GGOTP: Interview with Pro Wrestling Guerrilla’s Top Gun Talwar

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla is a southern California-based independent promotion which has been gaining a lot of press due to the quality of the shows and the quality of the guest wrestlers that they have brought in.

Recently I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with one of the PWG owners, Top Gun Talwar. I soon realized that Top Gun’s reputation for unpredictability was well deserved. Keep that in mind as you read the following interview.

If you are easily offended, I recommend turning back now.

David Brashear: First off, I’d like to thank you for taking the time to talk with me today, Top Gun.

Let’s start off by taking a look at PWG’s beginnings. The company started in 2003. Can you tell me a little about how the six of you who would be the owners got together?

Top Gun: It all started at a klan meeting in Rancho Cucamonga. We didn’t know each other then but we were all part of the same clavern. We were all associated with wrestling we thought it’d be in the best interest of the KKK Cucamonga clavern to start a wrestling organization called Pro Wrestling N*gger.

Unfortunately, the public didn’t take too kindly to that name. From there, we decided to disband from wrestling for a little while and then we started a band called Wyckyd Sceptre. Unfortunately, once again that didn’t work out as one of our gay party tapes got out and the public didn’t take very kindly to that. We then got together and brainstormed again and came up with the name Pro Wrestling Guerilla and start a wrestling organization which would allow us to rule the universe.

DB: Did you have any problems lining up wrestlers for the first show?

TG: It wasn’t a problem at all. Our main event just got changed because Samoa Joe was hurt but it worked out for the better because Frankie Kazarian took his place and had a stellar match with AJ Styles that put me in stitches..wait a minute…I don’t think “steller” is a heterosexual word but neither is “stitches.” I don’t know how to spell steller…

DB: You were tagging with Zokre and Ryan Drago in the first match that night. What emotions were running through your head?

TG: Fuck! This match f*cking sucks! Maybe this was a mistake. People actually paid for this shit? I’m sure they think that every time I wrestle though. I was actually wondering how big my dick is limp. I then later measured keeping that emotion in mind. Remember you can’t judge a limp dick.

DB: While Frankie Kazarian became the first PWG champion only a month later, it was about another five months before the first tag champions were crowned. Was it decided to have tag champions later, or was this just to space out the tournaments?

TG: I think it helped keep things fresh by spacing out the tournaments. We didn’t entirely blow our load on the first show although we might have blown a blank considering the quality of show as compared to now.

DB: Skipping ahead to today, it’s very surprising at how popular the company’s gotten in only two years. What do you think is one of the keys to your success?

TG: I attribute a lot of our success to our gay and racist fanbase. Unfortunately, PWG attracts a lot of gays and we all know thanks to the Ultimate Warrior that queering doesn’t make the world work. However, it sure does make PWG work. I think “The Men of PWG 2006 Swimsuit Issue” is now in the making for all those Johnny Hoto Cocksuckers out there. I spelled it in capital letters for a reason! Don’t get me wrong though! I love gays! As far as the racism, I think it speaks for itself.

DB: One thing that has always been a trademark of PWG is the high-quality talent that is brought in. Names like AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, and Frankie Kazarian have almost become regulars on PWG shows, even from the beginning. Was providing this level of talent to the fans something you were aiming for from the start?

TG: We initially thought that Southern California wrestling needed a little something extra to spice up the scene. There was some pretty good local talent but the local talent doesn’t get flown out to other feds that often or travel around. Bringing in big names is good for additional exposure and really getting local names out there. I think it’s been pretty successful.

Names like Chris Bosh, Scorpio Sky and Human Tornado are names that have won everyone’s heart throughout the world and known in every household in the universe. Soon, different galaxies will know the name PWG. We’re f*cking taking over the world f*cking man…

DB: While we’re talking about the high-level talent, I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised to see Christopher Daniels twice defending the TNA X-Division title on PWG shows. Were there any problems from TNA with those defenses?

TG: There weren’t any problems that I know of. TNA seems to be very cooperative in the way they allow their talent to work other places.

DB: One thing that has always seemed to show itself in the past is that a wrestling company seems to work best when there’s one main “go-to” guy as opposed to a committee. With six owners, what do you feel is PWG’s secret to escaping that snare?

