[SD] Taping Results for SD and Velocity From Springfield, MA (Spoilers)


Smackdown and Velocity taping results according to Adam Hughes and Mike Rossi, WrestlingObserver.com:

Dark Matches/Velocity

Sylvain def Springfield jobber

Doug Basham def Worcester jobber

Jamie Knoble def Boston jobber

William Regal def. Scotty 2 Hotty with help from Paul Burchill (crowd was nuts for Scotty, don’t know why)

Orlando Jordan def. Funaki

Brian Kendrick and Paul London def. two jobbers

Simon Dean promo mid-ring, insults Springfield crowd, talks about how he hates XMas, bah humbug.

-Sorry I didn’t catch the names of these guys, as Tony Chimmel was tough to hear over the hot crowd early on.


The Boogeyman def. Nunzio (w/ Vito) in a major squash

Randy Orton is shown back stage, talking to his father, Bob Orton, who recommends that he see a shrink. Orton obliges, and is next shown laying on a couch talking to the shrink, an older man with a beard. The shrink asks Randy what he’s got to prove and that this ‘Hell in a Cell’ is a matter of life and death. Randy thinks about what the shrink said.

Batista is shown backstage, and Melina enters and begins rubbing his shoulder and chest. She kisses him, and Batista grabs her on his lap, as she grinds him, and they make out as the screen fades to black.

Screen comes back and Melina is shown fixing her hair, insinuating that Batista tapped that ass, and says something to the effect of asking Batista if the match with him and Rey tonight against her MNM is off. He laughs and tells her he’s going to ‘kill those guys.’

Kid Kash def. Super Crazy with brainbuster. After the match, Kash attempts another brainbuster on a chair, but Juventud and Psychosis save Crazy.

Batista and Rey Mysterio def. MNM to win the tag team titles. Rey played the victim the entire match, made the hot tag to Batista, who finished off I belive Johnny Nitro for the win.

Bobby Lashley def. Paul Burchill in a squash.

Randy Orton is shown backstage talking to his father, and tells him that he has made a decision and will share it with the crowd later tonight.

Matt Hardy promo backstage with black lady interviewer, and is interrupted by JBL, who punches Hardy. After JBL begins talking, Hardy attacks JBL and they brawl on the ground before its broken up by officials

Hardy and JBL is shown on the screen announced for Armageddon.

The Dicks def. LOD when Heidenrech was pinned with a top rop legdrop.

JBL comes out to do commentary for the Matt Hardy/Booker T match.

Booker T def. Matt Hardy after JBL gave Hardy a clothesline from hell on the outside when Sharmell distracted the ref. (Sharmell came out with a broom, signifying the sweep on Benoit. Note, there was NO mention of Benoit on the show. Very pissed off about that).

Randy Orton comes out and announces his retirement. He says that he has killed many legends, and has since realized that nobody can kill the legend of the Undertaker. He says that he is going to kill another legend tonight, his own. Cue Undertaker music. Druids come out, followed by the Taker. Crowd went NUTS live. Taker walks into the ring, druids leave, except for one, who holds up an urn. Taker looks towards Druid, while Orton blindsides Taker and kicks him in the balls. Orton attacks Taker with an RKO, yet Taker gets up. Orton grabs a chair and destroys Taker, yet he gets up once again. The druid takes off the hood and its Bob Orton. Randy grabs the urn from his daddy and nails Taker, who this time does not get up. Randy grabs the microphone and tells Taker he’ll see him this Sunday at Armageddon. End of show.

Afterwards, Taker just got up to his music and slowly walked back as Chimmel thanked us for coming.

Credit: WrestlingObserver.com

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