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Tim, it was like 70 degrees on December 25th. Now, that’s what I call Christmas. If you can’t play a game of basketball outside, it just doesn’t feel like Christmas to me. How was the weather in your neck of the woods, and did you get anything you want to brag about?

A 70 degree Christmas is wrong in so very many ways. Nothing you can say will ever convince me otherwise.

On the other hand, I am going to have similar weather for New Year’s as I am broadcasting this column right at you from sunny Phoenix, Arizona. So perhaps, this year, I am in no position to talk.


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What I Read Last Week

Gotham Knights #72 – Interesting read. Bruce suspects Thomas of cheating on Martha. Kind of a one off story that stops everything cold.

JSA Classified #6 – Wow, the JSA got dismantled pretty quick. I’m appreciating the look at the inner workings of the Injustice Society. I hope that Icicle maintains his high profile. And I’m also happy to see that Johnny Sorrow hasn’t been forgotten by the Society. Not the Injustice Society, but Lex’s Society.

Hyperion #3 – Why do I care about an alternate timeline of the Squadron Supreme? This mini better make this tie in somehow, or I’ll be irked something fierce.

It is kind of like JMS having his cake and eating it too. He cannot replicate Gruenwald’s Squadron Supreme maxi-series in Supreme Power, but he can tell an “alternate timeline” version of it here.

Manhunter #17 – How could Wizard overlook this nifty cover? I dig the tabloid stories. I liked the Golden Age connection, but didn’t that particular JSAer play a role in Damage? Is he the “go to” guy for connections to the Golden Age?

Between Damage, Atom Smasher, and now Manhunter, yep, it certainly looks that way. Huh…that JSAer certainly got around, didn’t he?

Still, a great book.

Green Lantern Corps #3 – I love the art. I love Gleason’s work. I’m diggin’ the new Korugaran G.L. I was a fan of Mrs. John Stewart, so I’m hoping for a future hook up. I also appreciate the GLC Vendetta Squad.

Green Lantern #6 – Tim, I completely agree with your assessment about the writing. I loved the art, but the writing just seemed off to me. I couldn’t really connect with it. It seemed a bit rushed, like the story could have been fleshed out a bit more.

Bulleteer #2 – Have I said how much I love how cover scheme for the storyline? I always look forward to the “#2” issues because of the headshot. But the storyline is progressing along fine, even if Wizard kind of show the Guardian in their JLA spread. But specifically speaking about this issue, I dug it. I like the future nemesis. I like the ties to previous events.

Justice #3 – Poor J’onn. Poor Aquaman. But it’s great to be a comic fan. I’m really liking this series more than I thought I would, since I don’t really consider myself too “fanboy.” But this book has merits beyond the “purty pitchers.”

Testament #1 – I figured I’d try the book out. I’m not completely hooked, like Loveless but I’m not completely lost, like DMZ. I guess I’ll give this book a chance and see where it goes.

The Flash #229 – Oh my god, this was difficult to read. Like “J.D. Finn” difficult to read. Like The Titans difficult to read. And it’s got such a great cover too. With each passing issue the impending axe falling seems more and more like mercy killing.

Adventures of Superman #647 – Why Hammy? Why? Why go bad? Well at least no one died. Plus Lupe made out alive and kept flirting.

Ahh, Lupe. Nice to see there are some things we can count on remaining constant in this crazy world.

Infinite Crisis #3 – Whoa. Liked the revelations. I liked Kal L and Bruce’s heart to heart. I liked how Bruce stayed true to form. I also noticed how Barry had settled down and become a parent, just like Wally and how Wally taking off kind of mirrored a scene in the original Crisis. I just hope that DC has the guts to pull a Dog Day Afternoon with Alex Luthor and Superboy-Prime. One thing I know for sure; Tarzan “experimented” with apes. (I’m also pretty positive that A.L. and S.P. hooked up.)