TG: Just put the blame or other responsibilities on each other. If someone asks to be booked on the shows i’ll just tell them that Joey or Scott are the bookers and to talk to them. Shit like that!

DB: Have you ever considered the possibility of trying to get a TV spot, or is that something that you’re not interested in right now?

TG: TV would be pretty far fetched at this point considering the costs of production and running a syndicated TV show. At this point, the DVD’s are good enough I think considering the size of the company.

DB: Another question about possible future plans. You’ve already gone from 1 show a month to 2. Any plans to increase your number of shows further?

TG: While it’s been very enjoyable running two shows a month and we’ve drawn fairly consistently, there is a lot of stress in putting the shows together and getting the DVD’s done. It’s still definitely a possibility in the future.

DB: What about extending the area you tour in?

TG: Considering our fanbase stretches from Southern California to the East Coast and Europe, Japan and Australia we definitely have considered touring different areas aside from just the Jewish Community Center in Hollywood which I might add is quite lovely. It’s actually made me convert. As someone who was once a member of the Nazi party I have to say that the Jewish center is now close to my heart and I am now one of them kind. I love Jew, do you love me?!

DB: Some of the biggest news is your upcoming European tour. Take a few minutes and tell us about that.

TG: It’s just an excuse for me to go over there and get drunk. I plan on drinking an entire bottle of absinth and pissing in a German tranny’s mouth. I’ll probably just end up in the hotel room violently masturbating to a JC Penny’s catalog though knowing my luck.

I really can’t wait to wrestle out there though. I’ve talked to a few fans from out there and they seem very excited about it. We are staying some extra time out there. Does anyone know where the HIV invested hookers stay at? I also need some COKE! NOT PEPSI!

DB: Do you think that, if these go well, there could be more European visits in the future?

TG: I certainly hope so! I’m greatly looking forward to this trip. I’ve seen footage of Super Dragon wrestling out in Germany and crowds seemed so insane. It was like a soccer crowd. That is unreal compared to the crowds out here. Not to say they are bad out there but they seem crazier in Germany. It seems like a fun place to wrestle for sure. Plus, I want to visit the ghost of Hitler..

DB: You just had the 2005 Uncanny X-Mas card, where we got to see your return to PWG action after being missing for a few shows. How did it feel to be back?

TG: It felt phenominal. It felt like I just stuck my dick into a gloryhole that was owned by a Tijuana tranvestite with HIV. It felt even better then doing cocaine off a dead 12 year old asian boy’s starfish with jumper cables hooked up to nipples. That’s how good it felt. It honestly was a good feeling.

I had seperated my shoulder while wrestling in October and was out for a little over 2 months then I got pregnant. I was almost sick being away from the ring for that long. I took my frustration out on my girlfriend. I made her tell people that she fell down the stairs. She later died actually falling down the stairs. I now have a tatoo on my lower back that says “In memory of Guadalupe” and when people ask me about it I just break down and cry. Who’s laughing now?

DG: Your regular tag team partner, Hook Bomberry, has been out with an injury since the Straight to DVD show. Can you take a second and let us know
what happened and how he’s doing?

TG: He’s spending his time in the porn industry hitting up porn parties and of course like always going to Tijuana. He’s a happy man! I’m not sure when he’ll be back but when he’s ready we are a couple of guys who like to f*ck for anything that’s willing.

DB: Joey Ryan is scheduled to take on the winner of a fans’ poll at the next show. Which of the six choices (B-Boy, Chris Hero, Rocky Romero, Chris Sabin, Scorpio Sky, and Human Tornado) would get your vote, and do you think that Joey would be able to retain against them?

TG: Well…that poll is over and the Human Tornado won! He is black. That’s how I like my coffee and my men. I think it will be a good match and Joey will prevail once again as long as he keeps the moustache.

DB: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

TG: Dom Deluise used to be a chef on TV; now he sits at home all day with his ass in his ass!

Top Gun’s website is located at It contains links to photos, other interviews, and his myspace page.

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla’s website is located at Their next show, Cruisin’ For a Bruisin’, is Saturday night at 7 at the Hollywood-Los Feliz Jewish Community Center. Ticket information for both this show and the upcoming European tour is available on the site.