In Perspective: The Fine Line


This week’s RAW was a overall positive one for getting back in the right direction of having more than three wrestling matches in a two hour period. I also liked the idea that the matches were to build up storylines and the Elimination Chamber.

As much as I’m a Ric Flair fan, it’s a little strange to have him wrestle knowing there is a lot of real life drama going on his life involving the law. Normally, something like Ric Flair versus Kurt Angle would be something that completely enchant me, however, I didn’t believe that Flair would have a chance of winning to advance into the main event at New Year’s Resolution. I would much rather see Flair versus Angle saved when Flair’s heart is into it without the distractions.

It also goes without saying that I’m very much a Kurt Angle enthusiast. However, I don’t know if it was necessary to have Angle’s character “go there” and say he shouldn’t go visit the troops because the country doesn’t back him. I understand he’s the heel and this is to get heel heat, but once again, I think there are other ways to get heel heat than go after a certain percentage of the fan base. However, John Cena looked like a really strong face with one of his best promos in his hometown. It was realistic that Cena brings up that half of the WWE fan base doesn’t support him, it completely worked in the content of the story since taking a shot at the troops makes it hard for the fans to still cheer for their Olympic Hero. We’ll see how it plays out outside of Massachusetts.

Shelton Benjamin’s new attitude evolving is what he needs however, he is still on a losing streak. There is the rumor that they are going to cast a “large black woman” to play his mother – and I don’t know what writer feels it necessary to keep typecasting minorities (for instance, why would Shelton’s mother be automatically overweight?) but I’m going to try to reserve judgement until the character enters the storyline. It already reminds me of when Judy Bagwell was used on WCW television.

Candice Michelle’s flirting with Vince McMahon reminds me a lot of when Trish Stratus first started having a storyline with Vince a few years back. As much as I hate it, it must have some sort of consistency with McMahon’s character, having a lot of hot women hit on him no matter how old he gets.

There is also consistency with the Big Show versus Triple H teaser that has been developing in the last month. It makes sense that Triple H would cost Big Show his opportunity to advance in the main event for the World Title.

Unfortunately, Chris Masters is not leaving the main event picture anytime soon since he’s advanced against Viscera which was obvious from the time Masters came out was going to happen. The announcers arguing of who started predicting Masters would be a “big star” first is a indication that no matter what fans really feel about Masters as a main event, if he’s pushed way too soon above people who had been working for years for that kind of push, doesn’t matter because the WWE will always push whoever they want to.

Matt Striker is doing his impression of Shane Douglas apprantly. Hopefully this means Rob Van Dam will come back and beat him in a five minute match.

Mickie James and Trish Stratus’ storyline is still the most intriguing part of RAW for me because they are both playing the parts so well and they can tease the possibility of a heel turn by both. I wish the writers had allowed all the women’s division to flourish this way.

If Dusty Rhodes becomes General Manager, let’s hope it’s not like his tenure in TNA because I can’t take him in a pick up truck with hot women flirting with him.

The fact that Hunter is not in the Elimination Chamber opens up for Hunter versus Big Show for equal revenge purposes. I’m somewhat surprised somehow Triple H didn’t somehow pull it off and leave Big Show screwed out of fighting him or the main event picture. Now the question is who will be eliminated first, Kane or Chris Masters since I don’t expect either to win the WWE Championship.

A interesting gimmick match “You Can’t See Me” with Cena blindfolded and Daivari that works with a hot Cena hometown crowd. Cena has to take that momentum and carry it outside his home state as “the top baby face of the WWE” for him to last through Wrestlemania as WWE Champion without more people getting incredibly burnt out on his reign and that’s putting it in perspective. Thanks for reading, feel free to drop me a line anytime at