Huh…you aren’t the first person I’ve heard mention this possibility. I totally missed it though. I should be reading my comics for more gay subtext, apparently. You know, like one would read Billy Budd.

Yeah, I just went all Hermann Melville on your ass. What? Bring it. Liberal arts education in the howwwwwwwwwwwwww-se!

Hellblazer #215 – Nice way to establish a new status quo for a new writer. I’m curious how John’s journey will continue.

We’re doing a Reader’s Feedback Column this week for a few reasons. First, it’s between two pretty big holidays so I’m sure that every one needs to recuperate from and rest up for events. Secondly and kind of more importantly there’s been a sever lack of questions coming in. I’m not angry; I understand that with the holiday season things trickle off. But if you’ve ever had a question for the column now is the time to ask. The well is running dry.

Feel free to send me dozens of questions. The more the merrier. I’ll get to them all. Just send them in!

Andrew D. responded to the Bizarro answer in the 8/4 column.

Could it not be seen that Bizarro conceivably beats everyone he would play because everyone plays could beat him? Remember, to Bizarro everything is the opposite…so him being beaten by anybody would be a victory for him.

Okay, my head hurts now…jus thought I would point that out…

Wow. Mind meet blown, courtesy of Andrew D.

Talowolf answered the question I posed in the same column;

52 sounds good in theory, I just think it’s too early to make judgement calls without knowing which writer and artist teams are going to be on it, for now just show me the price.

Glen Davis has some issues with our my statements about political leanings of various heroes in the DCU, from the 8/11 column

Concerning the politics of heroes, I think you over simplified both the differences of the political parties, and the differences between the DCU and our own world.

For instance, Superman is a reporter for a newspaper. But he is an actual objective reporter, hewing to the ideals of his profession. Such a being does not exist here on our earth, so I’m not sure you can categorize him as being liberal or conservative.

Hawkman is actually what liberal writers think a “good” conservative would be like, with not a whole lot of understanding of what the conservative worldview is, or that there is more than one way to be conservative. Hal Jordan is similarly problematic. When Denny O’Neal wrote HTH, I don’t think he actually knew any conservatives. Hal certainly wasn’t conservative in the Goldwater/Reagan mode. He was actually a Kennedy/Johnson liberal democrat as opposed to Ollie’s McGovern democrat ideology.

There is also a chance that John Stewart, Cyborg, and Mr. Terrific could be conservative, like Colin Powell, Clarence Thomas, and Thomas Sowell.

Aquaman isn’t really an American, so he doesn’t count, but I would say to you that Ted Kennedy and John Kerry are also very used to the royal treatment. Wealth and position are not always good ways to discern an individual’s politics.

I think I thought about this way too much.

First, I’m not entirely sure that Clark “hews” to the idea of his profession, seeing as how he mostly just writes stories about himself while pretending that it is some other guy.

Second, I cannot wait for an era when we can bury the myth of the severely biased press. Does it happen? Sure, on both sides of the fence. But this whole “every reporter is just trying to further his agenda” thing? It’s tired. Tired like “all liberals will raise your taxes and spend it on silly programs” or “all conservatives do not care about people unless they are rich people.” I know the argument. They would not be clichés unless there was some truth to them. But “some” is the operative word.

And yes, I get that you were just making a joke. I’m jetlagged and filled with the righteous indignation. Sorry.

Terrance also chimes in on the topic at hand;

So, crime & punishment, age, farming, fathers, the military, marriage, blue-collar jobs, deaths in the family (Mr. Fantastic – wouldn’t deaths in the family go for every single character in every comic book ever printed?) are all conservative;

Homosexuals, not casting judgment, technology and cloning (???), hooking up with assassins, single parents, sleeping around, drugs, and women’s issues are liberal.

And the environment is only reflected in third parties?

