NR)
Scotty & Funaki (NR)

Not Active Wrestlers (since November 7):

Cowboy Bob Orton (NR)
Doug Basham (NR)
Jillian Hall (NR)
Josh Mathews (NR)
Krystal (NR)
Michael Cole (NR)
Palmer Cannon (NR)
Stacey Keibler (NR)
Steven Richards (NR)
Tazz (NR)
The Undertaker (NR)

No longer listed on WWE.com or appearing on TV:
Eddie Guerrero (1) – Rest in peace.
Roddy Piper (10) – Broke his hand; angle with the Ortons seems to have ended.
Christy Hemme (NR) – Released.

*In this monthly feature, the InsidePulse Wrestling editorial board ranks the heavyweight, women/cruiserweight, and tag team divisions on World Wrestling Entertainment’s RAW and Smackdown brands. Rankings include the top ten heavyweights, top five women/cruiserweights, and top five tag teams on each brand, and include everyone listed on WWE.com’s RAW and SD Superstars pages, plus regular, unlisted competitors from each brand.

These rankings take into account (in order):
– Current title status**
– Declared and presumed storyline rankings
– Recent victories and quality of opponents
– Quality of matches (psychology, workrate, and entertainment value)
– Quality of TV exposure (length, placement during show, and crowd response)

**In the heavyweight division, “secondary” champions are always de facto top contenders unless otherwise stated on television.

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