[WWE] Webmaster: “Did Tim White Actually Die…? No.”


John Fischer sent this to PWInsider.com regarding the Tim White apparent suicide angle from Sunday’s Smackdown Armageddon PPV — a response from Tim White’s webmaster at FriendlyTap.com:

Hello, thank you for your inquiry about the Armageddon PPV incident involving Tim White. In the world of professional wrestling, nothing is what it seems. Did Tim White actually die in “real life?” No. Did his wrestling persona die on WWE television? This is unknown.

What is known is that Tim White does what everyone in society does. His job.

Tim has been a loyal employee of World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. for over 20 years and it is a good thing to get camera time in a vast sea of entertainers.

Did morals play a part in Tim’s decision. We, and he, believe so. Unfortunately, with the recent passing of WWE Superstar (and friend of Tim White) Eddie Guerrero, people have been outraged at what transpired. Please be aware, that sometimes storylines are created over a long period of time. Just because this angle happened after the death of Eddie Guerrero doesn’t mean that Tim or the WWE is disrespecting his memory.

The WWE produces television. Please be aware, that sometime things happen beyond the realm of television which doesn’t change the course of the product. If a show is based on a murderer and a character passes away in real life, they do not re-write it. They write that character out of the story and the show goes on. Is this cold and heartless? No. It may be sad to the fans, but it doesn’t take away from the product.

If this happened on a show like CSI and an actor passed away in real life, they will not re-write the show and turn it into a program about everything but death. It is just the natural course of events that transpire throughout the course of television history.

Please be aware that the WWE product is just television and entertainment. It’s just up to the fans to decide how far they want to see into the product.

While we are not here to defend the actions that happened on the Pay Per View, we support Tim’s decision in the way he portrays his character on television.

Thank you for your inquiries,

Matthew Michaels is editor emeritus of Pulse Wrestling, and has been since the site launched.