What is going on? Now, if Tim’s caveat reflects your analysis, then things shake out alright. But if you honestly believe that Batman would support any politician who gave him a tax break or that Superman would vote conservative, you’ve clearly been brainwashed hardcore by the Rush/Hannity/W conspiracy. And associating liberals with sleeping around and drugs? What?

If we’re talking “personally,” I’m with you. Very few of DC’s heroes have crazy personal lives. But politically, you’re in a whole different ballpark.

Kyle Litke has views as well;

I was going to call you on Superman as a conservative but Tim beat me to it. He may be more conservative on a personal level, but as far as a world view, political level, Clark’s always struck me as more liberal.

Neil will not be outdone;

Tim really nailed it on my opinion of your list Mathan.

But, for those who care, here’s my feelings:
Batman – Batman may be all about crime and punishment, but he’s also a businessman. He’s going to be voting on the candidate that can give WayneTech the best write off and is willing to turn a blind eye to what he orders.
Except for his view on the Death Penalty, yeah, this guy is hardcore Conservative in his views on criminals, business, etc.
Superman – Superman is a farm boy, from a Red State. I’ve got to think that this guy is going to be a bit on the conservative side.
Tim said it well in his reponse. I can’t see Superman supporting things like the Death Penalty, focus on business rather than the individual, etc. I think he’d be a bit more proactive if he were a true Conservative. And even though they are from a Red State, Jon and Martha Kent don’t strike me as supporting things like Big Business either.
Connor Hawke – Connor is a likely third party voter. He’s a bit earthy and isn’t going to be swayed too much by rhetoric.
If he felt it would make a difference, then yeah, I can see Connor voting Third Party. But based on his background and his father, I think if he were forced at Arrow Point to say “Liberal” or “Conservative,” he’d go with Liberal, then kick the guy holding him at Arrow Point’s ass.
Nightwing – Nightwing was a cop. But he also spent his youth with a diverse crew (the Teen Titans), so I’m putting him more on the liberal side. However as time goes by I see him becoming more conservative, which I guess would make him a moderate.
Dick is the typical kid of a Staunch Conservative. He’s going to rebel in his 20’s, but as he gets older, he’ll become more Conservative.
Hal Jordan – Hal is also going to be conservative. He’s heavily influenced by his father, a military man, and isn’t going to want to be perceived as weak.
You also have to weigh in the fact that he’s a common man fighting for the common man. I don’t think he’d be especially lenient towards Big Business. Plus, he spent some time with Green Arrow seeing America through Ollie’s eyes.

I’m going to say Silver Age Hal was a Conservative. “Hard Travelling Hero” through the beginning of ET he’d be a Liberal.

Now, I think he’d be moderate, but lean a little towards Liberal.
Guy Gardner – C’mon, the dude bleeds conservative.
Well, duh, I should have listed him in my question as one of the “obvious” ones to figure out.
John Stewart – I think John falls on the liberal side of the equation, but I’d imagine that on certain issue he could come off as a conservative. But for the most part he’s a liberal.
DCU John is a Liberal, no doubt. JLU John would be a Conservative in my mind.
Kyle Rayner – This guy is an artist who vehemently defends homosexuals. That sounds pretty liberal to me.
Definitely. He’s the type I see forwarding those e-mails that the government is going to cut support to things like PBS and the National Endowment for the Arts.
Wally West – I’m saying that Wally’s a conservative. Here’s why, Barry is his role model. He may have began his career as The Flash in The Flash #1 a much more liberal (free-spending, sleeping around), but in recent years he’s really settled down. He’s married now and has a blue collar job, in a Red State. He’s become more conservative with age.
Again, I see Wally, like Dick, as being the typical “kid” of a Conservative. He rebelled for a while, but I think you’re right that he might be a bit more Conservative. But then again, he counts among his best friends a reformed criminal who’s also a homosexual. Besides, while her parents seem Conservative, Linda has never seemed to Conservative herself and Wally pegs me as one of those guys who goes with what their wife says (trust me, being one, I know the type!.
Jay Garrick – I think that Jay’s pretty liberal. He never really casts judgment, and didn’t disapprove of Barry the way that Alan looked down on Hal. Jay tends to let the kids be kids. And he wears a metal bowl on his head.
Despite being from a Red State and an old-timer as well, yeah I think Alan is pretty Liberal.
Aquaman – Aquaman, who is used to the royal treatment is going to be conservative, except when it comes to the environment, which he’ll likely go third party.
Agreed. Hell, it was his promises about the Environment that got Luthor Arthur’s endorsement when he ran for President.
Wonder Woman – I agree that third party candidates will reflect some of her ideals, but she’s clearly hard on crime, which leads me to believe that she’ll be a bit conservative.

