WWE Byte This Report for December 28, 2005

Byte This Report
December 28, 2005
Hosted by: Todd Grisham
Special Guest: Super NOva!

Happy New Year everyone, I hope you all have a safe weekend. It’s been a pretty tame week in the business in my opinion. Armageddon last Sunday didn’t exactly set the world on fire, and I don’t think anyone really expected it to do so. New Years Revolution is right around the corner, and all eyes are focused on that particular prize.

So I was working when this show originally aired and I once again was caught with doing the recap of the archived version. From what I understand The Grish talked some smack about our good friends over in the TNA. I will try to work in that blurb at the appropriate place.

The show is sure to blow chunks this week, being that our guest is the Ultra Controversial Simon Dean. I mean really, at this time of the year I guess we can’t be expecting Bret Hart or Randy Orton to be on the show every week.

Grisham began the show with Dean in the studio with him. The Grish put over the Booker T groin pull and said he’ll probably be out at least a month or more.

A caller asked Todd who would win the Elimination Chamber match and of course Todd gave away the finish and killed the PPV. Actually he said Kane would win, which is about as likely as Chris Masters growing pubic hair.

Todd talks about how Melina will announce on Smackdown Friday night that she is filing sexual harrasment papers against Batista. I wonder how Batista’s wife feels about that? No matter. Todd says to tune into Smackdown for more angle development.

Footage from Raw showing the confrontation between Shawn Michaels and Vince McMahon and the whole Montreal Screwjob thing. They couldn’t possible be building to some sort of HBK-Vince match at Wrestlemania could they? I mean that match would totally suck!

So many ads…so little time.

Buy Shawn’s book and then give it away to a homeless person for kindling!

Tatanka is back! He’s been working house shows this week with Shelton Benjamin in tag matches – the question I have is will he be on Raw this Monday and in what capacity? I’d love to see Shawn vs. Tatanka one more time. The matches they’ve had against each other in the past were pretty good stuff.

Simon Dean is ready to go as we return from the break. He said that after listening to the callers of Byte This he is sure that the American school system is failing. Well, was that really your first indication Simon? Simon Says No Shit, Sherlock!

Simon showed off his new action figure. He said he would give it away free to the fattest person to call in. Not surprisingly, I hear Bob Ryder now owns a new Simon Dean action figure. Dean says he may start a new talk show called, “Simon Says…” in the future.

He used to weigh 260 pounds but he got tired of being fat and invented his Simon System. He needs to make a drug that turns him from a worthless comedy jobber into a main eventer overnight, that would be gold! Lou, one of the Byte This techs would be the guinea pig for today.

After another friggin’ commecial Lou is on the floor attempting to do pushups. Some very funny stuff out of Simon Dean.

Caller asks about ECW and the bWo. Dean says that while he looks alot like Super NOva from ECW, he is a completely different person. God, they’re going from kayfabe to not every other show.

Todd asked how many hamburgers did Dean eat at No Mercy. The winner won a free Bret Hart DVD. He ate twenty burgers.

Dean tried to rally up Lou who was playing dead from too much cardio. He held a donut in front of him and made him do some situps. Funny stuff. The SNME show will begin sometime in February and be on every couple of months.

Somewhere around here someone called up and said that TNA was better than the WWE. Todd called him a retard and that was about it I guess.

They showed a skinny kid who was supposed to be Lou after losing a bunch of weight from the Simon System.

A pointless waste of time episode of Byte This to end off the year. I’ve seen worse shows, though. Simon Dean is a good character, and I just wish they’d have more for him to do. Bring back Nova and feud him with Helms or something.

Have a safe weekend folks, I’ll be back with my thoughts on Raw and Impact come Tuesday, Let’s make 2006 a banner year for Inside Pulse and Until then, you can all Byte me!