[SD] Injury Updates on Two Champions


– From WWE.com:

Sunday night at a SmackDown live event, World Heavyweight Champion Batista injured his triceps in a match against Mark Henry.

The extent of the injury is undetermined at this point. Dave is being sent to see Dr. James Andrews in Birmingham, AL for further evaluation. WWE.com will keep you updated on Batista’s condition.

– According to Mike Johnson at PWInsider.com, word going around is that he suffered a torn triceps – an injury he has had in the past.

– WWE Cruiserweight Champion Kid Kash’s injury has been confirmed to be a broken arm, suffered from a kick by Tony Santarelli at a Deep South Wrestling show last week, according to PWInsider.com. Some interesting booking was experimented with at a recent house show where Kid Kash appeared in a non-wrestling role, leading to DQ finishes in matches between other cruiserweights who were said to be fighting for the title, due to Kash’s injury.

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