I only say Third Party because if that Third Party were Amazon, I think she’d vote for it.
Cyborg – This guys going to be liberal, if only for his interest in expanding technology and cloning.
Can’t disagree here.
Arsenal – C’mon this guy hooked up with an assassin and is a single father. Plus he sleeps around. He’s a liberal.
But, on the same time, he’s big on weaponry and was involved with the CIA (and Checkmate if memory serves), so I think he’d be a Liberal NRA member.
Martian Manhunter – This is a toughie. I think that due to his enlightened sense of thinking he’s not going to fit in any category. He may even be beyond the whole thing. But just to supply an answer, third party.
If there ever was someone who could “vote early and vote often,” it’d be J’onn in his many different guises. I say he’s a complete moderate and if he does vote in his various guises, he makes sure the total number of votes on either side cancels the other side out.
Manhunter – Kate is clearly a conservative. She kills criminals that escape justice.
Another no-brainer.
Firestorm – He’s a freewheeling college kid, who associates with known drug dealers. Jason’s a liberal.

Yeah and I think Ronnie would have been a Liberal as well.
Atom – Ray Palmer (a character I’m guessing is going to reappear in the current JLA arc) has to be liberal. He’s way into science, and he can’t be too hard on crime, since the woman he loves is a killer. He maybe inching toward moderate with the current happenings in his life.
Kind of hard to be from a small liberal arts college town and not be a Liberal (but I keep hearing the pattern is shifting).
Mr. Terrific – I think that he’s a moderate. He’s not going to be too faith based, but he’s also not going to be too liberal (his wife was killed). That would put him smack in the middle.
But then again, I seem to remember him saying that he asked the Judge to be lenient on the driver during the sentencing phase. His attitude last year when he was going to see the guy in prison was one of “live and let live.” Besides, he sold his business pretty quickly and he’s got a strong distrust of government agencies like the DEO that are designed to protect the general public.
Power Girl – I’m guessing that she’ll be pretty liberal. I think that women’s issues are important her and conservatives tend to be more “family values”, which she would probably find off-putting.
Oooh, if you ever had any doubt (and were hanging around the DCU), tell Kara that you don’t think woman should have the choice in cases of abortion. Something tells me you would have very few unbroken bones after all is said and done (plus a long lecture on the fact that a woman’s body is her own and no man should have a say).

Wow…you knew that people would be so interested in the politics of superheroes?

Oh Neil’s not done he’s also got ideas about other things from the same column;

Get a hold of a way to shrink like the Atom. Sneak onto the moon smaller that their sensors would detect and go around tap dancing on their brains (with GL and Flash my first targets, then J’onn, Superman, Plastic Man, Wonder Woman, etc.). In “Rock of Ages,” once Ray got past his force field, he tap danced on Darkseid’s brain, killing him. If it worked on Darkseid, I don’t see why it wouldn’t on Superman’s, J’onn’s, or any of the others.

The key would be to do so in a manner so as not to arouse suspicion and protocols against something so small entering their bodies. I’d be worry about breaching GL’s ring (or having the ring ID me), so GL would be first. Flash, when his speed kicked on would be hard to penetrate, plus he’d be most likely to deduce what was happening or at least recover from minor problems (before it got bad enough to kill him) the fastest.

