[WWE] Updates on Mexicools, Benoit, Jericho and Nash


– Chris Jericho is at it once again. His official website is currently sporting a banner with the slogan “Who will be the next GM of Raw?” on top of a picture of Jericho.

– Kevin Nash has a role in the upcoming Adam Sandler comedy “Grandma’s Boy” as, somewhat ironically, a moving man.

– Shane McMahon and his wife Marissa are reportedly expecting their second child in February. Their son Declan was born in February 2004.

– Some sources are reporting that Chris Benoit will be leaving WWE after the Armageddon PPV to work a few dates in Japan until his North American no-compete clause expires.

– Juventud Guerrera recently pitched a talk-show segment called The Juice Is Loose to the Smackdown writing team but it was turned down. He also pitched a Mask vs. Mask feud with Rey Mysterio but that was turned down too. When reminded that he doesn’t wear a mask, Juvi said he could just start wearing one for that feud. When told to think up group ideas for the Mexicools as a whole, he reportedly said that Psicosis and Super Crazy were not in his league and that he should be up at Mysterio’s level. Juvi has been getting a lot of heat backstage the past few weeks and nobody else will travel with him except for Bob Orton. JBL has been quoted as saying recently, regarding Juvi, “Don’t waste your time with him. He’s a retard. He’s hopeless.”

Credit: PWInsider, Wrestling Observer