[WWE] Notes on a Steamboat Return, Stephanie, Vince


– On a recent Monday Night Mayhem radio show Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat admitted occasionally getting the urge to make an in-ring comeback, but doesn’t want to ruin the memories fans have of him. If he and Ric Flair were both in the right mindset, a rematch at Wrestlemania isn’t out of the question. He also stated that Kurt Angle is a wrestler that he’d like to face. Steamboat, 52, was pursued by WWE head of talent relations John “Johnny Ace” Laurenaitis to become a road agent, which he turned down twice before finally accepting the position he currently holds. He was brought in to bring a babyface perspective to the wrestlers, with most other agents being mostly heel specialists.

– The Tuesday Smackdown special that featured Eddie Guerrero’s lowrider being blown up — along with Vince McMahon’s “nigga” comment at Survivor Series — have been a major turn off, “disgusting” stars such as The Rock and Steve Austin, according to Pro Wrestling Torch. Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting that the line was edited out of replay broadcasts in most parts of the world.

– The Torch is also reporting that Stephanie McMahon hasn’t been seen much backstage in the past few weeks.

Credit: Pro Wrestling Torch newsletter (click here for subscription information)

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