J’onn and Plastic Man would be next, since they have control over their bodies and might find a way to either trap me or prevent me from getting to the brain or other vital organs.

Superman after them, for the sheer fact that he’d be the next most powerful.

I say it’s not spectacular, because if I did it right, all it would look like would the JLAers passing out dead on the floor, no fight, no explosions, etc.

Neil makes me…nervous.

Starman Matt wants in on the political action;

Well, I know everyone could probably care less about my opinions, but having written a bit upon this subject in the past (and having pissed off more than a few conservative fans with my theories on how all superheroes are, to some degree, liberal)… I feel I should comment on this.

Batman: I don’t think Bruce would bother much with politics outside of token appearances at fundraisers. But on a personal level, I think he’d be a social liberal/fiscal conservative. Yes, Bruce is a deep believer in being tough on crime when appropriate. But there have been numerous stories which showed that he donated more money to crime-prevention measures than to his own personal war on the violent and insane repeat offenders. Read the excellent “Batman: War on Crime” for a good example of this. He’s also very much against the Death Penalty and went so far as to work to free The Joker after he was convicted of a crime he didn’t commit and sentenced to the chair. Also, do you honestly think given his history that Bruce is going to donate money to any conservative candidate who is in bed with the NRA, no matter HOW good a tax break he may get?

Superman: Middle of the road, American Moderate. Obviously will be a deep defender of the 1st Amendment (member of the liberal media elite and all that) And I think it’s been well-established by now that Clark is deeply anti-Death Penalty except under very extreme circumstances (how he dealt with the Kryptonian criminals in the Byrne run) Like Bruce, I don’t see Clark being overly political and being more of an issues-voter than a hard-line party man.

Connor Hawke- given his heritage and the racism he experienced in his youth, Connor would lean more toward the left than middle, but not quite so severely as Ollie. Despite being a vegetarian and a Buddhist (usually considered to be liberal traits), he’d be more open minded to hearing conservative viewpoints than Ollie. Which, ironically, makes him a bit more liberal in one sense of the word than dear old dad.

Nightwing – Chuck Dixon tried to portray Dick as a born-again conservative (they hid Christian Rock CDs in the background of Dick’s apartment in the early issues), but Dick has always struck me as one of the more liberal heroes around. Let’s not forget that he was open enough about other cultures to date and nearly marry Starfire. (Talk about your mixed marriages…) Ignoring his time with the Titans, he spent his formative years working in an environment with a diverse crowd (the circus DID have a freak show) and that his family had a strong Gypsy heritage. Not exactly a bastion of conservativism.

Hal Jordan: A true compassionate conservative, with a bit of a wild side. While his portrayals have gone around the board over the last few years, I think it is widely agreed that Hal started out as a fairly conservative guy but became progressively more middle-of-the-road. It’s possible that he was a straight-line Republican party man early on in life, but that he probably chaffed under all the rules and regulations of military life. His time with Ollie opened his eyes a bit to some of the problems he had never been exposed to in white-bread suburbia. But while Hal does strike me as the hard-on-crime type, he does have a softer side. Let’s not forget that when Roy was dealing with his drug habit, Hal stood by him and supported him while Ollie was screaming about what a screw up his kid was.

Guy Gardner: good ol’ boy, Midwest conservative. Probably bases all his voting decisions over who would be the best one to have a beer with.

John Stewart: Again, portrayal has gone all over the place. In JLU, definitely a conservative. In the early O’Neil days, reactionary liberal. For the last few years? Social liberal/fiscal conservative. Like Dick, he had a mixed relationship with an alien woman.

Kyle Rayner- Social liberal. Probably donates money to PBS, but only so they’ll keep showing Monty Python.

Wally West – I’m going to buck the trend here and say that Wally is middle of the road, leaning toward conservative. While I can see him being a deep believer in family life being the most important thing in the world, he is fairly open-minded on other issues. He’s definitely against the Death Penalty (as was Barry, so we found out recently) and he doesn’t think enough of racial issues to worry about marrying an Asian woman. Also, consider how he’s been the first to stand up for villains trying to reform themselves and to stand up for the rights of abused prisoners at Iron Heights.

Jay Garrick- definite New Dealer liberal. Believes in giving everyone a fair shake, even if they probably don’t deserve it. Consider how he talks to Captain Marvel first before making any accusations when he finds out about the possible relationship between him and Stargirl.

Aquaman- leaning Green because of obvious environmental concerns. Otherwise, definite conservative.

Wonder Woman – lesse… comes from an island founded by women who were fleeing male oppression. Is a strict vegetarian. Has no problems whatsoever with her lesbian sisters. Preaches peace over violence. Despite her war-like tendencies when it comes time to thrown down, I’m going to call her a dyed in the wool liberal.

Cyborg – repressed minority as a robot and an African American. Liberal

Arsenal – Ignoring the assertion that just because you sleep around you must be liberal (or shall we discuss how many women Guy Gardner has hooked up with?), I agree that Roy would probably be a liberal. Ollie’s teachings run past more than archery.

Martian Manhunter – would be above petty politics, but given that he has been shown to be the most compassionate and understanding member of the JLA… probably leans liberal, but is logical enough to vote on the candidate and not the party.

Manhunter – Umm… yeah. Mowing down criminals who escape the law. Definite conservative.

Firestorm – haven’t read the new one enough to judge, but Ronnie Raymond was definitely a liberal. You don’t see many conservative underwear models…

Atom – well, ignoring the obvious college professor jokes, he’s too much of a man of science to take sides with the people trying to force Intelligent Design into his class studies. Liberal.

Mr. Terrific – like J’onn, a man of science who looks at everything on its own terms. Middle of the Road.

Power Girl – the poster girl of “I am woman, hear me roar” feminism.

Jon C has some additional info and an opinion on Justice

Back in that whole World Without Grown-Ups debacle, Robin, Martian Manhunter and Superman were all shown to know Billy Batson and Cap were the same guy. And if Brainwave knows, Mr Mind knows.

As for Justice, blah. It’s the most violent, talky Challenge of the Superfriends episode ever, and, holding true to cartoon form, Aquaman manages to get captured in the early going. I only bought it because it was the slowest week in recent memory.

Spike has an issue with a Tim comment from the 9/1 column.

I’ve never seen anyone lose their mind after encountering the Purple

Welllllll… I think it was New Teen Titan’s #12 (or something like that) – Deathstroke had shot Changeling, who was taken to Paradise Island and treated with the Purple Ray – however, it drove him temporarily insane, and gave us a brief glimpse of an insane Gar Logan turning into a sea serpent. Cool!

Really? Well, there you go. I stick by my assertion though. The Lazarus Pit does it every time, the Purple Ray only did it once. Advantage: Purple Ray.

Chaos has a theory that sprung from the same column;

I think Diana is on the way out with Troia becoming Wonder Woman in the new year…

I think you are so wrong. So very wrong. But you aren’t the only one who thinks this is coming.

Chaos’s theory continues in feedback from the 9/08 column;

and hey… did you see the Preview for Infinite #. I’m pretty bummed on how DC is setting up Diana for a big fall from what she did to Max.

It seems pretty drastic considering how Superman has been forced to fight to the death and really should understand what happened more than he does, and… well… this isn’t a scoop or a lead or anything, or fan insanity, but a intelligent decision based on market as well as story factors… I’ve worked in TV a lot and I understand how icons work to a media image and based on everything I’ve seen and heard and read, it seems that Wonder Woman will be the one to go and replaced by her sidekick come the end of Infinite Crisis- something that really only lacks confirmation from DC on the fate of. I don’t think it was really that big a deal that she killed Max in terms of context and story, but DC has really spun it to be a huge and reputation staining event. It’s easy to see that they’re trying to soften the change in character. Now… how is it Wonder Woman can be replaced at all, well for much the same reasons that Wally was easily able to assume Flash’s role (from a market stand point, not fan reaction) – the core of the Flash is the red suit, the speed, the strange sci-fi science. Wonder Woman’s core identity is the lasso, the costume, a strong female amazon with dark hair (which is why I don’t ever see them replacing her with Cassie), all of which Donna Troy can stand for with ease. You can’t have Batman without Bruce Wayne and the incident that gave him birth, you can’t have superman as a clone of the alien god-like survivor of a doomed planet… see what I’m saying? So what irks me, is I feel like Diana is gonna go down as an embarrassment to superhero legend and not a high mark which in terms of her long time development has been pretty impressive for advancing the ideals of a strong, authentically WOMAN, character…

I think Diana is heading towards redemption, not further embarrassment and replacement. But we shall see.

Nalydpsycho answered my question about who should get the Solo treatment;

Art Adams
Micheal Golden
Neal Adams
Dave McKean
Eduardo Risso
Eric J
Amanda Connor
Chris Weston
Frank Quietly

Or did you want just one?

In that case, I’ll go with McKean. Even if he’s only ever done, what, 16 issues and 6 graphic novels. He still kicks ass. Plus, he usually works with Neil Gaiman, huge plus there.

Glen Davis dug Tim’s revamp from the 9/15 column;

Also, concerning your revamp of Neon the Unknown: It’s pretty good, although the idea of being influenced to do good smacks a little of Nabu in Fate’s helmet. Are you positing an Egyptian connection? I had a similar idea for Neon, only it was an American soldier who found the oasis, instead of a criminal.

Actually, I had not even thought of Nabu inside the Fate helmet. I was thinking more along the lines of Eclipso’s opposite number. You get possessed by Eclipso, you do bad things. You get possessed by Neon, you do good. In either case, whether you want to or not. Nabu is more of a manipulator with his own agenda. Interesting comparison though.

Talowolf answered my question from the 10/27 column;

On that same line I guess my favorite mini would have to be the recent Day of Vengeance. I know there are probably a million much better minis out there but I just never really got into the buying of them. It was either series or single books for me. Plus I just liked the comedic underdog aspect, the bickering, the magical elements and the monkey…er ape.

That’s right, ape, not monkey. Recognize!

Glen Davis cites something that was excluded from the 10/27 column;

As to Aquaman foes, you left out the Fisherman.

I think he’s lame, but apparently someone likes him.

Jon C. noted the same thing among others;

“All Over the World” is a Pixies song and, therefore, a Warren Ellis story title. He’s used an astonishing number of them over the years, including the far cooler “Wave of Mutilation.” Don’t know if that’s what you were going for, but it’s what sprung to mind.

And you left out the Eel on the list of Aquaman villains. Sure, he’s only had two appearances (to my knowledge, anyway) and Arthur headily beat his ass (with the aid of a Batman-created hat), but he was pretty cool and had a neat suit. At no point could you ever say Ocean Master has had a neat suit.

Also, the Fisherman popped up in the Gotham sequence of Infinite Crisis #1. He’s an Aquaman villain. A guy that Gail Simone claimed was the Torpedo showed up on that all-villain splash on the last couple pages of Villains United #5. So, while underrepresented, Aquaman’s had a couple enemies pop up in this crossover nonsense.

Oh, and Quisp, Arthur’s fifth-dimensional imp buddy, nearly took out the JLA and the JSA once. He’s like a really mean Mr Mxyptlk.

And Quisp was just revealed as the reason for Jakeem Thunder’s turn towards evil in JSA. For what that’s worth.

Well I thank everyone for their feedback.

My question to you this week;What do you think about the rumors for the One Year Later DCU?

“You’re so in love, just like Juliet.”